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When Better Cars Are Built:  What I love about analog(ue) is NOT the "patina". I hate pops and ticks. My best pressed records have little to none of this.

Emmanuel Gutierrez:  $1k record is like fine wine. Now most used classical lp’s are not beat up as The Clash.

P Kaul:  You Sir are absolutely hilarious! Your sarcasm mixed with sage advice is very tastefully delivered! Please keep them coming!

mbgaomo:  If ya don't mean digital then there is no need watching this video.

Jahn-Pierre Zietsman:  I love the Silince of the lamb's reference!

Lyle Francis Delp:  I am looking forward to your tips. I’ve never been a dedicated audiophile (audiophool?), but I have maintained a reasonably good sounding system since my high school days (1976-79). It now consists of:
A nice Yamaha receiver with phono inputs
My trusty old Acoustic Research ES-1 turntable (purchased in 1986)
A secondary turntable…ProJect Debut 3….low cost and can play 78s, if I choose to do so.
Sony double cassette deck…rarely used, but I have it for all of those great live concerts I taped off the radio.
A Teac open reel deck to satisfy my recent addiction of open reel tapes, purchased used on EBay.
All patched to a nice pair of Polk 10 speakers, purchased in 1988.

All of this is patched into my computer through a Yamaha D/A converter. If I so choose, I can digitize anything that isn’t currently available on CD, drop it into iTunes, and then stream anywhere through my phone.

mark wilding:  I read that book that presented the theory that the Bach Cello suites were written by Bach's wife. It is a pretty weak argument, and the only "experts" who claim it to be valid also, coincidentally, happen to be outspoken raging feminist professors. It's about a million times more likely that Mrs Bach made hand copies.

Tony Moretti:  I bought 1 near mint record. It was so terrible, I throwed it away and never buy second hand again.

Michel Linschoten:  This entire video sarcasm... 😂

Wolfgang Pointner:  The more I watch your channel, the more I enjoy it, great stuff, thank you.

David King:  You should create a video showing how you mix two instruments in mono.. explain how you get them to work. What you pull out for frequencies, and how you use certain frequencies to bring these instruments out... nobody understands this

David King replies to David King: @Audio Masterclass how do you locate an instruments strong frequency? This would be a good video. 👍

Audio Masterclass replies to David King: I might do this. The essence is that the two instruments may have different bands of frequencies where they are strong and useful. So in Instrument A if you boost say 3 kHz, then you will cut 3 kHz in Instrument B, and you'll do the same for Instrument B's strong band. This all has to be done with close attention to whether or not you're making an improvement. DM

Romi Petrut:  Very reasonable thoughts.I like your british humor!

David King:  I love the straight forward no crap talk.. I've been telling people this for years. That old stuff SUCKS.. it worked for the time period but today you better get used to working in the box.. in ten years that stuff will not exist... why should it? I know this rich kid who built a Hidley control room. Put a J series SSL in it.. he has all of that old gear.. I remember him telling me "that unit there, it cost me 20 grand. It's used only on the kick drum. It gives it this snap sound in the high end." I thought "how stupid, you've got this 20ft console sitting in front of you with everything in it.
He told me "every unit has this unique sound just for certain instruments." He had over two hundred thousand in outboard gear.. it was all old.. and his console had strips removed for testing and work being done to them.. ? What the Hell? 😮
You couldn't pour the money fast enough into this building. He lives in it.. dude never comes out of the studio. he's always telling us how he mixed the latest album for Jay lo or spears. Or snoop? I don't believe it! I just know Uber brings food to the place..

Miami SWL Radio replies to David King: It's fascinating how you are criticizing older 'old stuff' as you call it while simultaneously praising this video for "straight forward no crap talk" when this video is actually correctly shitting on "new stuff" thereby signifying that you comment is straight out of a schizophrenic's stream of consciousness.

Sjoerd de Jong:  Yes sir, this tip has triggered me to do just that and enjoy. Played the first classical record I bought in the 70ties on my recently restored Dual 704 with Shure V15 cartridge (from that same era) and spanking new stylus. Oh the memories that come back. And the pops and clicks are the patina you just mentioned. Thanks for this. As an early adopter of digital I still prefer a good recorded digital version but I digress. Greetings from The Netherlands!

