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My comments on your comments - 'You too can have the best loudspeakers in the world'

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@robertbox5399:  Vas! Does not comply!

@imac3355:  Everyone can have/make the best speakers but only if they play a test signal 😆.

@4thewinir344:  I’ve built the CSS Criton 1TDX with the ‘audiophile’ cro$$over upgrade and discovered just how buttery and lush a bookshelf speaker can sound. The cabinet bracing, absorption material and high density MDF they supply is really a difference maker.

I must say you have a great gift of speaking. I happily subscribed to your channel and look forward to whatever you want to talk about!

@tonyrapa-tonyrapa:  I like it

@robertthurston6858:  I like it

@rickp6731:  The very best speakers in the world today ?...
All new IO Design Naked RS Loudspeakers
O M G ...

@charlesmichaud6990:  I'm curious as to how many people about my age (69) once built bass-reflex enclosures around the Philips MC 9710 speaker ( with that weird cone for mid/highs ). I had those for several years when all my money went to LPs, beer and cheeseburgers. They wera absolutely the very best in the world. I still think of them as the best bang-for-your-buck speakers of all time.

@zuurbekje3125:  I've always been hesitant to build my own speakers. The fact that you can't listen to them before you've made them being the most important one. You'll have already invested money and time before you know the results, and whether the speaker works in your room. I'm also not very confident regarding my woodworking skills. However, your enthusiasm in the previous video was inspiring, and had me think again. There is a store close by that sells kits, and they have a showroom as well where one can audition several designs before purchasing. So, maybe I will build a pair of speakers one day.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @zuurbekje3125: Go for it. Let’s us all know when you do. DM

@robertbox5399 replies to @zuurbekje3125: Not the point. They'll still be the best in the world!

@thomaslutro5560:  So, here are my comments on your comments on our comments:

I really enjoy your videos. There's obviously an opportunity to learn.You're the pro, I'm the dilletante. No. I'm not aiming for any sort of professional audio anything besides talking to people, and listening to people, which is what I do for a living (order better representing my capability than the ideals....). You're short, effective, to the point, and the footlights wit is strong in this one. When it comes to the best speakers, I'd recomment Erin's audio corner to anyone, pop science of the highest order, grounded, rooted, and accessible. The guy bought his own danm Klippel system. He does speaker tests like few others, and he's honest, unashamed, and has room for preferences where it's a thing.

@jim010109:  I really enjoy your content. Keep up the great work.

@shaymcquaid:  Keep 'em coming!

@RUfromthe40s:  i did say that in the 70´s mostly german guys or even portuguese since their teen years to early 30´s were buying magazines where they explained the projectionm of sound and what could improve the sound of the speaker by building curved sheets of wood inside a odd shape wooden speakers but i even saw a guy building some speakers for it´s studio where all frequencies were sounding through out a parafernalia of not so big speakers and built with the best wood available ,this were really good and as i said before bricolage was the fashion or do it yourself, when studying to be a informatic engenier, well not studying but hanging out in the campus i arrived with a mercedes 280S from late 60´s and some huge kenwood speakers ,i had to ask for help to carry them to the room but imediatelly several guys wanted to help me and i heard "this must be 500 watts" or maybe 1.000 watts" when inside the house i was looking to the numbers on top of the doors and i notice the number they had told me and said "my room is this" i heard a high pitch scream saying "it´s my room too" and i met my partner in crime for the next 5 years ,once in the first 3 monthes i said to him very high "this are only 70watts speakers " and heard "but they almost arrive to the ceiling" and next "we say they have 2.000 WATTS!!!" i fell a sleep ,the next morning when closing the door to go to the classes ,i notice in my room door a printed two colour sheet saying THE 2000 WATTS ROOM, a IBM printer(one almost go deaf after printing a big sign) with IBM computers some didn´t had a hard drive just a floppy disk to charge first the MSdos, then the language we were about to learn how to program, fortram or cobol , but those years are always crazy ,at the time with a plus that the beaches in south atlantic were filled with hundreds of german ,dutch, french girls till their 25 years old at the most naked ,never met a girl in the beach with anything on but after a meter or two i would meet 2 more girls in the same situation, maybe because i was smoking some weed ,once i almost thought that i would start to run, so many beautifull girls coming from diferent spots all in my direction with nothing on , it were the 70´s ,best music ,best hi-fi , no rules and the best decade to meet girls from everywhere (thousands)

