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I test the Verum 1 Planar Magnetic headphones for listening and production

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@rapmeister5242:  what's your closed back headphones? or the one you use when outside? I'm curious to know.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @rapmeister5242: Everyone is curious but they're not made anymore and I want to get a spare pair on eBay - I don't want to push the price up.

@lights80088:  Everytime I watch one of your videos, I'm always in 100% agreement. We are either spot on or way off, lol.

@flash4973:  i'd love to hear your take on the ZMF auteur classic !!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @flash4973: You'll get it when they send me a pair for free.

@flash4973 replies to @flash4973: oh woaw, why is that ? @@AudioMasterclass

@ianhaylock7409 replies to @flash4973: @@flash4973 Feel free to send him a pair.

@qbabyrolfe:  Excellent video. I always enjoy your intelligent and witty commentary. I do have a question about the product. I tend to be on the warm side and I was wondering if you could comment on whether or not they made your head warm after extended listening? Given the rather wide looking leather headband, it looks like they might. Thanks!

@sjors01:  Fore me Seinnheiser hd414 super air on the ears👍

@MC-jv6fs:  Dear Mister Mellor- it took some months for me to understand in frames your ambition in music. I am a bit confused, because of some missing links for my brain to put it all together: so here is my basic question towards you: why you share this "one-eye-symbolism" in your thumbnail in your music-channel? I know the meaning, and i just want to be sure about it. In any way it is in my way to get deeper in your compositions. They seem to be a bit under-rated.Or to be true non-rated, perhaps of this kind of ironic tone which sometimes is too iconic in my ears. Although your name must have a golden fluid in your business.<but that would be the second question, which i can claim at myself.

@chuckmaddison2924:  Just the person I thought I ask
On the subject of speaker cable testing. How about this.
Mono signal mono amp. 2 speakers
Start with basic speaker cable.
Sound will lock in middle as both the same.
Swap one cable for expensive.
If there is a difference, the sound should spread , bit like if out of phase but not as dramatic .
Just a thought.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @chuckmaddison2924: You're exactly right and I will be using a method similar to this in a future video.

@JUST-ENJOY-THE-MUSIC replies to @chuckmaddison2924: Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X are simply delightful. @@AudioMasterclass

@MC-jv6fs replies to @chuckmaddison2924: Now you put it in words , i have to admit: its damned easy!!thx

@chuckmaddison2924 replies to @chuckmaddison2924: @MC-jv6fs  I was thinking there must be a simple way if you don't have an oscilloscope, function generator's and so on. It was just an idea ,I haven't tested. But in theory, it should work..
Years ago I did use a Yamaha equaliser to create a fake stereo by creating a variation in the signal.

@kendalljenkins9938:  My "Technics, Minifon P55 Plexi" doesn't have a headphone jack, and I exclusively use a "Technics, Minifon P55 Plexi". For a true audiophile such as myself, wire recording is the only way to truly experience music in the way the artist intended. I listen on my Vintage Grundig Raumklang Model:GD1445 Stereo Hi-Fi Floor Speakers. For the distinctive audiophile ear that I have, no speaker made after 1960 and outside of Germany will suffice.

@MC-jv6fs replies to @kendalljenkins9938: Funny.But Grundig made some speakers afterwards, still at the level of nowadays "high-end" needs. If u can get a middle-price 3way speaker of Grundig with calottes for mid and high, you just need the right equalizing in your room to enjoy pure sounds , that none of the 2-way high end speakers nowadays can offer. Sad and funny, at the same time.

@jjcale2288:  Russian screws, what to expect.

@ManoelNunesOSan:  Actually, "Verum" is an adjective and should be more accurately translated as "true", not "truth", wich in latin translates to "Veritas".

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ManoelNunesOSan: Tell that to Google translate

@carminedesanto6746:  GM from Toronto ☕️❄️❄️
These days headphones and IEM’s are my choice for enjoying my music.
Bryston headphone amp.
LCDX and Sen’s 650’s ..and I’m good 🙂

@summersky77:  They sound about as good as they look...and that's no compliment.

@el_arte:  The snark and satire on this channel is reaching Monty Pythonic levels. I expect a savage rabbit to burst into the frames and rip apart consumerist audiophiles any day now.

