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@Zmeor:  Greetings. For me B was the best sounding even the difference with A is small. If I have to guess you put something on the table, maybe a foam or something to get rid of the reflections entering the phone from the desk\table.

@bgravato:  After watching it fully I relistened to excerpts of each 4 sections of this video on 3 different mediums: the cheap "studio monitors" I have connected to my PC, my cheap phone and my (also cheap) USB headset I use for conference calls. Interestingly, all got different outcomes on each of them... Which can explain why other people in the comments have such wide opinions on which one they prefer...

1) pc studio monitors: A seems to have quite some reverb, especially on the low frequencies, there seems to be too much going on... I think boxy or boomy would be appropriate words to describe it. I find this kind of sound a bit distracting and annoying... B didn't seem to improve much on that and it still sounds pretty similar to A. C does seem to have improved that, but not completely fixed it. D completely removes that exaggerated low frequencies and all that reverb, but your voice just sounds very awkward as if it was a different person looking. C was the best for me (though not perfect), D the worst.

2) phone built-in tiny speakers: these are pretty much incapable of reproducing any low frequencies, so A doesn't really sound that bad, I don't really hear much reverb or anything noticeably annoying in the low freqs (probably because they're not there!!). B seemed to improve slightly, but still very similar to A. Again not much of a difference on C here either, though it "felt" somewhat different. D still sounded a bit awkward, but not as much as on the speakers. I think I actually preferred B on this. D still the worst I think, but not so clearly...

3) USB headset: A almost sounded perfectly fine here, with the exception (perhaps) of the some sibilance here and there... B sounded very similar, but it almost felt like A was actually slightly better than B. C didn't sound a lot different either, I think the sibilance was gone here, but overall I might still prefer A and B over C here. D still sounds a bit awkward, but in a kind of different way... Oddly, on the headset D actually seemed to have more bass than the other three, contrary to what was happening on 1) and 2), this was very strange and surprising. A, B and C sounded very similar and a bit better than D, but D was actually very listenable here...

I have more headphones and speakers were I could listen to this, but not really the time now, so I didn't try them. Nonetheless I find it very intriguing that on how different this sounds on different devices. People who make youtube videos just gained a lot more respect and credit from me. It must not be easy to produce something that will sound good regardless of the viewer's audio gear, sounds like an impossible task!

Bottom line: depending on the device ones listen to the video, the outcome and preference can be hugely different!

@KelthuzOfficial:  Audio D - sounds like Adobe Speech Enhance ;)

@BahamaSmooth:  purchase an iPhone adapter that will connect to your mixer your interface, and you get to go

@dangerzone007:  You need a lot more clutter in your room. It does wonders for Acoustics.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @dangerzone007: Clutter causes diffusion. Diffusion of reflections is good. Clutter is therefore good. QED. DM

@dangerzone007 replies to @dangerzone007: @@AudioMasterclass absolutely. Maybe store spare clothes and bedding in that room.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @dangerzone007: That's a different kind of clutter, and of course good acoustic treatment requires both absorption and diffusion. DM

@dangerzone007 replies to @dangerzone007: @@AudioMasterclass yes of course. The more you can get your clutter to do the job the less you have to spend on room treatment.

@dangerzone007:  Use a lav mic or a shotgun mic.

@yamanbasa:  I would say C

@soundssimple1:  Back again.....Have you tried dereverbing the room with houseplants, there's lots of articles on the internet. iI you have a good window and light source in your recording room then plants such as ferns and rubber plants are suggested for taking the 'edge' off rooms ? worth a try ?

@ericberger6966:  B is for me a good balance of understandability, natural sound and a little reverb, avoiding to welcome you in my brain when using a headphone like at D does.

@twochaudiomg2578:  It's a Damn Shame you are some kind of Audio
Guy. Right?? And you can't tame Your room. This is the problem with today. People get hired and don't need to know shit

@twochaudiomg2578:  Can't you cut that out. Spitting up white stuff from earlier

@twochaudiomg2578:  Is that what you guys call them Frogs ?

@ParanormalBanana:  I've been disliking the room from your audio from the moment I've first discovered your channel. I think you could use something like izotope RX to "fix" the sound with a custom preset. I think there is a way to plug an external microphone to the Iphone to get better quality and get the sound from somewhere else from right in front of your monitor because i've done some tests and I find this is a major issue in my own setup.