@alexrichardson9125:  I thoroughly enjoy your mature and so well rounded knowledge and attitude. Well done, (doing). Could you please do something on room resonance / reverberation sometime. I bought a pair of expensive (for me) speakers fairly recently but they sound nothing like as good as they did in the shop! I have improved them a bit with homemade bass traps an equaliser.

@robertsills2506:  Best stand up I’ve seen in years but beneath the entertaining personality is real insight into both technical and inner workings of the recording and reproduction industry Bing it on More!

@ksteiger:  When I was 5 (in 1960) my Dad built 2 very large speakers that each had a 12" woofer, a 5" midrange and 2 - 3" tweeters in parallel. He was an early stereo enthusiast... and they were indeed the best loudspeakers on the planet.

@Stuloud:  You rock brother! I have built many PA cabinets to save the bands money over the last 48 years. I love your channel!

@jeffgoodnough9704:  While I always enjoy your direct and incisive commentary, I was struck by a hope that you would expound a little more on audiophiles' relationships with audio- we're all here for different reasons, and I imagine you've learned a lot about those reasons. For my part, I like hearing about (and discussing) how another person shares an interest or ambition with me for reasons or motivations different from my own.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @jeffgoodnough9704: The short answer is that some people need the very best sound to enjoy music to the max. This includes me and I get that by going to concerts. At the other end of the scale, some people can just read the score and get all the music they want with no audio involved. DM

@curtgozaydin922:  This guy is entertaining, he’s knowledgeable, he’s humorous,he seems to know when to explain that maybe he doesn’t know something, and he’s just an all-around swell guy in the audiophile field so I will continue to listen to these YouTube videos for a long long time because they are so interesting!

@craigellsworth3952:  No comments from either of the girls? Sheesh.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @craigellsworth3952: Fear not. They'll be back on Sunday. DM

@joelcarson4602:  Back in the late 1970s I had a paperbound book "Building Speaker Enclosures" that was appropriated from the library. My results would have certainly disappointed the authors, in spite of the meticulous charts and graphs, methods for determining Free Air Resonance in relation to cabinet volume, crossover construction and other important points that I likely misunderstood in part or in whole cloth. I decided that perhaps letting people who knew what they were doing make speakers that I bought.

@BostonMike68:  I enjoy your videos but the diy speakers people are making these days are better than the manufacturers these people are serious and know what they are doing its not like even the old designers just grabbing parts and listening to see what sounds better. I have had Khh, ar etc and taken them apart and they would have one capsitor on the tweeter and the woofer would be full range and they were considered good back then. I think you should see what people diy are designing these days.

@BostonMike68:  With the technology we have at our fingertips I have xsim a crossover stimulator for free 20 years ago the top speaker paid 10s of thousands for a simulator program, winisd , diy groups, a calibrated mic ,rew and my building and finish carpentry skills better materials and my case layers of materials to make my speaker cabinets I and others can design and build some serious speakers not like we remember back in our college dorm but speakers that can out perform a lot of commercial speaker manufacturers. I know the components that I use like Jantzen z caps wax infused 14 gauge air Cole inductors, lead free silver solder, point to point soldering ofc copper wire. You don't find a lot of speaker companies that use the quality of components I use it's not practical for them even speakers that are considered high end cut corners. I put hundreds of hours into a speaker between designing testing building and finishing the wood. My cabinets are mdf with solid.75 oak adhered to the mdf with wood floors adhesive finished my recipe of mineral spirits, tung oil and Hemsworth polyurethane so they aren't the best speakers in the world but they are more than just nostalgia.