@rabit818:  You need an X-Acto knife to cut & open boxes safely.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @rabit818: I've been using single-sided razor blades for decades, originally for editing tape but perhaps I should put up a health and safety warning for anyone as foolhardy as me.

@brrryan2908:  I LOVE my Verums far more than any my previous headphones. They are my "mini Magnepans." :)

@Synthematix:  I paid 40 quid for a pair of SAMSON SR850 headphones, no joke they beat my sennheisers that cost just over 3 times the price by a MILE

@jasonemanuel9070 replies to @Synthematix: I remember reading the specs for them a couple of years ago, I think I will give them a try

@SubTroppo:  For me headphone comfort is the main priority. It really doesn't matter how good they sound if after thirty minutes of listening I can no longer keep them on the old noddle. This is why if find myself with cheap earbuds which do not intrude int the ear-canal and which I can easily forget about if there is no audio.

@VerumAudio:  Thanks both for your praise and criticism. And yes, my supply of fancy looking black anodized screws was emptied. And during a war it's not the easiest task to get such things. But recently I got some and couple of weeks production units are with good screws.
p.s. Not, it's not a real wood. It's a texture made by aquaprint method. But I'm glad you had doubts ;)

@AudioMasterclass replies to @VerumAudio: You're welcome. I'm sure these headphones will make further appearances in my channel.

@VerumAudio replies to @VerumAudio: @@AudioMasterclass And I hope that this headphones will help you in your work. Thanks again, mr. Mellor.

@ronmiller6344 replies to @VerumAudio: I received the Carbon Black version a couple of months ago. They are comfortable and sound great, representing good value. They are not quite up to the sound-performance level of my Aryas, nor should they be. Happy with my purchase.

@johnnyrenfield:  Always look forward to your videos 🤘💀🍻🔥🙏

@andymouse:  Lol ! Did you see the headphone stands for sale on their site ? a very miserable Mr Putin at the Hauge ! interesting video....cheers.

@scottlowell493:  I was one of the original purchasers when they were introduced. I found them quite good, especially for the price. Most of the sub-$600 planars i listened to were lacking. They tended to easily run out of gas, or have a steeply rolled off treble and no impact.
The Verum 1 compete with planars in the $800-$1200 bracket.

@paulpaulzadeh6172:  Poor quality 😏😏😏

@dangerzone007:  These are only 8 ohm headphones so need to be driven from an amplifier that won't run out of current too easily. I wonder how well they'll work with my BTR7. The focal clear doesn't work well on my btr7. The bass is slow muddy.

@dangerzone007:  These look very nice. This review is missing a lot of stuff: soundstage imaging resolution dynamics etc. I'll look at buying some as soon as Ukraine surrenders or they completely run out of people to fight which should be fairly soon.

@nate_d376:  You never fail to make me laugh....

@twowheelmacneil:  "Unless your head grows" 😂😂😂. Best line in the video, in my opinion. Really enjoy your videos, keep them coming!

@polarbear3427:  Brave Ukrainian people

@dangerzone007 replies to @polarbear3427: Brave or dumb AF. Most of the young men are now dead. Now they have to fight with geriatric men and women until they surrender which I hope is soon.

@carlsitler9071:  Open back planars are killer. I have the Monolith M570s. My closed back are KRK KNS8400. My IEMs are the Fearless S8s. Noise canceling are Soundcore. Plus an old Beats, Hifiman, 7hz Zero, KZ CRN and Sony. Add them all up and I'm still under $1000.

@dangerzone007 replies to @carlsitler9071: Yep I got some drop X4 on sale for $80. With EQ I like them better than my DT880s

@Hypurr1:  Love my Audeze planar magnetic headphones. Mine are closed back so I can take them with me.

@mypetdrgn:  Love your vids, how ‘bout showing some love to your “unboxing hands” and consider the what colors are accentuated by the light being used😮😊

@AudioMasterclass replies to @mypetdrgn: I might be starting a skincare channel soon.

@mypetdrgn replies to @mypetdrgn: @@AudioMasterclass 🤣😂. Love your wit and your channel

@currykevuk:  Wear those on the London tube at your peril!
Either get mugged or laughed at!!

