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How to troll a YouTuber in their comments

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@Somulo:  I don't know who tell you about teeth and other staff, sir, but your English is so superior and so classy — I only could dream by speaking that way.

@marklloyd4153:  Omg this is y I watch you . U can make a terrible day great .

@Whiteboytripping:  Arguing against that which was not said…. I’ve seen trial patent attorneys do that. Patent trolls, a different kind of troll. 😎

@_SR375_:  Just the help I was looking for... Thank you!....

@humm6155:  Im just want to spread hate, fake news, my willing, sometes the truth.
And of course what I do not like.

On the Internet I feel like vladimir putin 😂😂😂😂

@TimothyThorMullen:  You forgot to mention that corn has ears too. This type of "ad hominy" simply makes clear your bias against grits, and you are clearly wrong!

@PaulDoldenDetails:  As a fellow YouTube content creator I get the occasional troll 🧌 your 100% right more comments means better interactions keep up the amazing work I love your videos 🇬🇧🙌🏻

@toddstudio79:  I 100% agree with your assessment.
However, I highly doubt the VAST majority of troll's would even get the "billygoat" reference.
"Age and experience will almost always overcome youth and skill"😉

@ron5493:  Fearless and creative. Great work.

@Shadow-of-Mampang:  Thin skin is transparent.

@TheLambLive:  Your hair is receeding, you have a saggy face and you're teeth need whitening. 5/5, would buy again. 😆

@audioreparaciones8956:  I always learn from my mistakes. I have learnt so much that I can repeat them exactly.

@hummel3479:  Whitening your teeth is very bad for your teeth.
So never do it.
The protective shell of your teeth will get weaker and weaker every time.
Love your videos

@enricoself2256:  It's so refreshing to listen to a YT channels which clearly treats facts as facts and opinions as opinions and do not mix them up as in many other Hi-Fi related channels. I hate when "reviewers" treat a piece of engineering (as an audio equipment is) as if it was a vintage wine or piece of artwork which cannot be vulgarly measured and tested, but needs to be "experienced". Music is art, hi-fi is engineering and every PR claims must and can be put to test.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @enricoself2256: "Vulgarly measured" haha.

@DrBovdin:  Internet “trolls” are giving us real trolls a bad reputation 😉

@richh650:  Very good discussion and so accurate. Any response is good as long as the YT algorithm notices it... LOL

@SaturnineGnosis:  Princess syndrome is the fastest growing epidemic in the world.

Someone left criticism... "Ohh no, I'm being "trolled."

@AudioMasterclass replies to @SaturnineGnosis: Let me tell about that pea I found under my mattress the other morning...

@user-je8zy6yq7f:  I think we all know Debbie is the brains of this operation. I'm surprised she hasn't kicked the old guy to the curb by now.
Why can't he just live off of his Monty Python residuals and move on.

@kobush18:  👍💯👍

@guilboy:  They didn't deserve a vid...

@mihaiginghina4532:  My good sir. I really appreciate you trying to educate trolls. I wonder if you think your little tutorial here will actually help and make people think twice before commenting. I don't think so, but I hope to be wrong. I saw quite a few videos of yours where you talk about your comments. To me this is a good sign, because it means you read them. Youtubers encouraging their audience to comment are on every channel. Those who actually read the comments on their channel and, even better, take the time to address them (be them good or bad) in a separate video is something quite rare. I am obviously offtopic, so this must make me a troll. But if my comment, like you said, brings you more money and encourage you to keep doing videos (especially on audio, but also on comments from audience), then at least I was a good troll. And if you actually read this, then I thank you for your attention and the time you took for doing so, and I wish you a nice and happy day. Best regards!

@Johnny-te4rv:  Stiff upper lip and carry on brother!

@user-xc6dc6bb1d:  Its so sad that people feel its OK to send abuse. Honestly if you disagree just don't watch. There are plenty of forums, channels and sites dedicated to what ever floats your boat.
Really enjoy the video's and yes you are right about Now and Then! -

@reallyniceaudio:  Sometimes trolls can be correct. One commentator on my channel said I sounded like Paul Foot! Thing is he was correct except Paul Foot is funnier than me and has more hair.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @reallyniceaudio: Your channel doesn't have subscribers, it has connoisseurs.

@nickmoranis2865:  Is complaining about YouTubers putting two un-skippable 15 second ads back to back in the middle of a just over 8 minute video plus one at the start trolling?
Or are we being trolled?