@RudeRecording:  Built many of my own cabs for both HiFi and Band use. A former band mate of mine still has one of the TB 1 cabs that I built back in the 70''s.
I first saw the quote in writing attributed to Paul Klipsch "Any speaker built by yourself is automatically the best on the market."

@AudioMasterclass replies to @RudeRecording: Paul Klipsch then. I knew this concept had been around a while but I didn't know the source, until now. DM

@dougg1075:  Negative bias is but one of a hundred or so biases we humans have. Love the channel man

@firststspeedway-hotwheelsr3545:  Love this guy and his knowledge of audio ........ I like to follow the guys that have years of experience, Paul, Steve and Herb come to mind.

@johnolson4977:  🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 we like it!!!

@robh9079:  Our own comments made this the best video in the world.

@nitromcclean:  You are making great video's. Can you share with us your thoughts about Dolby Atmos? Is it any good? Is it only for movies or should the music industrie use it too? And what if we modest engineers without any big budget like the big studios are forced in any way to use it to get our recordings / mixes released on streaming platforms like Spotify?

@carlsitler9071:  It is only the best video if my comment is mentioned. But seriously, I think it would be more interesting to me if you answered people's questions because I enjoy your out of the box viewpoints.

@jjobyrne:  Love the un-scripted format!!

@RagedContinuum:  I'm here to comment on your comments on their comments on your comments on their speakers

@davidcampbell2845:  Great content. And you were dead right about the self-builds and the builder will learn a great deal on the journey.

@rodrigoraynor:  Every single day I realised that it's possible to make the best studio monitors I can imagine, with the cost of 20 k

@StopAndGetGas:  I like it. Whatever it is, I like it.

@ronschauer839:  👍👍 My two cents' worth is that although I did build a dual 15" guitar speaker cabinet in high school that sounded really good (Electrovoice/Jensen), my later attempts at building "hi-fi" speakers have universally been less than successful. So the speakers I listen to on any sort of regular basis (JBL/Klipsch) are purchased. There will be no more DIY speaker attempts for me. Please ignore any negative comments, you are spot on..! Thanks for the great videos!

@LuisMartinez-og8bk:  Loved it... perhaps from time to time a section like this would be nice with some help of your assistances , cheers.

@a.h.d.h.2803:  Any idea how many hours those glasses have to burn in?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @a.h.d.h.2803: They're not at their best yet. Apparently to get better resolution I need to suspend myself from the floor. DM

@jackhreha4907:  It's good for you to keep your game on. Do what you do. Even thou it is wrong on so many levels. Best Regards Jack.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @jackhreha4907: For comment readers, this is a joke. Or is it..? DM

@eddents:  The reason for the following numbers/letters of YouTube user's names that now appear with our comments can be found here:

@wadimek116:  Lmao, amazing content

@shipsahoy1793:  Dave, I don’t think I ever put those numbers after “ships ahoy” the only reason I even used tgat years ago was all names seemed to be taken, even back then. Btw, when someone accuses you of not shutting up, they either have age related bias against you, or they just can’t handle someone else’s perspective😉👨🏻.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @shipsahoy1793: Yes of course. I have to wonder though why some users with really improbable names have numbers well into the thousands. Fortunately, Audio Masterclass is @audiomasterclass… for now. DM

@shipsahoy1793 replies to @shipsahoy1793: @@AudioMasterclass 👍 Gotcha, no problem. And I also have a “preference”for equipment that was personally modified by me, even of I didn’t design or build it from scratch.
I might not think it’s the “best in the world” but I do think it’s “special,” and “better than it was.” 😉
That is, of course, if I’m satisfied with the results; which, btw, is usually the case, as I make sure that is, or it doesn’t live here very long after that.. lol

@eddents:  The "bushel" of oysters were sold in the shell, packed in a burlap sack. It numbered about 10 dozen in qty. This was in Tallahassee FL, near Apalachicola Bay which is well known for their oysters. In 2020 Florida imposed a moratorium on the wild oyster harvest from Apalachicola Bay through 2025. "Oyster farms" are still harvesting, though the high water temperatures of recent weeks may put a crimp in those yields. I very much enjoy your insights and observations in all things around recording and playing back music. You've probably forgotten more about sound and recording music than I'll ever come to know, so every video is a learning opportunity for me. Thank-you!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @eddents: You’re welcome. It was a brave man who first ate an oyster. DM

@eddents replies to @eddents: @@AudioMasterclass LOL. I was braver back then. No shellfish for me now (& octopus - I'm' not interested in eating anything that is obviously smarter than I am).