@ParanormalBanana replies to @ParanormalBanana: by the way Audio C sounds best right now but still, I think any of A, B and C could work with fixed room. By the way I also dislike the resonance from your other series

@RichSDet:  B sounds the best without harmonics, however, D seems to be the most “present”.

@eddents:  Great information. Thank-you. Your viewers (but not me) should prove useful to help you capture the best possible audio with your phone in your cave space. I wish my old ears could really hone in on the differences, but those days are long gone for me. All versions sound perfectly fine and especially so for a YouTube video.

It was around 5 months ago that I viewed a YouTube audio reviewer reviewing a speaker I was interested about. I thought the audio in the video was so sub par, I could not continue to watch till the end. While I lack the ability to notice fine audio detail, I think I know what sounds really quite awful. Hear for yourself:

Below was the comment I left (the channel owner never responded). Perhaps I was a bit too harsh?

Was looking for info on the KLH 5 & appreciate your work, but the echo in this video was significant and was about as far from high fidelity as one can get, especially given the content is about audio speakers. You could have been offering the most awesome "sound" advice about those speakers, but your audio on the video was awful to my ears. I tapped out after 2 minutes. I get that you may have used that particular space to showcase a photo of the 3 speakers side by side, but recording 20 minutes of audio in the same echoey space just detracted from your message. It creates doubt that you're serious about the craft of Hifi when your message sounds like it's delivered from inside a tin can or an unfinished basement. Please understand that audio quality in a video is crucial to get the entirety of your message delivered effectively to your audience.

(The word "echoey" is my creation).

@stevenewtube:  Is using a mic problematic?

@Bob.martens:  What I really miss is background music from the YT library.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Bob.martens: I have no plans to add background music. Perhaps I should ask my viewers to try and change my mind. Their chances of success are slim. DM

@oo131193oo:  congrats to 44,1 k Subscribers. I am sure you will reach 96 k soon... Get the joke?🙂

@iainbowman8979:  I liked 'B'

@richclips:  You promised an hour but only managed 37 minutes ;-) I know you said it was only a challenge but I was left wanting more :-D

@AudioMasterclass replies to @richclips: When my statistics come through I'll see what percentage watched to the end. I predict <10%. DM

@kevinmccahill7522:  Ok here goes. ‘B’ has a low end roll off, producing in my opinion the best results. ‘C’ I don’t know, but reverb has shifted from low mid (A) to high mid & sounds unpleasant. ‘D’ sounds gated to me, obviously processed. ‘B’ sounds present, natural and close enough to broadcast quality for this purpose

@hiresaudiocosta873:  On my sound system
A ) has a horrible nasal sound and echoey.

B) has nasal congestion less echo

C) much more resonant frequency distraction still sounds like an echo chamber.

D) sounds way more natural. Echo is gone. Voice is rich. Only slight 100 - 250 hz peaks by ear guess. Best sounding than the rest on my system for sure. 😊

@CarGift-videos:  Set up B is better

@davebullard:  I have always pronounced it "Lavaleer". I will forever after say: "Levallyay". So much nicer sounding. Yes I learned english in the American South.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @davebullard: The story is that Louise de La Vallière Duchess of La Vallière and Vaujours wore jewellery in the style that came to be known as a lavalier, a pendant hanging from a necklace, similar to the positioning of the microphone. Whether my pronunciation is correct it would be up to the French to decide. DM

@davebullard replies to @davebullard: @@AudioMasterclass see... It's stuff like this that fuels my affection for you.

@MrStephanb2:  Listening conditions: Sennheiser HD-25 headphones, EQ and crossfeed, plugged in basic Behringer UMC202 USB sound interface.
A: phase problem / shifted stereo image.
B: better stereo image.
C: too far away from the mic / too much room presence / reverb. Sounds like it's in mono.
D: almost no room presence. Better clarity, but too much bass. Maybe proximity effect from a cardoid mic that needs some EQ. From around 33:50 something sounds like bad samplerate conversion.

So far I prefer B. But, with some effort, D may come the closest to a "broadcast" sound.