@robertdowell9493:  Well played, Sir! Keep up the excellent work!

@user-bl7oe2md4p:  Nicely done a reasonable and decent human being showing real quality of character and a sense of humour exposing the trolls for the ridiculous know nothings and irrelevant fools they really are.

@polarbear3427:  You forgot a sixth way of trolling.

@spacemissing:  From a bumper sticker I saw in the early 1970s:
"When I want your opinion I'll give it to you".
I have always thought that was pretty good.

@dermamred:  Excellent analysis.

(I like Ur style - and not only referring to this video.)

@adotopp1865:  Hey Steve, Thank You for these valuable tips to help improve my trolling. ❤

@adotopp1865:  Here's another comment for you.

@June_Magoo:  You are fckin hilarious man u would be a great stand up comedian seriously

@trippntrev:  Ah here now…… this is really going to confuse the Trollies
Brilliantly done 👍👍👍

@thorstenwieszniewski6875:  From audiosciencereview and from your channel I have learned more of audio within the last 6 months than in the 45 years before! Thank you for your work!

@Flarptube:  An Internet troll is someone who enters an online discussion and posts comments designed to upset or disrupt the conversation. "Dark Tetrad" personality traits include narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism. That would describe the Hannibal Lecters of the Troll world. Where does Phil fall into that spectrum? I certainly would avoid having him over for dinner lest he tear into my ‘just good enough’ Hi Fi. Frequently, you come across as that child in the fairy tale; you know the one where the child is watching the royal procession and remarks, “Mother, why is the emperor not wearing any clothes?” Most of us already knew that, but reserved our reactions for various reasons. Then there is the Troll who says to all in attendance, “That child is a fool and the bastard issue of a whore and the court jester.” I have a real life troll and for entertainment, I throw a bone for him to gnaw on. Rather than punch holes in my opinion, an internet troll likened me to ‘an edgy teenager’. I threw my non sequitur grenade, “Don’t crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers.” Stunned silence, but now I can hear the dithering.

@radusansebes3517:  Very good work (not just this, in general) so keep up this very good channel

@radusansebes3517:  Another trolling: we all are fools and if you come to this conclusion on your own you are not as foolish as the rest :))

@radusansebes3517:  This is my trolling: the majority are fools and the rest are simply exceptions to this rule :))

@radusansebes3517:  :)) very good guide

@carlitomelon4610:  Hm 🤔
You forgot your usual invitation:
"Let me know what you think in the comments below👇👇"

So, I won't!!

@rabit818:  If there was a mistake on a video, my comment is a in a form of a question. I could be wrong as well.

@DJaquithFL:  Making negative comments about somebody's person is ridiculous and crazy. However, simply not agreeing with somebody on YouTube doesn't make them a "troll." Audiophiles aren't sheep and in fact quite the opposite in my experience.

You also can't make blanketed assertions based upon your experience or limitations. In one aspect you're correct about the limits of human abilities especially over time, but there are always outliers. Some people have 20/10 vision others can hear in the ultrasonics. When I was a kid I could hear ultrasonic sensors (25kHz to 50kHz) to the point where I had to immediately leave the store, it was so incredibly loud and intolerable! So somebody making a statement "you can't hear it" to me is annoying, no you can't hear it. However, there is no enjoyment in listening to ultrasonics in music.

@1974UTuber:  I think you've made a slight error in your facts.
Your hair is not reseeding, its departing due to a lack of internal space due to excessive knowledge.
And your face is not drooping. Its showing the gravity of a long life of being upright whilst imparting wisdom to others.
And as for foul language.....
Chicken, Duck, Goose and furthermore.... Turkey.
And I dont mean the country 😂

@eugenepohjola258:  Howdy. Great.
Sad face ??? I was born with a frowning face. Getting along with the other gender is difficult. The assumption is I am hiding some dark secret.
Many are narcississtic. Being the ultimate teacher and advicer delivers great pleasure.
At work pretending a little naive is a good tactic to make a colleague share his work skills. Very few will give straight guidance to a straight question.
Admitting having been wrong will trigger an avalanche of solace from Tubers.

@hifipigTv:  Great vid and bang on the money with regards to the trolls.

@Sibbe2560:  Lets be honest, he is brilliant. Please keep making your videos, I still appreciate them.