@s_r_v:  Hilarious 😂

@andymouse:  I like this idea, you could get Debbie and Co to read them and you react ? and best listening room should be interesting but I only have my head and it's the best in the world !....cheers.

@paulpaulzadeh6172:  Mr. Crap , comments this💩💩💩

@paulmint1775:  Fantastic..... I even like the glasses

@AudioMasterclass replies to @paulmint1775: eBay’s finest. DM

@Chiefelgin:  I don't like it, because you didn't read my comment! 😢

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Chiefelgin: Try again next vid. DM

@Chiefelgin replies to @Chiefelgin: @@AudioMasterclass only if you let Debby read it 😆

@NewGoldStandard:  I always enjoy your content. Thanks.

@peters7949:  As usual fab video David.
At first I wondered why it sounded a bit boxy, but then you told us you were using your iPhone, and not the short shotgun you often use.
Perhaps this could be the basis of a subject for a future video, assuming you have not covered it in the dim & distant past before I discovered your channel.
Keep up the good work.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @peters7949: Hi back, I always use my Sennheiser MKH 416 but I usually mask it in the video. The iPhone will probably continue for this style of video. If there is a future video on the audio issue, and there probably will be, it will be about the impossibility of properly fixing an acoustic treatment problem with EQ. DM

@carminedesanto6746:  Great video 👍

@theundertaker5963:  "if you like it, you like it, and if you don't like it you can piss off!"

@scherzo0o:  you don't need to make the speakers yourself to get the best speakers in the world. You're fundamentally right, though: it's some kind of labour of yours that is involved... but that labour could be different than really building them with plywood and stuff. My case: I have the best speakers in the world.... I had a rather cheap 2.1 Logitech speakers for my computer. But while the subwoofer and the integrated amp were quite ok, the satellites (that's how they're called?) became brittle and made horrible buzzes . So, although I'm totally a-technical (two left feet instead of hands, philologist by formation), I searched the internet, I tried to understand how exactly my sound devices worked and I managed to buy for supercheap some NOS hi-fi speakers from a discontinued 5.1 set to replace the satellites. The subwoofer, controls and cables remained in place. I've got a friend visiting me, a self-declared audiophile, with audio equipment in the realm of 5.000 Euro for everyday listening, and he was impressed by the quality of my sound.

@msingh1932:  I loved it. I was hoping you would not read out my comment, and like a man who knows how not to embarrass a good friend, you didn't. Thank you.

@gabrielgodwin9953:  Respect! The fact that you actually take the time to read your viewers' comments and interact with the ones that you find interesting is a sign of a person that cares about their content and wants to know how their audience is receiving it. Many do not.
We all know you tube comments sections often become disaster areas, so kudos to you for slogging through them from time to time. It shows that you respect your audience. Keep doing what you want.

@toadof66.58 replies to @gabrielgodwin9953: Keep the great video and information coming it is a pleasure to listen .

@cdl0:  There is not much special about the number 1081, other than the 1081st prime number is 8681. Tip: look in the loft for some old loudspeakers because they don't make them as good as that anymore. 🙂

@AudioMasterclass replies to @cdl0: I’ve remembered what it is. Does anyone else know? DM

@ac81017:  Great video as usual. Keep it up 😊

@mrboat580:  I don't see how there was room on that video for unfavorable comments. It was certainly true enough.

Really easy to build world class DIY speakers now than ever before, regardless. So many of the rock stars of audio are rubbing elbows with us online, including the more famous, pedigreed designers. I was able to measure a pair of speakers I liked in my room, and use that relative freq response as a baseline pretty much from then on out. Most reputable kits show their measurements and one can tell if the design they choose is at least EQ-able.

