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Hidden Hi-Fi - The equipment you never knew you *didn't* need - Fosi Audio N3

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@MechFrankaTLieu:  Yes as a commuter using public transportation , and having to spend upward of 80 min per trip and 2 trip a day I got a lot of time to had music on the go and the bluetooth DAC/AMP is a very useful part of the setup, I can put it inthe bag and had the cable run from the bag to the headphones or I can put it inside my coat pocket and had the short cable to run the signal when all the time I had the control and player on the phone which now is not hindered by a cable that need to run to the headphones

As always there is a reason for any product's existence , Bluetooth DAC/AMP is not even new it had been around for a very very long time and while the Fosi is tailored towards the Audiophile / Music enjoyment sector there are other that tailor to more mundane needs like industrial , educational , etc etc

@Smithy225:  OK well basically I've just bought one and essentially it's to amplify the sound coming from my Bluetooth mp3 player. Yes I could just use a wired one but I hate cables. So my setup is.....Bluetooth mp3 player which connects to the fosi then my wired headphones plug into the fosi. Make sense? 😊

P.S my headphones are 80ohm beyerdynamic dt770 pro which my mp3 player can't quite power hence the fosi

@IAmNotA.12345:  Here in Tasmania, I use my Fiio BTR5 daily for my walk to work. I believe the BTR5 is a BT transmitter as well as receiver. It means I can use whichever headphones or IEMs I want on any particular day. I find that type of device very useful. I'd not heard of the Fosi Audio take on it, so I am keen to try it out now.

@pietererasmus9478:  I would use the Bluetooth receiver if I want to place speakers behind me for my TV surround sound and don't want to run cables all around the room.
Haven't tried it but looked into it.
Also can use it for my earphones at my TV if everyone is sleeping.

@aharjono:  We need it when we are using high impedance headphones

@poekiemanpoekieman9224:  Using it for my oldish Pioneer VSX-2021 receiver, for which it seems there exists a Bluetooth thingie, but I couldn't find it.

Bluetooth SBC (or sth) has (sometimes) audible compression issues, so you may want to look for a bt receiver that supports aptx or similar.

@JAYDAM:  I can hear a difference even through my iPhone speakers lol. The Fosi brought the mid forward and the treble sounded boosted. The other two sounded nearly identical. Kinda prefer the Fosi coloration but don’t how it would sound in person.

@boriskolev9513:  i use Bluetooth receiver to listen music from smartphone to my old tube stereo radio.

@alex_stanley:  I could use a device like that to power some very low impedance IEMs that can't be driven by a USB dongle DAC. But, if I'm going to use a rechargeable amp to drive those IEMs, I'm going to connect to it via USB. The only advantage that bluetooth adds is easier use of the phone while listening to music, but audio-only bluetooth devices don't handle phone calls, so my choice in that scenario is bluetooth earbuds. I had an Android DAP that could be put into bluetooth receiver mode, and I did try it out. It works, but I never once actually needed that feature. If I really want to hear high quality music from my phone, I will chose IEMs that can be driven by a USB dongle DAC.

@davidavprod6668:  I have a similar Bluetooth receiver that I use with my tv. I sometimes have issues hearing dialog especially in movies and headphones provide better detail. The receiver also allows the choice of headphones best suited for the audio material and comfort for longer time periods.

@wayneg1184:  I have a 35 year old Proton table radio in my garage with RCA inputs and an AM/FM receiver. I use my iphone as a source and broadcast a Bluetooth signal to a Bluetooth receiver with the receiver output in turn patched into the RCA inputs of the Proton. Provides good-sounding music while I work on my cars.

@LeeBergerMediaProd:  As a professional videographer, for a time I used a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver to untether my headphones from the camcorder. However the slight audio delay was a bit annoying.

@TOMMYBOY6969:  Love you advice. Can you do a video on DACs ? I play my music from Spotify with a phone or tablet over blue tooth into my HIFI system. Not sure if i really can hear the difference if i spend a few hundred bucks for an external DAC ? There are no comparisons online where i can see and hear someone comparing a phone's built in DAC to an external DAC that can cost around 300 bucks on average to 1000 bucks plus. I have a feeling that these DACs are all for nothing ?