@Chiefelgin:  would it not be an idea to use Sennheiser MKE 200? personally I have misofony. so I can't listen to videos with sounds from swallowing and mouth water. anything else one gets used to the current sound the longer one listens.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Chiefelgin: This wouldn't give me anything usefully different to what I have already. The problem is getting the sound from the mic directly into the lightning connector of the iPhone. The selection of mics with a lightning connector is small, and audio to lightning adapters are even fewer in number. So the search goes on. DM

@Chiefelgin replies to @Chiefelgin: @@AudioMasterclass I often listen to frontpage by scrott goulet His first videos were also getting used to, especially the found from using his mouth, but the way he brings the news is quite enjoyable. Same as Crossroads by joshua philips. The tweaking of the sound takes time and overtime you will get it. Sadly I don't know much about audio techniks to help you out, but keep on bringing the content.

@rabb1tjones921:  Did you put D in as a troll detector?
B sounded best.
Maybe a little Auto Tune? : )

@AudioMasterclass replies to @rabb1tjones921: I have enough trolls without putting out bait for them. It is a serious contender as a solution but I'll have more to say soon in a future video. DM

@tonyfrench1081:  Blah blah but he never says anything substantive

@AudioMasterclass replies to @tonyfrench1081: Haha, your comment is packed to the brim with substance. DM

@alexrichardson9125:  One more thing, why not do whatever you did when you first started - really good sound then, easier said then done?

@alexrichardson9125:  Thank you for your informative and fun channel, and mentioning my comment to you. What I actually wanted to finish saying (now) was, I have tried to fix room resonance ''at source" by making my own absorbers using a sheet of rockwool the size of a single bed framed with plywood and 6'' thick in each room corner, 1m away from the speakers. I made these domestically acceptable by covering them with felt the same colour as the room (yellow). - well its an improvement.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @alexrichardson9125: Good work and well done for making them domestically acceptable too. DM

@nitromcclean:  I really like the way you have done this. Now it is up to us to think what we hear and what you have done to achieve this. Well, I think you did nothing to the audio of B after it was recorded. You were just sitting on another position. When recording part A, you were sitting in a bad position where all the reflections of your room sum up to the little bit annoying recorded room acoustic sound. But, the sound of room reflections travels with the speed of sound in your room, which is about 343 meters per second. Moving a little bit to another position, the reflection arrive at another moment in time at the mic positions. This effects not the arrival time of the room reflections as a whole, but each individual room reflection itself and the phase relation they have to each other and the direct sound of your voice. So in a room with a lot of reflections, this can have a big impact on the sound.
For C you used only left mic for both channels and for D you used some kind of "room acoustics remover" plug in. This sounds like a terrible plug in, or used with the wrong settings or just not working in this case. It sounds very unnatural and distracting.
So I guess you should go for B. Easiest way and best results.

@meshachturpin3988:  A - sounds like a toilet or cubicle. B - is like your talking into a shoe box , sort of. C - Sounds like its coming through a pipe. D - I think sounds like your really close to the mic, hidden under a duvet on a bed .. lolol.. This is the best description i can give.. ( listened through a pair of cyrus monoblocks and Linn majik 140 speakers
How about getting a green carpet to go behind you ?
take care, always a pleasure listening to what you have to say.

@imqqmi:  Definitely B is best. C was still boxy and D seemed over processed, did you apply the izotope rx filter on that? I suspect you did some eq and expansion/gating/limiting on B? It's improved to the point you just don't wonder about audio quality, you just listen to the content.

@tonyfrench1081:  He just talks to get attention

@AudioMasterclass replies to @tonyfrench1081: Wow, you've discovered the whole purpose of YouTube. DM

@ianl.9271:  They should make a sound absorbing green screen.

B or C are both OK.

@howardskeivys4184:  In my very humble opinion, there is no better or best. There is just different and preferable, where preferable is a matter of personal taste. My personal taste was that B was preferable, whilst D was least preferable. That having been said, listening on the internal speakers of my iPhone 11 Pro Max is far from ideal for making audio comparisons. But more than adequate for listening to your videos. More than adequate for your videos is also appropriate to all of those sound clips!

@MusicalBox:  I still have 5 minutes of video to watch, but since you just switched to setup D, I can tell you already that that one is the worst of the 4. It does sound terrible. Set up C is better, but there was a significant drop of quality from B to C. Setups A and B sounded pretty much the same to me. Both quite good. But if I had to choose, I'd pick setup B as the best of the 4.

@robh9079:  B sounds most 'natural'. D does sound quite processed though I would personally put it 2nd for the application - as 'processed' though budget laptop speakers that is...