@ChrisStoneinator replies to @currykevuk: Laugh at me all you want, can't hear you over the sound of t̶h̶i̶s̶ l̶o̶v̶e̶l̶y̶ m̶u̶s̶i̶c̶ the fucking Victoria line

@john8451:  On the Verum website, those rough Posidrive screws are replaced by small Allen bolts!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @john8451: Aha. A much better choice.

@john8451 replies to @john8451: @@AudioMasterclass I assume that the promo photo was taken before you were sent your headphones (assuming you received yours reasonably recently) so it looks like they are shipping them with the screws that your pair were supplied with. Considering the rest of the build quality, they do make them look cheap. Given that they are manufacturing these in a war zone I can forgive that and replace them myself with M3 allen machine screws.

(yes I am going to order a pair!)

@RudieVissenberg:  I also own a pair of Verum 1 headphones and I am also very pleased with it but I get the impression that a better amplifier would do the Verum 1 even more justice. Can I ask which amplifier you used?

@sebguyader replies to @RudieVissenberg: I've owned these headphones for almost 1 year now. First I used the Headphone output of my sound interface (Presonus 1824c) but most interfaces don't play well with headphones with an impedance as low as the Verum 1. So I bought a Topping A30 Pro and I'm very satisfied. Plenty of power and a great match with low impedance headphones. The Topping headphone amps are great.

@hoth2112 replies to @RudieVissenberg: They are low impedance headphones, so you ideally need an amp with plenty of power and a low output impedance (1 ohm or lower). We get 10-12 pairs every few weeks and I use the Massdrop/Grace Designs O2+SDAC to test every pair we get in and it's a fantastic combo. We also have a Schiit Fulla 2 in the shop and it doesn't sound nearly as good as it simply lacks the power the Verums really need to sound their best.

@atoptip6193:  Much like many other terms in “audiophilia,” or just audio, “dynamic” may be a marketing expression, from around 1939, when radio manufacturers shifted from field-coil to permanent-magnet speakers. They must have needed a new term to sell their “invention.” In any case that is when I first see “dynamic” in print advertisements.

But what was not dynamic about field-coil speakers? — the opposite of dynamic? Static? “We have moved on from our earlier static speakers which made no sound.” Or, as Olivia Rodrigo says, “Gotta laugh at the stupidity”

It is also possible to be even earlier, the late 1920s — dynamic may refer to the coil being attached to the cone or the moving part of the speaker rather than stationary, moving the diaphram via a “reed.” That would make more sense.

@ChrisStoneinator replies to @atoptip6193: We're referring to dynamic range mate. Talk about overthinking.

God, it's brutal out here!

@jimawhitaker:  You're actually very likeable brother keep on keeping on ;-)

@alien2306abc:  You can use cables that fit denon ah-d 9200 as replacements.

@curtiscroulet8715:  Hmm. I'm not sure that I hear what you hear. I'm listening to this demo with HifiMan Sundara headphones, which add or subtract their own attributes from the sound.

@ricktotty2283:  Open backs , Grados. Close back, B&o. -Chinese really.

@rene_magritte:  I see the membrane is rather wrinkled? Is that normal?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @rene_magritte: I’d need even stronger reading glasses to be sure but I think what we see here is the coil embedded in the diaphragm.

@Starchild670:  Will these sound good with my vinyl?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Starchild670: Depends on taste but I’d be very surprised if they didn’t.

@thexfile.:  I've had Sennheiser open-back headphones and there wasn't any sound pressure. I'm back to my old Sony MDR V6 headphones.

@ray_notes8170:  Fun little tune. I'd make a Paul McCartney joke but I'm sure you've heard them all by now. 😂

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ray_notes8170: I’ve heard many but I’m always open to more.

@NicoJeanRas:  War torn Ukraine

@NicoJeanRas:  Your show getting better by the day, great stuff.

@sephardim4yeshua155:  If I can hear great sound quality from your headphones then it would seem that my headphones are great too, as I wouldnt be able to hear great quality from your end if my headphones were not as good.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @sephardim4yeshua155: Your logic is admirable.

@Andy-xn9zn replies to @sephardim4yeshua155: Lamo

@obsprisma replies to @sephardim4yeshua155: @@AudioMasterclass 🤣🤣

@vendelius:  I Always enjoy your videos... thank you

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Tuesday January 16, 2024

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