@ericquasney8832:  See if pick up alien radio. I 🙉

@ericquasney8832:  In 1998 got pro tools. 4yr later
Add video. Connectors, converters, adapters array of machines and media. Sound like me getting some thing to work with something. 🙉

@geraldschenk:  I've zip tied a BT DAC to my old studio headphones and now i have wireless phones for less than 100£. More battery life, better sound, and more repairable than any wireless headphone on the market.

@HieronymousCheese:  I have an older car which has an AUX IN, but no BT. I have a device similar to this and use it every time I drive to play audio or stream internet radio from my phone.

@martineyles:  You could use it in your car which has aux in but not stereo bluetooth, but there are smaller ones without battery that you can power off a cigarette lighter to usb adapter which output line level. You can do similarly to convert your amplifier and speakers to receive Bluetooth from the phone, but once again, the battery isn't needed and there are devices that can work from the mains or with a mains to usb adapter, also with only enough amplification after the dac to get to line level. Let's see if my suggestions agree once I've seen more of the video.

@martineyles replies to @martineyles: I don't need an external DAC or Bluetooth receiver to use wired headphones with my phone. It has a headphone jack built in, because in 2020 Sony actually reversed their 2018 decision of removing headphone jacks from their flagship phones. So when I flew recently, I used that. On the coach, I did use the Bluetooth though, as my headphones (which came with the phone) support Bluetooth and wired connections. Because of this, I didn't consider actually using this device with headphones.

@SteffenMathiasen:  I use my bluetooth receiver in my allotment/garden where I have two speekers and á 12V car power amp. It works fine and sounds good and for me indispensable.

@mobilgin:  Such device it is useful for motorcyclist for communication using mobile telephone, instead intercom. Batteries last longer, has a noise cancellation and built-in microphone (at least some similar equipment do) and because they are usually small ,it is easy to find place under motorcyclist helmet visor.

@popinmid:  Yes, I have a use for such a device. I use mine to play music and podcasts from my iPhone to my high-end straight wire with gain stereo system. I realize there is an audio degradation as compared to the hard-wired DAC dongle, but the convenience of having my phone NOT physically connected to the stereo rig outweighs the fidelity loss. I have both high quality Bluetooth and wired headphones, but I prefer the sound of my more traditional stereo system. So yeah, I use the thing every day to add a Bluetooth input to a purist analog stereo system.

@EinFilmarchiv:  I like using my cabled ear buds, as there really is a big difference in price to get the same sound quality in bluetooth as those have for around 70 euros, then there is the problem that you can throw away the bluetooth pair after the batteries have lost their power. My (South Korean) receiver can be run in wired mode somewhere in the house on older gear after battery life expired. Lastly it is way more convenient to clip the device on my belt, have the cables run there and then use the phone cable less for all the text and web stuff, or just choose my music. No cables there. Also, the Apple dongle is really great, but on Android the sound is very, very muted compared to using it on Apple products. I have an Android phone and similar dongles there cost way more than Apples (which is I think the only Apple product that is prices that way), so that's that.

@kimdixon940:  These sorts of devices are good for using wired headphones with phones which have no headphone jack. They allow one to listen without concern about eventually damaging the phone's USB-C connector. And as a bonus, most Bluetooth receivers/transceivers provide considerably more volume than most dongle DACs.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @kimdixon940: It is rarely commented that connectors have a life span. Checking the web quickly I see 10,000 cycles widely quoted for USB-C so that's a lot of cycles but just about in reach for people who use their phone a lot and intend to keep it a long time. And of course there is increasing unreliability to consider.

@popinmid replies to @kimdixon940: @@AudioMasterclassthe 10,000 cycle business assume that the only stress the jack receives is from connection/disconnection to a USB-C cable. In the real world, the most significant stress is banging into the plug, while connected. The method by which the jack is connected to its circuit board is the weak link, in my professional experience. Failures of the jack are not so much in the wearing out of the contacts, but in the integrity of the solder connections. It’s more of a torque issue than a cycles issue.

@geraldschenk replies to @kimdixon940: I've broken a dozen dongle DACs and worn out a phone usb-c connector before I bought my first pair of wireless phones.

@duprie37:  I have an M6! And use it to transmit my turntable & cassette deck outputs to my Sonos Era 300 speakers. Yep I convert glorious analogue audio back into lossy SBC digital just to piss off my analogue purist friends. Works every time 😂

@AudioMasterclass replies to @duprie37: Now if you had a Class A tube power amp and electrostatic speakers, that would really do the job.