Back in the day, one had to be rather well connected to someone in the industry for the information that is available now, or access to the better parts. Back in the day, distortion and fear of blowing speakers helped keep us in check. Now, it is possible to DIY a speaker that will physically harm you seriously before it audibly distorts, as they fool you into keeping turning the volume up.

@BostonMike68 replies to @mrboat580: The only comment I have is that the technology we have as diy speaker builders today for free they didn't even have back 25 yes ago even for manufacturers. I know he's thinking back when he built speakers back in college but they have come along way since then and diy builders build better speakers than most big companies make . I belong to some diy groups and I see the speakers these people are designing and they are more than keg party speakers. I have 80 pound speakers that are made from solid oak and those aren't going outside

@paulmurray6071:  Keep doing what you’re doing
and you will probably get likes from me

@FrightfulMess:  Why didn't you just have your "young ladies" read those comments for you? After all, aren't they the "best comment readers in the world"?

@EgoShredder replies to @FrightfulMess: They already moved on to other things. Just can not buy employee loyalty these days! 😉😁

@imqqmi:  Came for the rant, stayed for the personality!

@emiel333:  I like it!

@rabb1tjones921:  i like it.

@guennadiyf1752:  Like to make like

@davidminnesota4050:  Thanks!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @davidminnesota4050: Thank you, much appreciated. DM

@BatteryAz1z:  Unsolder this comment I dare you.

@EgoShredder replies to @BatteryAz1z: Hard to pin it down to remove it, as its in a constant state of flux...

@mcpribs:  I do enjoy unedited content. I get the impression that young folks think they’re the only ones that make mistakes, since everyone they watch is “perfect”. I like this format. Thank you!

@billmulvihill8452:  I think if you reviewed a Sonos speaker system (Arc soundbar, SubGen 3 subwoofer and a pair of Sonos Five speakers, it would beat at least half of these so called “audiophile” systems, that all these people and you keep bragging about!

@ac81017 replies to @billmulvihill8452: Now who's bragging. Regards an Audiophile.

@Douglas_Blake_579:  This is a comment about a video commenting on comments under another video.
Make of it what you will.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: Maybe I'll comment about your comment on a comment about a comment in another comments video. DM

@RUfromthe40s replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: @@AudioMasterclass i think i´m not going to coment about the coment you made about a coment made after other coment in a diferent video coment section, i´ll keep following this coment about a coment made on a coment about a coment made in a diferent video coment section, regards(maybe i missed one coment)

@paulmurray6071 replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: Lovely banter

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: @@AudioMasterclass
I would enjoy your comment about my comment on your comment about the other comments under another video.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: @@paulmurray6071
David might even choose to comment on your comment about our comments, in another video about comments.

@mastrtonberry2:  I've never really been interested in audio but I just like listening to this guy talk.

@bobgodd replies to @mastrtonberry2: Thomas and Stereo is another one. Good storytelling is always worth listening to.

@4thewinir344 replies to @mastrtonberry2: He (What’s his name? He’s Mr. Audio Masterclass?) is truly excellent at speaking to the camera. Good or bad, I’ve concluded he could sell me most anything.

@spandel100:  I also have 3 pairs of glasses.Enjoy your videos,thank you for the witty intelligent banter.

@billd9667 replies to @spandel100: Four here. I just discovered that I couldn’t make out the 4K on the TV that’s 12 feet away. The progressives are suboptimal for both that and PC. Got some 1.25s for the TV, 2.5s for the PC, 3.0s for reading and the progressives that are basically good for nothing. I now wear hearing aids too. I will be starring in the next iteration of “Tommy”.

@spandel100 replies to @spandel100: @@billd9667 🤔😅

@billd9667 replies to @spandel100: I neglected to mention that I stack reading glasses for fine work 🤓

@spandel100 replies to @spandel100: @@billd9667 🤣

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Sunday August 6, 2023

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