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MANCAVE - Recreating Olivia Rodrigo's 'Vampire' vocal

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@lights80088:  Hey, you did great! You sound like one of the Beatles.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @lights80088: Ringo?

@lights80088 replies to @lights80088: @@AudioMasterclass That works. I grew up in the 60's. I can't help but have fond memories of the Beatles, and of course many others. You videos are one of a kind and they are so enjoyable. Take care.

@gregw74:  Have you by chance checked out her live recording with Darling West? "Family Sessions #61 // "Deja Vu'" (Olivia Rodrigo) ft. Moyka"

@user-gw2jg2uo3u:  How are you achieving such a clean noise floor with your SHURE SM7B? Whats your chain and have you done any work post with your Voiceover.

@StarFox_SNES:  I’d love to hear your voice remixed with Rodrigo’s original vocals as a duet!

@ProjectOverseer:  Well that got me subscribing. Pleasant surprise, David 🎶🎵

@800052222:  You have a nice voice.

@virgogreg:  Sennheizer shotgun mics can make great vocal mics, did i detect a tad Melodyne btw lol

@DaskaiserreichNet78:  To me your singing voice sounds somewhat reminiscent of David Gilmore’s voice.

@lebeltoottoot9212:  To me, you sounded good does that mean I’m tone deaf?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @lebeltoottoot9212: Tone deaf and cloth eared. You'll never be an audiophile. DM

@christopherward5065:  What a brilliant masterclass,! I really loved the insights. Your singing has a touch of McCartney about it. Loved the vocal.

@gau-pen:  The wave gets "tube" distorted / clipped only on the tops because the tube amplifier handles the wave with a d/c offset in a way that the bottom of the wave is still positive. In that way if it gets amplified only the top gets to meet its limits and therefore clips. In a tube way, so it's a soft clip.

@txerapng:  I would like to reach you regarding all of this, and some sugestions that i would like having your opinion on, is there any email that I can contact you? I have been able to "remaster" this song and bring (in theory) +8-10db of headroom and no clipping. It's not some kind of magic but I would like to have an opinion on trained ears and also (maybe) open some ideias for you on the process I went through. Thanks

@Paul58069 replies to @txerapng: How did you unclip the clipped original ?

@txerapng replies to @txerapng: @@Paul58069 there are many plugins that try to reconstruct the clipped signal

@utube4andydent:  Good voice but try not to go on BGT lol. By doing something one self you can get an idea of the work flow that goes into these performance.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @utube4andydent: Don't worry. There will be no BGT. DM

@andymouse:  A great look at the software and great work !.....cheers.

@mcpribs:  Excellent demonstration, especially for viewers lacking production or mixing experience! I wholly agree with the tube mic and pre, though I would default to an 1176 style (Purple Audio MC-77, specifically) plugin for thickening, prior to saturation (great shout on Decapitator) or clipping. Though, I, too, would shy away from the extreme compression, saturation, and limited dynamics.

@taidee:  Now you are just showing off Master 😅, now I do remember you mentioned you recorded some material we shouldn't go looking for. You have a good voice sir.

@OldDavo1950:  Some nice digital toys there.

@SnapperX3:  Here's a fella that can sing. Fun video.

@darryldouglas6004:  Should’ve been named after the engineer/producer. I don’t think Olivia put the limiter on the vocal track. 😃

@phpn99:  I think you're out on a limb here. Clearly you like the song but you're conflicted about this fact. Is her style emphatic and theatrical ? Yes. But so were those of David Bowie and Robert Plant, for that matter. As for the sound quality, it works as a pop song.

@Didely:  Pretty good, nice production

@SubTroppo:  I saw the previous vid; second time 'round Olivia's version is the one that I needed a warning for. I hit the mute button PDQ but I got the shudders all the same. I am reminded of those tranny radios providing muzak in shops which are tuned very slightly off the station.

@wietzejohanneskrikke1910:  Use a de-esser next time. The sibilance is freakingly loud. Patch it before the reverb, because the sibilance will 'splash' the reverb too much otherwise.

@rabit818:  Some parts were speed up

@mariokrizan1400:  How nice it would be if the lady had recorded with your settings. . .