@Ralf-CGN:  First: a very authentic and natural channel with a touch of humor. Thanks for that!
A: sounds very good with the Sennheiser (?) close by, B: is also ok. C: too much space and reverberation. D: sounds awful, like AM radio with way too much distortion or saturation.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Ralf-CGN: For clarity, all of the audio in this video is recorded through the iPhone's internal mics. I use the Sennheiser in my more formal videos. DM

@ronschauer839:  Thanks for the kind mention. So I correctly guessed a small(er) room or space. "Treatment A" is not bad at all with only a tiny bit of "room" in it which to me is ambience. "Treatment B" sounds more like you are sitting in close proximity to the listener such as in a small meeting room. I didn't care for C or D personally. C sounded rather flat and D sounded just a bit harsh to my ears. I really enjoy your videos and your sensible and practical viewpoints regarding the audio equipment wilderness. Thank you sir. 🙂

@davidhalliday7776:  B is the best.
D. is awful and would stop me from watching.

Blue Yeti USB mic using lightning to USB dongle.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @davidhalliday7776: A USB mic is something I hadn't thought of. The selection of mics with lightning connectors is very small; opening this up to USB mics too adds a much greater range of possibilities. DM

@ryansmith8782:  I thought B sounded the least bad. D you sounded like a Chipmunk.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ryansmith8782: I was trying to sound like Alvin. DM

@mohassem7815:  Since the pandemic, I spend most of my time on one or other video conferencing software, and I have become accustomed to the "quality of sound" that comes from built in computer or phone microphones and the sound quality of A, B and C is acceptable. D is very artificial and is makes the recording "impersonal" and totally devoid of personality. Before I may have complained about the quality of the sound, but what has become more important is that I can hear what is being said and less important the quality of the sound (even though I appreciate good sound). Your elocution is excellent, and I hearing what you have to say is far more important than the sound quality. Saying that artificial sound, is totally unacceptable.

@giabgr:  Too many artefacts with setup D.

@sportscarnut:  Use audio/setup B. B as in best. :). Not bad, actually.

@paulpavlou9294:  B is best for my headphones from my iPone 11 Pro. If you want to try something different have a look a the Australian made Rode microphones which will connect directly to your iPhone through a lightning connector. I know of lots of people using these for conferences, live interviews and recording at live concerts and there all very happy with the results- so they tell me. But as we know as audiophiles sound quality is all subjective isn’t it.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @paulpavlou9294: Yes Rode has mics with a USB-C output and then a USB-C to lightning cable. This would seem like a possibility, and still useful after lightning becomes history. DM

@BixxPlays:  all 4 sound bad to me a b and c have an echo and d has no echo but sounds bad. if forced to pick one of these 4 i would just go back to option a

@1loveMusic2003: This video shows an affordable high quality mic that rejects room sound very well he uses it in his shower and it sounds very clean and dry.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @1loveMusic2003: This is a useful suggestion, although I might say that $600 is rather more than I would want to pay for a mic that I'd only use for YouTube. The key here though is that he is using both mics in the video very close-to. My personal visual aesthetic however, if I can grant myself use of such a fancy word, is not to obscure my face with the microphone. Still, as I said, a useful suggestion. DM

@ScottEvil:  B didn't remove all the reverb, but it sounded the most natural.

@tactileslut:  No need to pronounce my username on stream. A sounds boxy, like the camera is trapped between a desk and a deep shelf. B is a little better, the best off this bunch. C sounds distant. D's processing is obtrusive. No background music: it's distracting or insulting or offputting. If you can find a lightning to USB adapter, inexpensive large capsule condenser microphones are available. Watch your clearance aisle. I think mine cost less than $21.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @tactileslut: Clearance aisle - good thought. I'm planning a trip to Lidl this afternoon. DM

@greggobleman270:  Use Audio B. Audio A and C are similar, but at different frequencies. Audio D, although good. But it sounds as if it were fed though an EQ of some type.

@chrisjames483:  D sounds best to me.

@fredygump5578:  I think you should get a really expensive looking ribbon mic with a vibration mount and pop a placebo. Then carry on as you are. I'm usually pretty ambivolent about youtube sound quality, but my ranking would be from best to worst: C, B, A, D. ("D" was shockingly bad in contrast to C, but if that was the only option, it might be fine once we get used to it.)