@shortsrock:  I play in a duo that uses backing tracks. I use bluetooth from a tablet mounted on my mic stand to the PA desk.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @shortsrock: This is interesting, Bluetooth for backing tracks. It's a kind of 'What could go wrong?' thing, but hopefully nothing and I might investigate further for a future video.

@shortsrock replies to @shortsrock: Our duo is 2 guitarist/ singers so having our tracks on a tablet on the mic stand means we can talk to the audience while looking for the next track. We dont write set lists as we never follow them anyway usually doing requests or just reading the audience. We used to have a laptop to the side but it tears me away from fronting the band.@@AudioMasterclass

@shortsrock replies to @shortsrock: We currently use a Logitech receiver also sold as an esinkin w29

@glennlove461:  Does Phil have friends?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @glennlove461: Yes of course. He needs people to come round and appreciate his highly resolving system.

@keithholmes6776:  I have a Qudelix Bluetooth receiver. It supports a 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs but I’ve only ever used the 3.5mm. I used it for a long time to drive the speakers in my bedroom but that’s been superseded by an Argon Solo. The Qudelix needs charging!

@MrBeds1970:  I have a Soundblaster E3 which is a similar device I find it great for driving wired headphones from a Bluetooth device as it goes way louder than a phone mini jack though its main use is when connected by a USB cable to my laptop it becomes an external soundcard of better quality than the internal one both for playback and recording onto the pc

@Seiskid:  They are handy gadgets when you want to watch videos on a laptop, on the couch, but want better sound from a proper hifi. Sure if I'm playing music I use a proper audio interface and connected usb, and a proper 16/44 streaming service. But if I'm just chilling watching the odd video, the bluetooth receiver is fine. I have a couple of quality ones around the house and a couple of ultra cheap ones. The cheap ones have more lag. The quality ones have no lag, but very occasionally mute then accelerate when they can't keep up.

@noelwalterso2:  I use my home made Bluetooth receiver all the time. It can turn any old pair of powered speakers into Bluetooth speakers or let me play audio from various devices through my sterio system without physically tethering them to it. Very useful for garden parties, etc.

@duncan-rmi:  wifi has greater appeal in an imagined domestic situation where you want remote speakers to be synchronised with the main set; network protocols have better support for stuff like that, which makes it better suited to surround & multi-room uses.
I'd like to find a small power amp that can be addressed with control & audio signals over IP, because I've already got all these small speakers & I want to play with multitrack audio scattered around my home. david bowie in the bathroom, while his band are in the lounge & the hall, & the drums in the toilet as usual.
niche application, I grant you. probably need a PTP clock source.... 😂 but synchronised remote audio is important if you're using headphones & speakers at the same time (e.g. someone who needs the cans to pick out the dialogue, while the whole room hears the speakers), & I'm not convinced bluetooth is all that when it comes to timing.
no multichannel support, or they'd own the 5.1 market.

@mda420:  When my audio jack on the phone stopped working a device like that is worth it because I don't like the Bluetooth earbuds which lack battery life or the bulky one over the ear

@joelcarson4602:  I have a cheap Bluetooth receiver that is connected to what is, I'm sure, a 2.1 system that any true audiophiles would turn up their noses at. It plays music from my computer. It seems adequate, although I'm considering a Wiim Pro+, mainly for convenience since it has a remote and certainly a better DAC. Will that improve my listening experience greatly? Probably not, other than having a remote.

@stevezeidman7224:  I get great enjoyment out of your “taking the piss” out of audio and audiophiles. I learned that phrase from Britbox. Phil is perfect and makes me chuckle every time.

@slevengrungus:  Try a null test between the different tracks, I would bet it cancels perfectly

@carminedesanto6746:  Good morning from Toronto

My daily carry consists of the IFI go blue and a nice wire that is soft supple, and that plugs into a nice sounding IEM’s of which I have many to choose from great video and you’re never as old as you think you are in the Audio game take care enjoy the weekend