@geoff37s38:  Also, a brave man who ate the first egg. “I’ve got a great idea guys, I’m gonna eat the next thing that comes out of that birds backside”.

@fins59:  Don't react to a Troll, because what they want is attention.
Don't feed the Troll.

@SuperAgentAB replies to @fins59: Golden rule that you should never break.

@adotopp1865 replies to @fins59: Yes all a troll wants is some engagement with the outside world. It's terribly dreary when no one cares whether I live or die. When my children say, Dad, what's the point of you?'

@MicroStrategy.US..:  You need to get out more, you have a saggy face and your teeth need whitening #troll 😆

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  If it was Neil Diamond in the comments talking about a song being crap or not.. I might listen up 😎 😅

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  had me in stitches great video

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  politeness is subjective to a troll

@Synthematix:  Keep your sarcasm close and your hate even closer, words can kill. People saying these kind of nasty things about you is just not on at all.

@felixyoghurt3291:  Can't wait for the sequel video to this 😵‍💫

@lenimbery7038:  Well sir you get nothing but respect from me as I learn from and enjoy your content

@Undead.Audiophile:  Another epic video. 👊👍
Much respect, very well said.

@kevinmccahill7522:  Bravo. I just got home from work and I was like OK I absolutely have to watch this video now. Just chill out, you know. I find this line of videos very entertaining.

@kevinmccahill7522 replies to @kevinmccahill7522: I just TO chill out, L O L. I mean myself I wasn’t telling you to chill out. I’m not a troll.😂

@Drackleyrva:  Great video as always. It seems to me that just about any hobby has their fair share of trolls (bullies). There are so many unhappy souls in this world, unfortunately. Ignore the trolls.

@SuperAgentAB:  6:53 always has been

@hdrmadness2731:  Troll-0-lol Masterclass new channel accountment!

@andymouse:  It needed to be said....cheers !!

@donaldbundy3499:  Most of them can listen and critique but not record or mix. Like trying to critique Beethoven or Rembrandt. Oh no I'm trolling trolls.

@donaldbundy3499:  Can't wait to read the trolling comments.😂

@user-st8bk4sk9i:  When you teach audio topics I understand zilch, but I really like your delivery and wit - you are damn good company!

@martineyles:  I suspect your audiophile "guest" on the channel might agree with the trolls that say your sound system isn't sufficiently resolving and your ears aren't good enough. Still, at least he doesn't insult your appearance.

@scottlowell493:  The biggest common thread is when a troll cannot delineate between fact and their opinion. That is the most common thing that I have seen.

@blx2599:  Ok boomer

@kendalljenkins9938:  The Beatles are by far the most overrated band of all time. If they had been born 30 years later, they would basically be Nickelback. Both bands had plenty of hits, and both were decent but mediocre musicians. The Beatles had zero competition when they arrived in the 60s, compared to the many talented bands by the 2000s. That's why The Beatles are considered legends. They weren't, they were only geniuses compared to the talentless hacks that were around at the time. Better to be mediocre and lucky I guess.

@user-st8bk4sk9i replies to @kendalljenkins9938: @kendalljenkins - "the talentless hacks that were around at the time" - you mean the Rolling Stones? 🙂 If the Beatles were born 30 years later they would have entered a scene which would NOT have been inspired by the Beatles 30 years earlier. And thusly, they would have become legends for making great songs to another style of music.

@philipkershaw7918 replies to @kendalljenkins9938: "they were only geniuses compared to the talentless hacks that were around at the time"!!!
But isn't that a reasonable working definition of any of histories geniuses, musical or otherwise. The genius is the one that thinks outside of the prevailing, proverbial box, no matter the quality of his or her contemporaries.
This you could say of Newton, Einstein, Hendrix or the Beatles.
Sure, and in the fullness of time, one persons theory or technique will be surpassed by the theories and techniques of those yet to come. But this is good! It's called progress!
But like the man said [more or less]: The future stands on the shoulders of the past.
For any human endeavour, how could this be any different.

@GaryKeepItSimple replies to @kendalljenkins9938: If the Beatles had not been successful, today's music would be very different. They were simply better than anyone else at that time. That is the definition of success. Fans supported them because they were good. Simple as that.