@HorriblyPearShaped:  You sound more like Paul McCartney than you look like him...

@adamyelle4901:  Not typically a fan of pop music, but when i heard this track on the radio it hit me like a ton of bricks. Never listened to her before, soon after i was enjoying the whole album. Always fun to discover something out of what you would normally listen to.

@AncientArchitecture:  I'd much rather listen to you than miss what's her name....

@scottwolf8633:  You have a trained voice and done this before. It's pretty good.

@ianl.9271:  So, are you more of a Neve, Amek or SSL person?

@RadioMartyT1B:  I'm here for the Betty content....

@SubTroppo replies to @RadioMartyT1B: When AI really gets going in conjunction to superb hardware the guv'mint will have to pay people to have children by "normal" methods. It will be like the first bedtime for royal couples in medieval times; there will be an audience to make sure the reproductive (formerly the marriage) contract is carried through.

@RussellHarland:  Now i understand a little more why modern recordings are bled dry of real human affectation.

@JohnFraserFindlay:  That distorted Freq Tube is Good for I Am The Walrus

@JohnFraserFindlay:  OT: Verse reminds me of Windmills of your mind..

@JohnFraserFindlay:  Interesting about verb from get go.. I don’t have verb when singing and I forget to add it until much later

@JohnFraserFindlay:  Hey good job on vocs.. now process the right way!

@polarbear3427:  All righf!

@usaturnuranus:  Dang, that there's some fine sangin, mah man!

@dangerzone007:  I would have changed the lyrics to suck me dry like a godless vampire

@dangerzone007:  All vocal distortion sounds bad

@NewGoldStandard:  I just took a break from mixing vocals and this exactly the levity I needed with my snack.

@gilberth_:  Not so bad at singing, Mancave!

@verdedoodleduck:  You've a wonderful singing voice - makes for a lovely demo and personally more to my taste than the original. Thank you very much for the hypothetical breakdown - walking through with your thought process is very useful and appreciated.

@nicoras8803:  Holy shit! is that really you? This was a really informative video, thank you sir.

@s_r_v:  For something you didn't like it's sure got under your skin 😀 but good to see and hear the pluggins, techniques and hardware demonstrated, thanks, r u sure it's not COVID 😉

@attilasadik1507:  I too am immensely impressed by your voice David. I think you should record us a whole track! Well done.

@CaptainJack2048:  I don't know, I kinda like the singing... gives me some mid-to-late British Invasion vibes (from the American point of view, that isa). Better mixing, of course. 😀

@shipsahoy1793:  I don’t know Dave, I think that’s the problem with a lot of recordings. “They” try to squeeze too much life out of them. I guess it’s all about personal preference and what sells in high volume (see what I did there lol), but I find it to be very annoying , the more they overuse different techniques just because they can. It also masks inadequacies of the performers.. More so these days, than many decades ago now. Remember when you had to be a performer more than a recording artist to get a tune done, and you didn’t have auto tune and pro tools, or whatever, to make up for your inadequacy as a performer.😉

@Dave_Outside:  This music is just for fun, doesn’t matter if it’s not the best quality recording. It’s not something people will be listening to 5 years from now, or even 2 probably lol. Just pop music. It’s not something I’m sitting at home listening to like I would Pink Floyd etc. Basically throw away music.

@Douglas_Blake_579:  Ummmmm... Okay....

@ac81017:  Time for a duet with McCartney me thinks 😂

Have to say i much prefer your voice compared to the original recording. More relaxing on my Audiophile ears. I'm genuinely impressed by your voice.

@emahurskainentube replies to @ac81017: Very nice singing indeed!

@malte2483 replies to @ac81017: You have a young voice.😮😊

@msingh1932:  The Master knows when he is pushing it, and gives us reason to stay by telling us Debbie and Betty coming up soon. Very clever. Loved it. Unfortunately, not like a sound engineer...because I am not one. Thank you for the take on Ms. Rodrigo...

@shipsahoy1793:  She sounds as bad as you, just in a different way lol

You can comment on this video at YouTube

Sunday October 29, 2023

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