@srenkrabbe2991:  I just love Audio Phil - He is so genuine 😀

@MiroslavHundak:  I own a FiiO BTR5 and a BTR7 Bluetooth headphone DAC/Amp. I use BTR7 on a daily basis even when I'm just sitting at my desktop, simply because it's super convenient to put the BTR7 in the pocket, if I need to get up and do some quick chores around the flat. I also take it whenever I travel and connect it to my phone. Of course, I can always use USB-C to connect it to PC or phone and skip the Bluetooth altogether, but because it's using LDAC Bluetooth codec, I can't really tell the difference between wired and wireless. Also, while BTR5 is half the size of BTR7 and much more convenient for travel and just carrying about, I prefer BTR7 because the Amp is more potent and I do notice that on my 7Hz Timeless AE IEMs, because they use single 14mm planar magnetic driver and if you don't give them enough "juice", the low-bass and sub-bass is noticeably more anemic on BTR5 compared to BTR7. But for most other IEMs in my collection, the BTR5 has more than enough power.

@ianl.9271:  I use a Fiio BTR3K with a pair of IEMs. Costs quite a bit more than this N3 though..

@homeopathical:  I use a bluetooth audio receiver to stream music from my iPhone to a HiFi system in the kitchen/diner for when I'm preparing food and eating breakfast. I could plug the phone straight in using the 'dongle' but I prefer to be able to adjust the volume, skip tracks and that sort of thing, wirelessly, some distance away from the HiFi set-up. Since I'm hearing the music rather than really sitting and listening to the music, I'm happy to sacrifice the very minor degradation in sound quality from using bluetooth-based streaming.

@1974UTuber:  I do own cats, actually Mr. McCartney. I find BTAR units like this one quite useful for wired headphones, almost any vehicle with an AUX In, any HiFi or DJ system. And because it has gain control, I can plug directly to a power amp (with the right cables) without the need to dig out a preamp or mixing desk.

@4X1000:  I bought a whole bunch of China made Bluetooth receiver circuit boards and, as far as I can tell, the audio is nothing to complain about. I have built in several of these receivers into different stuff, among them: our lovely Sangean kitchen radio - which my significant other really love to listen on - and one of my mixers. To implement these It just take some small modifications in order to build a small internal 5 volt power supply and some other minor changes to get it work.

@imqqmi:  Could be used to mod an old mediocre amp from the 70ies or 80ies for example and hook it up to bluetooth. It's small enough to put it in the case with a 5v usb psu.

Or combine it with an power amp module to make active BT speakers.

@CumbriaRoadandRail:  My company sells loads of 'little black boxes' for both audio and video and I often wonder what they are used for and why anyone would want that facility, but they all sell like hot cakes!

@zloboslav_:  I have 2 of these type of devices, from different manufacturers.
One I use in my car, the other I use with my computer, when I want to move without taking off my headphones.
I find these devices very convenient.

@Crumbleofborg:  I have a use case! The USB connector on my Android phone is broken so the only way I can get sound out of it is via Bluetooth. I don't really like my Bluetooth earbuds and much prefer my wired ones.
Also my car only has a minijack aux input, but you mentioned this use.

@endrizo:  check.the fiio bta 30 using it it with my phone ldac bluetooth then rca out to my rotel amp and speakers.
portable? the fiio btr 5 and 7

@rabit818:  Another box to charge and carry around

@MrPeeBeeDeeBee:  💜 Phil !

@polarbear3427:  It would be nice if it could output line on an aux 3.5 jack. My adapter refuses that.

@eaches:  I have a $20 Bluetooth audio receiver. I simply use it so I can watch television with my favorite existing wired headphones without disturbing my wife.

Made more sense than buying a dedicated pair of bluetooth headphones.

@fredygump5578:  I transmit my audio wirelessly! I have things called "speakers".

@onepieceatatime:  I use similar devices in the evening when my phone needs to be charged and hence I can't really use a dongle DAC. Also works well with headphones that need a bit more power to play loud enough.

@fredygump5578:  I have 2 cats, but I don't know what it is. What does that make me?

@Albee213:  I can't stand wireless headphones. Every time I need them, they are dead, or I lose them. My wireless has never had a dead battery and it's a little hard to lose them due to it being a tangled mess.

@EsotericArctos:  If you have a really nice set of corded headphones you like and you just want to connect bluetooth sometimes to the headphones, then this device would have a use, but I think it is a fairly niche product rather than a device for the masses

@ramonmendoza7125:  Bat (beep beep )crazy person with cats😂😂😂😂😂 !!!! You are now my favorite Person/Channel/YouTuber(All of these descriptions seem to come up short)!!! FANTASTIC!!! BTW love your technical insights and your honest don’t gave a (add here)knowledgeable (I consider expert opinions) on all the subjects you chose to share with us. I’m not any (add here) of what goes for simple uncomplicated appreciation of these very entertaining knowledge filled and well made videos .Keep up the good work!