@AudioMasterclass replies to @fredygump5578: I fancy an AEA A440. I've used it and it is very nice indeed. But £6000 GBP so no. On the other hand, it's so big it would obscure my face completely. Maybe my viewers could chip in. DM

@nitromcclean replies to @fredygump5578: Well you can do it sometimes for fun and ask if we like it .......@@AudioMasterclass

@CarGift-videos:  Don’t go on the cheap microphones, we have tried a few an no sucess. I will be trying comica, the boomx will go direct to iPhone

@G8YTZ:  A lapel mic for iPhone?

@BruceGrembowski:  I like C, the mono treatment, the best; D is almost unlistenable, due to the digital processing. A and B are very similar to my ear; being in stereo, they enhance the acoustic issues to my ear. Thanks for spending time on this!

@fftunes replies to @BruceGrembowski: Absolutely agree. Almost turned off the video when D started...

@SamHocking:  Easiest solution is to use AI. Supertone GOYO De-Ambience & De-Reverb will make spoken word sound 10x better. It's free too! AAX, VST and AU

@AudioMasterclass replies to @SamHocking: On this particular audio it does seem to be better than iZotope RX. I'd probably say 1.1X better rather than 10X but I will take it forward for further consideration. DM

@cliffh2103:  Resonance coming from the monitor mostly. Hard to treat that.

@andymouse:  A: I felt it comforting in an aggressive but almost pictorial sort of way B: rolling like a Welsh meadow at dawn but that drumroll just where it should be C: at first I was bathed in vanilla with a gentle warmth of crushed oyster shel...............Sod that! I didn't notice much difference on my laptop but I can't wait to hear what you did technically so I can go back and pour over the video in more detail. I'm trying to think of what you could have done to be honest I have no idea what functions an "IPhone" has, I reckon you could have moved stuff around but I shall have to wait and see......cheers.

@zloboslav_:  I think B was okay. I didn't like the rest in comparison. Thank you for sharing, very informative. :)

@KeithRowland:  Audio D is the best of the bunch, as you were closer to the mic I assume. All others presented room ambience. Scott Adams (Dilbert Guy) who does his podcast on an iPad, uses a simple lapel mic and sounds great, No other audio treatments. Getting a good mic the closest you can is my preference.

@christopherkent6512:  In my honest opinion B gives the best result for the purpose of your videos.

@AT-wl9yq:  I have it all figured out. Every video that comes out of your man cave only gets a like 50% of the time due to the poor quality. I didn't give you a thumbs up on your last man cave video, so you'll get one on this video.

@zx85:  I think I preferred 'B' ..I would guess at that being just the left hand microphone (definitely going to use that technique in the future.. almost wonder what the point is of having two microphones on a phone when they're effectively fighting against each other phase-wise!).
C was a little brighter (although I normally quite like a bit of boosted high end) - I suppose it just wasn't bright in a pleasant way.
D sounded like the Adobe 'AI Audio Enhancer' treatment which works miracles on really bad acoustics, but ends up sounding almost a bit robotic. I didn't like that.

With videos like this, I often find myself listening as if it were a podcast, so the sound is much more important than the video content, but yours is perfectly acceptable; there's a whole lot worse out there. Having said that, and since completing an Audio Masterclass course several years back and accepted your (team's) authority on the critiques I was given, my personal view is that these videos are as much a shop window for your audio masterclasses and authority as an audio trainer as content in their own right. Surely, therefore the audio quality should be part of that aspirational tenet, and therefore the best they can be (notwithstanding the extra effort required, for example, to sync to an audio track, and worth it in my opinion - you just have to watch yourself for a bit longer!)

BTW 19:55 From my time doing voiceover work I learned that the best way to avoid mouth clicks is to drink plenty of water well before the recording (a couple of hours) - short term hydration doesn't really get absorbed in time.

@MrEsulinas:  "Rode VideoMic Me-L"
The best affordable directional mic for iPhone ~70eur (according to chatgpt, your girls should know this ;)

@timothyfreeseha4056:  Try a pop filter? They are inexpensive. Otherwise, i wouldnt bother to listen / view your channel if you were not the informative and entertaining presenter that you are. Your content is excellent.

@catkeys6911:  I think most of us are just listening to WHAT you say.

@ronkiely6183:  I don't know what you did but B was the best and actually nice to listen to. D made you sound like Daffy Duck on helium.

@peters7949:  Great video as ever Dave, informative & entertaining.
Treatment B is defiantly better than A, less boxy although it also sounds very slightly lower level. That said, while I commented on the sound on the first of this series, it’s perfectly acceptable & one’s ears get used to it, even listening on my LS3/5a monitors. Setting C is not nice at all, D is truly dreadful.