@philipkershaw7918 replies to @kendalljenkins9938: @@GaryKeepItSimple
Popularity is not the measure of how good a band is! Unless, of course, we choose to conflate being popular with being good.
Not I. I see these two things as being seperate. eg. There are musicians that are good that I don't like and there are musicians that are... mediocre that I do like. And, of course. visa versa.
I am not arrogant enough to think that everything I like is all good.
Popularity is subjective. Quality is objective. This is a truism, and is independant of our own personal tastes and likes.

@GaryKeepItSimple replies to @kendalljenkins9938: @@philipkershaw7918 I think we are sort of agreeing. There is stuff in this world like classical music and popular music that people tell me is good. I do not like it but I will not argue it is not good because my likes and dislikes are just an opinion and everyone is entitled to an opinion. But to be a really good musician in the privacy of your own home or just doing small gigs must be sad for all involved. As in most of life, it is important to do the best you can and if you are lucky they will appreciate it and then the world is your oyster. The Beatles were good and thats all that can be said . There were others also good like The Stones and Pink Floyde etc . One-hit wonders are just lucky. A career is more than luck. Best wishes.

@richertz:  There is a lot of videos on this at the moment. Is this becoming a real issue? I lobve watching your videos. I'm sure there are just a few pr%$cks out there. Some may be struggling artists in a bad place. I like the new Beatles song btw, but I'm not a Beatles fan. Just liked this one. I can appreciate why you might not like it. Look forward to your next videos.

@s_r_v:  please can we have more audio related videos...

@OUTRAGEOUS-MISFORTUNE:  I don't see why anyone would get the least bit bothered by comments on any social media short of them being a threat or profane? The Internet only really took off in 1995 and even then it was very restrictive and more of a novelty than mainstream TV, films or Radio. It should surprise no one that there are many among us who for whatever reasons seek to disrupt, offend or simply have "their opinion" aired for all the world to see. I was there in 2005 when YouTube launched and to say it was a slow start would be an understatement. I continue to be amazed at the sheer diversity of content that it provides. That said, other social media like Facebook appearing in the same year will never get my blessing for they are a scourge and a blight on society. As if it couldn't get any worse we then saw the release of the ultimate curse on mankind when the iPhone launched in 2007. It's been downhill ever since!

@michaelmitchell8218:  You’re a top man in my books, you tell it as it is. Love your channel and great how you put yourself over and explain the subject you’re talking about well. Love your work and channel and you got my 100% respect.

@0_gate329 replies to @michaelmitchell8218: Well spoken!

@joseyneighbors5230:  There just bored

@davidatrakchi2707:  I would say you are really taking the trolls too seriously, try to simply avoid them
I’m subscribed because I like and benefit from listening to your episodes , thanks

@paulfriedman4767:  Your eyebrows are wrong. This is my sincere opinion.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @paulfriedman4767: I'd better put microblading on my to-do list then.

@ac81017:  I'm an Audiophile not a Troll. Love your channel, have learned alot, believe it not. 🙂

@gabrielgodwin9953:  The fact that you even bother reading and commenting is worthy of note. In an ideal world, the comments section would be populated by reasonable people interested in polite conversation. That this is sadly not the case is unsurprising, I wish it were different. I have less than a handful of people to discuss recording, mixing, and production with. Oh well, what can you do?
I enjoy your content, so keep on doing what you want to do.

@arnebroxleirnes418:  It's a bold man who first ate a surströmming, too

@mr-iz8cx:  A lot of youtubers are publishing these types of videos. Obviously some people are being nasty. But, there is also room for critique and anyone who puts themselves in to the public arena should expect and engage maturely with critique and criticism. I think often any criticism is played off unfarely as trolling or being "toxic" which is manipulative and childish.

@gavinrfuller:  Its for profit. (REDACTED) Corp pays me $(REDACTED) for every nasty comment. 😀

@stevesstuff1450:  Not enough goats in this episode about Trolls.....except for You perhaps, the biggest GOAT of all - 'Greatest Of All Time' - too much for the largest of Trolls..!! 😂
Well done; keep it up..!! 😉 👍

@MC-jv6fs:  Its hard to be untouched by idioty. But every try is worth it.

@valleywoodstudio7345:  You could have found a better troll image... :)

@user-st8bk4sk9i replies to @valleywoodstudio7345: Hey, stop that trolling!!!!! 🙂

@donaldbundy3499 replies to @valleywoodstudio7345: 😂

@gregw74:  I can't help but think of Nightwish's song, "Yours is an Empty Hope", which is essentially about trolls and people with negative or disillusioned intentions. Their live performance of it on YouTube, the one with the most views, is my favorite version of it.