When Better Cars Are Built replies to Sjoerd de Jong: Having owned 150 individual stereo components in my life. And even more than changing speakers (Rogers, Klipsch, ProAc, on and on) the BIGGEST leap in sound quality was going from your exact turntable/cartridge to a SOTA Sapphire with Premier FT-3 arm and Grado TLZ cartridge. It was ASTOUNDING. Nothing I did before or since had even 10% of the impact. And I have had amps from Spectral, Threshold, Eagle etc.

Gregório:  I've been listening to vinyl since teenage years simply because, in those days (90´s and 2000´s) in Brazil, in the dawn of CD, excelent second hand record players were very cheap, and the records either. Before internet, it was the only way i could, with the resources i had, listen to a lot of music and have the albuns i loved. See my point: it was very expensive to buy a good CD player, and the CD itself was costly. My choyce was between a bad quality equipament to play CDs or a very good to play vinyl. So, i still have a lot of LPs from this era and enjoy them very well.
This hi-fi equipament, today, can very well play digital too!

barryhall7:  Thanks for the jellyfish tip.

Audio Masterclass replies to barryhall7: Jellyfin. DM

Nacho Libre:  You are great

Michael Ulaskiewicz:  Wow just Great stuff

BATMAN DESTROYS:  You are great Audio Masterclass!

John Mark Brailsford:  Good to hear about your concert-going life! - as well as your journey through hi-fi. I have a houseful of L.P.s, C.D.s, (and 78s) collected over the years, mainly classical music, but am very thankful that here in Manchester we have two full symphony orchestras performing regularly, the Halle & the B.B.C. Philharmonic, plus chamber music recitals. Thus I can experience the sound of the ultimate sound system; an actual orchestra performing in front of me! (When the first 3-D films were shown in the 1950s, one wag commented "You'll see, they'll end up inventing the theatre"). Part of the value of recorded music for me is to identify those works which I like so much that it's worth taking the trouble to travel out to a concert-hall.

Robert Matichak:  Funny …. I’ve been in professional audio recording studios my entire life. Only recently have I setup my living room with a hi-fi system. What you described is exactly why I did it. I think the audio source is irrelevant. It’s the time set aside to sit and listen, without distractions … to have an experience. I know my living-room is not acoustically accurate and nor have I tried to make it so. I don’t care. I’m not listening to judge sound, I’m listening to live the experience.
Great video.

Tony Jedi Of The Forest:  Brilliant once more, can’t decide though what is tongue in cheek and what is not as a lot of what you say can appertain to me! Very fine lines there.

ray cochrane:  After consuming the meat of the topic all that remained was the skewer - and it was well used.

Paul:  I am confused. This video is the antithesis of most of your prior videos.

Audio Masterclass replies to Paul: I have the sometimes uncomfortable superpower of being able to see things from different points of view. People use music in different ways - sometimes perfectly happy to have music in the background on a tiny mono radio, at other times - as I said - majestically live in the Royal Albert Hall. I know this doesn't answer your point, but perhaps there isn't actually an answer. DM

Mark Hayman:  Great and interesting video, I do collect classical lps from specialist record shop in good quality second hand and charity shops . So you can get decent LPs . Regards mark

Audio Masterclass replies to Mark Hayman: Thank you for your comment, which I appreciate. It may be that classical records fare better over time due to their owners being more careful with them. In my crate digging days I was mostly happy with the condition, and the price I paid, never more than 1 GBP, totally made up for any that were not so good. DM

Armando Camorra:  An entire video of "hiFinest" in their maximum peak

Ar De:  British humor is the best.

Audio Masterclass replies to Ar De: Sometimes we just don't know when we're being humorous. DM

Bart Aldrich:  Sure, you can be an audiophile snob if you have $50,000 USD lying around.

Michel Linschoten replies to Bart Aldrich: There are guys out there that consider that low budget. Look up Jay's audio lab that dude setup cost 1.5mil .


Veselin Dochev:  Hell, yeah, I'm gonna play this on a Crosley Cruiser. I'll buy a Crosley Cruiser especially for this.

Veselin Dochev replies to Veselin Dochev: @Audio Masterclass Yes, I was joking, of course, but thank you for replying.

Audio Masterclass replies to Veselin Dochev: This is how some people enjoy their music. Not for me, but for those who like it, then why not? (Apart from destroying their records in the process) DM

Maids and Muses:  The experience is even better if you buy tickets to your own vinyl performance program. Then you have to make sure it is worth the price of admission 😉

Adrian Fox:  Always enjoyable, highly informed comment. Sometimes reminds me of one of the oldest records I own (Flanders & Swann "At The Drop of a Hat") the track on "The Song Of Reproduction!!" about Hifi saying how mad the whole thing is, but is still Very Wonderful especially if as you say played on a high quality system reproducing repeats of great recordings of great music?