Re the cause of the problem, with the iPhone a short distance in front of the computer monitor, it’s picking up your voice being reflected off the screen as well, also your green screen could also be an issue with a possible resonant space between the green screen & Monitor.
Back in the 80s I was technical manager of a major pop studio complex; in one control room, all of the bass from the NS10s mounted on the mixing console’s meter bridge was being sucked out by a resonance between the back of the console & the control room’s front wall, an Abfuser under the studio window fixed the problem.

Suggestion for another video: a tour of your Man Cave, there are some interesting looking speakers & possibly other kit worth a look at.

@curtgozaydin922:  Sir, I think all of these are fairly good acceptable recordings. But to my mind when I first heard it audio B sounded quite normal audio C seemed like it was hissing/easing Highs and crisp sibilants? syllabus. Is that a word sounds like, seemed almost slightly distorted clipped. But then D definitely was a weird artificial sound so I guess I would say B was best! I don’t mind your rambling at all and you make excellent educational and entertaining videos about sound qualities and audiophile equipment etc. If I want total geeked out measurement stuff I go listen to Amir from audio science review (ASR) but I find just listening to you and watching you is so much more entertaining! Cheers!

@writenamehere0000:  No need to improve anything. We hear ya well and clear. It is not 1995.

@anahatamelodeon:  A - I'm assuming is the original untreated sound.
B has some low cut and sounds better, and is my favourite.
C sounds more distant, somehow. Not really an improvement.
D has no room reverb, but sounds weird. Distorted? Pitch shifted (up)? using a single mic for mono? expander?
If you'd done a video with setting B and never mentioned the issue of sound quality, I don't think I would have noticed any problem with the sound.
(Listening on HHB circle 3s.)

@andresjacobsen4551:  Adobe Podcast. Google it, fixes bad sound with a few clicks. That is one thing.

@adskn:  I watched this video through my loudspeakers in my living room that can play down to 25hz (DSP limits them from going lower). There was an incredibly distracting low frequency rumble/distortion when listening to D. On another set of speakers that i have at home that roll off around 50hz the rumble was not audible. Notwithstanding the low frequency issue, D does deal with the reverberation best, C has too much sibilance/high frequency emphasis. B was not significantly different to A with my ears.. The idea of a lavalier mic suggested by someone else is worth a try.

@abelmagwich5803:  I think the demonstration simply highlights how the human brain deals with speech after a short while we tend to concentrate on the speech itself and what is being said rather than the absolute audio quality of the source. It's why headphone manufacturers can sell so many units . Thanks for the presentation.

@EgoShredder replies to @abelmagwich5803: That depends on whether someone has other personal issues to deal with, e.g. HSP syndrome (Highly Sensitive Person) which includes extreme sensitivity to sounds, loudness, style of speech, throat noises etc. The HSP condition is often misdiagnosed as Autism / Aspergers.

@kenhurstmedia:  kenhurstmedia, a.k.a. the unpronounceable dkhjr55 previously here. I heard the initial question you posed and listened to about 2 1/2 minutes of your video but for now don’t have time to listen for an entire 37+ minutes so it’s possible that many other people have already made the same suggestion I will make. You may have already arrived at the same decision as well. I would recommend using an audio interface, like the Focusrite Scarlet, 2i2 or Scarlet solo which you should be able to run directly into your iPhone with one of the adapters available. That adapter would need to be capable of having an input for USB and a lightning input for power. Then you could use that wonderful microphone up close to avoid some of the room reflections and record directly into your iPhone without the need to synchronize audio. I would think that would be the simplest solution for improved audio. You may have already mentioned this option in your video but I suspect you’ve known the best solution all along.

P.S., I am a voice over artist (lots of it ends up on YouTube) and room/studio/vocal booth acoustics is still a constant struggle and concern although I think I’ve finally arrived at a point where I haven’t had to deal with it much lately. My vocal booth is an extremely tiny former audiology hearing test booth. Although it needed additional sound absorption material to control reflections within the booth, it does a wonderful job of filtering outside noises. Of course not a solution for you at all but at one time I ran my mic audio in that booth directly into an iPad using a Scarlett 2i2 interface.