@TheJoyofVinylRecords:  Excellent delivery my friend!

@MarcelNL:  Says the man who has a (man)cave! :P

@evenblackercrow4476:  Your glasses are a tasteful functional accessory. Invisibility and those touches of color on both corners make the glasses. If I were the designer I might've made the color bands narrower, but I suppose you could wrap small pieces of metallic tape on each side--Not. By-the-way, whiten your teeth only if you plan on doing USA weather forecasts.

@oliverlotus:  Very sad. Your content is great.

@emiel333:  Lovely 😊

@marcomazzini:  Simple, direct and instructional. Thank you 👍 greetings from Peru 💜

@suffuny:  Yey to the best Macca look a like on the tube ... Don't let the buggers get you down keep up with the great videos ! ;-)

@AudioMasterclass replies to @suffuny: I just wish I was a soundalike. In his prime of course.

@johnfisher3929:  With all respect, my opinion is that you are wrong about opinions. Almost all moral philosophy, for example, is ultimately a matter of opinion. I cannot “prove” that murder is wrong, for example. There are no facts that establish that murder is wrong or that life has value or that 1% of the population shouldn’t have more wealth than the bottom 50% (or that struggling musicians should receive more money for their craft than they do.) I am no absolutist, but we enter upon a very slippery slope when we say something is “just” a matter of opinion, and each person has a “right” to his opinion. This may not matter much in the world of HiFi, but it matters a LOT in the realm of human endeavor, at least to me. However, I admit this subject is not really a good topic for a YouTube comment. I couldn’t help myself—wait, that’s not true: I chose NOT to help myself.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @johnfisher3929: I don’t think we’re far apart on this. Regarding the right to an opinion I do believe everyone has that right on any topic. However as I said or at least alluded to in the video no-one else has the obligation to find it acceptable.

@philipkershaw7918 replies to @johnfisher3929: I too believe everyone has a right to an opinion. But an opinion becomes a troll when it is expressed with belligerence.

@EgoShredder replies to @johnfisher3929: @@philipkershaw7918 Some approaches or tone of voice are often misinterpreted as aggressive or "hateful", the latter being a social buzzword of no real meaning.

@philipkershaw7918 replies to @johnfisher3929: @@EgoShredder Sure, and perhaps at a fundamental level, I suppose everything can be subject to misinterpretration.
But, within the confines of the medium of the interweb, where trolling is frankly rampant and is - as often as not - nakedly obvious, do we really need to get bogged down or sidetracked with the quality [or otherwise] of the interpreter? I think not.

@OUTRAGEOUS-MISFORTUNE replies to @johnfisher3929: How to turn any hifi lover into a raging maniac? Just tell them that a very good DAC as found in extremely expensive DACS and or CD players or amps generally cost US$8.00-$20.00 each. This gets them foaming at the mouth, let me tell you! Texas Instruments PCM 5252 anyone? LOL@@AudioMasterclass

@philipkershaw7918:  Hahaha. With the sword of humour and the shield of irony, you have seen off those pesky trolls.
Nicely done.
Keep 'em comin', that man.

@sr3d-microphones:  You never seem to reply to my comments when I've tried to reach out to you, is that a form of Trolling the other way/ round?
Perhaps if my maker's name was Heil, RODE or Behringer you may have? But then, they had to start somewhere too.


@AudioMasterclass replies to @sr3d-microphones: My reply to this would be long enough to make an entire video. Hey…

@sr3d-microphones replies to @sr3d-microphones: @@AudioMasterclass
Red flag..
Trolling ...

@jimmarrer:  me make a mistake?unpossible!

@timh6510:  Enjoyable video. I sometimes think it's amazing that most societies run pretty smoothly given how much we all seem to disagree about many things.

But commenters being rude is just being childish.

@Douglas_Blake_579:  On Mistakes...
"I never make the same mistake twice. I'm too busy making new ones."
(Source unknown)

On Questions...
"People don't answer questions. The best way to get information is to say something outlandishly incorrect and wait for the angry corrections."
(Also source unknown)

On Personal Attacks...
"I am constantly amazed how total strangers know so much more about me than I do."
(Source: Me.)

@gwine9087:  One favourite, of trolls, is attacking people with years or decades of experience, in the field, and telling them that they know nothing.

@isotoxin:  Trolls - assemble!

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Thursday January 4, 2024

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