Jero:  You forget THE most important thing of reproducing the illusion as good as possible and dont cost a lot when you DIY. Room Acoustics is the No1 thing to improve. Thank you.
I dont have expensive equipment, built the speakers myself, often i get tears in my eyes when i listen to a piano-Cello piece live performed (digital FLAC :) ) and also often scary realistic which makes me get goosebumps with some songs where all kinds of effects are implemented.
So you can imagine i dont agree with you when u say digital is heartless, thats nonsense.

Miami SWL Radio replies to Jero: Nonsense is throwing away money for room acoustics when you can use proper headphones. As it should be. See what I did there? I gave an opinion just like you did. Ahhh ... but in your narcissist mind only are you are correct. I understand.

David Snyder:  This is one of your better videos. However, unless I've been time travelling again, I'd swear I watched it a week or two ago. If it was removed by mistake and re-uploaded, I'm glad that it was saved. Worth sharing, and I will do so.

Stephen Charlton:  Shame you are so anti Digital... I will now unsubscribe

adam ant:  Today I "absorbed" and greatly enjoyed listening to Santana's Abraxas LP after a workout. This is an original pressing and it still sounds swell played on my vintage Dual Turntable. Last week I actually played Michael Jackson's Thriller LP after a long hiatus and I must say that producer Quincy Jones really hit it out of the park with that album. That session reminded me how good the album sounds especially after the long hiatus from listening to it. I personally would never spend the money on a Mofi or any other remastered label. For the extra coin I could buy more LP's instead.

BATMAN DESTROYS replies to adam ant: Absolutely agree with you! Billie Jean and Beat It Wow!

Eric Myers:  You absolutely get us, kind sir. Bravo! Found your channel a few weeks ago, enjoy the high quality content, and LOVE your stylized delivery. Thanks for contributing some of the best content on YouTube today!

Eric Myers replies to Eric Myers: @Richard Singer had to Google "gentle mickey" being American, but no, my comment was genuine. 👍

Audio Masterclass replies to Eric Myers: @Richard Singer Well maybe I've gone a little over the top, but I think that one of the attractive points of hi-fi is that you can put an effort in and get a reward, which isn't really the case with streaming. I wouldn't expect anyone to try and replicate my nine-hour concert experience at home, but I think there's value in going at least some of the way. DM

Richard Singer replies to Eric Myers: Are you absolutely sure this isn’t a gentle mickey take?

Audio Masterclass replies to Eric Myers: Thank you. I appreciate your comment and will endeavour to keep up, and hopefully improve, the standard. DM

PAO in UA:  Great visualization of hifi)

vdochev:  What a pointless video. I was expecting real tips like setup my components, speaker placement, etc. I don't want to go for a walk in the UK, drink wine and do all those stupid sh*t before listening to my records. I buy and listen to what I like, I'm not looking for who pressed the vinyl and stupid things like that, things I have 0 control over. What the hell!?

Chris Johnson:  Should have included CDs and then I would have finished watching the video

Lou p replies to Chris Johnson: hope you are enjoying your sterile life.

Frosty Canada replies to Chris Johnson: I’m sure his just pocking fun of the analogue folks (joke video) and I’m pretty sure he embraces digital fully.

Richard Shepherd:  Well l must be deaf because l only stream from Tida via an audioquest cobalt DAC with a modest quad amp and quad esl 57s from the 60s No vinyl hiss, records scratched to feck, better bass, no shelfs of vinyl l never play, every track crystal clear and over 100 million tracks to choose from. Mmmh why would l ever go back to a turntable. You must be happy to spend a fortune on one vinyl disk. Good luck mate. I'll enjoy my Tidal for £19.99 a month and know the artists get a decent 10% cut. I find you a bit patronising to be honest. Bye

Chunksville:  MJ's MOFI Thriller has a digital step DSD256 flat transfer of the tape then file sent to the cutting head so it's a bit of a slap in the face to be honest especially for £100, a lot of reviewers prefer the original from the 80's which "was" cut from the analogue tapes.

You can comment on this video at YouTube

Thursday April 20, 2023

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