@richclips:  For me I can obviously clearly hear the resonance in A. I like B, the single mono mic. C seems to have picked out a a higher frequency resonance, and D sounds too dead and may be processed? So in conclusion my favourite is B; your voice sounds natural, uncoloured and with significantly less room resonance. I'm listening on some baby ATC ACM7 speakers that I love, I know them well as I've had them for over 20 years. Anyway whichever way you choose to record, I'm a happy bunny :) love your approach.

@paulphilippart7395:  Its not terrible,how about an I Phone shaped cupped reflection filter ,could be done with some cheap foam, and possibly some ordinary household bleach,ha ha.
Btw have had some success with mid side process.Or if you want, some hermetically sealed bass traps or open a window.

@zizendorf:  I have no need for any improvements. Your audio is fine in all of the episodes I've watched.

@firststspeedway-hotwheelsr3545:  D is absolutely terrible

@Matthew-by5bt:  I preferred audio c, listening via phone, ive no knowledge about the technical terms your talking about but think a full face balaclava could be an option 😂

@fftunes replies to @Matthew-by5bt: same, liked C best, and lol!

@ericdere:  A,B and C retain some reverb, where C has the least. D has no reverb, but sounds unnatural. Sound and image seems detached from each other. Like an old cassette player. Listening on my TV attached to a amp/speakers combo.

@Douglas_Blake_579:  Coin toss ... B for clarity or D for presence .... just be consistent.

(Yes I changed my vote 🤔)

@ralfolson:  "Audio D" wins !!! (by far) 👍👍👍 (listening on expensive studio monitors)

@coreyostman:  Listening on a Samsung TV, I like Audio B. Audio C doesn't seem to be that much better than Audio A. Audio D is ok, but somehow less appealing than Audio B.

@DolphinWave:  For me the "C" one sounded more natural. It is in mono, too, if I am not mistaken.

The "B" one sounded a bit lacking in highs, and kind of like cutting very fast at the end of sentences: a fast release gate?, an RX De-reverb at high settings (7+)?..

And the "D" one sounds a bit artificial, sometime even bubbly.

@soundssimple1:  For all those who criticized your sound quality from the cave, did they say what was not right for them ? what are they listening on ? were they all listening to YT on their high end esoteric systems or home cinemas ? More to the point should they not be listening to what you are saying ? what you are advising/teaching rather than the sound spectrum and delivered ? Also what or who on YT are they referencing your sound quality to ? Rant over, My suggestion ? dump your green screen and buy a green carpet to hang behind you...............enjoyed the video, thanks

@AudioMasterclass replies to @soundssimple1: This is why I asked the question. I’d never have thought of a green carpet. DM

@soundssimple1 replies to @soundssimple1: @@AudioMasterclass Haha, If I see a patent being applied for I'll expect a cut. !!!! Great channel, glad I came across it. Every day is a school day !

@ac81017:  I thought Audio B sounded best in my fully treated audiophile mancave if i dare say.

@carloporfiri6334:  B !

@niclaslindman:  You can use this kind of Phone instead from iphone in that get headphone /microphone contact and a great Phone that can stream direct to youtube are lot of functions for You when do videos in YouTube this phone give you lot of those Things you talk about build in phone

@ac81017:  An answer to your title, how should i improve my audio quality? Become an Audiophile or get a vocal booth :-)

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ac81017: I’m not so sure my video will look good in a booth. DM

@Schubeedoobee:  your audio sucks... in this video

@quattrofrank:  alternative c

@ac81017:  Absolutely nothing wrong with the sound of your voice!!! Must be a bunch of audiophile idiots complaining. Keep up the good work 🙂

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ac81017: To be fair it’s me who’s complaining the most. It does need to be better and, as in many aspects of life, there needs to be a compromise between quality and convenience. DM

@clicks59:  Shure MV88 video kit.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @clicks59: Could be a contender. DM

@clicks59 replies to @clicks59: @@AudioMasterclass I own just the mic. My version was made for iPhones and iPads with lightning ports. Not great but definitely better than the standard iPhone mic.

@billmulvihill8452:  Who cares about your iPhone audio!

@srenkrabbe2991:  B is best, D is terrible, artificial 🙂

@marxman00:  Thank GOD for subtitles !!!! ....BUT the font is troubling me now !!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @marxman00: Maybe YouTube is trying to find a font that suits my accent. DM

@shipsahoy1793:  It sounds fine on my phone!! 😂😂
Seriously, it’s fine, unless you want to be able to record music at some quality level.

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Tuesday August 22, 2023

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