@owenjbrady:  the apple DAC is overrated I've had better Chinese products... it's ok for the price tag tho and the name on it but way better options for that price point, I've broken one already as well

@teashea1:  latency -

@xxxYYZxxx:  At current inflations rates, Audio Phil will soon be able to spend $1000 on a USB mini jack, much to his delight I reckon. 😛

@obscurazone:  How timely! Im actually looking for a Bluetooth receiver right now as I just got an Epson projector that has Bluetooth built in, and I want to throw the audio output to my HiFi stereo set-up which is placed on the wall I project onto. It's an Onkyo A9050 amp, which has an inbuilt DAC that sounds great, but I just need a Bluetooth receiver now plugged in to it in order to catch the audio from the projector. The only other alternative is to trail an 8 meter wire across the room. Bleugh! So yep, for Bluetooth ready projectors and getting great sound through your stereo speakers, a Bluetooth receiver for your amp is super handy :-)

@avasolaris1:  fiio Btr5 etc. All great and very useful. Working in the shed without having the mass of the phone to lug about etc. On my boat, I use them extensively for podcasts etc. Much better to drop the bt receiver over the side than my 5g phone. The list goes on and on

@SubTroppo:  I have such a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver adapter to connect to an old integrated amplifier to when I want to occasionally play music from my PC or Android phone through my huge old speakers which were gifted to me. It is good enough for my tinnitus ridden ears, but I would not soil it with blatantly autot-tuned music. nb As previously stated I consider myself an audiophile in that I hate slightly out-of-tune radios playing in shops etc and fluff on the stylus. ps Bring back the chippy "handlers". pps Techmoan no longer has the puppets and I'm not sure where to go next.

@radman8321:  Good job AudioPhil didn't pick up on the fact that you can't stream losslessly over Bluetooth, it just doesn't have the bandwidth.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @radman8321: Don’t worry, Audio Phil has tweaks for that.

@BobGeogeo:  IFi Zen Blue v.2 gets music from phone to old-ish receiver. Very nice on LDAC.

@andymouse:  Poor Phil, all that dosh and nothing to spend it on. I couldn't tell the difference in the play backs but the tune sounded great sorta like the intro to a late 70's high octane cop show or Sci-Fi...cheers

@peters7949:  I use another make of Bluetooth receiver on the hifi amp in the bedroom, to play music and other audio from an iPad. The alternative would be a very long mini-Jack cable trailing across the bedroom. My receiver has SPDIF Toslink out, which makes connection to the amp very simple & probably more reliable than a mini-Jack socket.

@djcata7474:  Bluetooth?
Sacrilege! 🪓 ⚔️ The devil is in the DAC

@IHeritch:  No use for it and couldn't hear any meaningful difference.

@GrB-M:  I would understand the market for these sorts of things if they were geared towards musicians. But they’re not. They’re marketed towards IEM audiophiles (at least those aspiring to that title. And yes, “IEM Audiophiles” are a thing. I don’t know if that’s an oxymoron or if it’s paradoxical but they exist in large enough numbers to warrant a title other than just “audiophile”).

That being said, this would be useful for those who don’t want to drain their phones battery any faster than necessary. I can get maybe 10 hours out of my phone using apples DAC/amp dongle. So if I wanted to use wired IEMs/headphones with my phone I’d prefer something like this to a dongle for that reason and that reason alone. So maybe a failsafe for when my DAP dies and I’m waiting for another. But most don’t listen to IEMs etc. for 8 hours a day so I’d assume I’m in a very small minority of those who need something other than a phone for powering IEMs.

@Inquabranq:  To get the best audio transmssion results I play my Saxophone, my trombone, the flugelhorn, the flute, the china gong, the gibson les paul, also a blues guitar by myself. Possibly not the best musical quality and also not the best instrumental musical output but at least the sound as it came out of the instrument and reached my directly my ears. And I can feel it. All other options are opted out. Does the WAZA-AIR MIDI headphones really play a (my) guitar sound or only a guitar sound which may nearly sound like a guitar with a special setup?

The best audio experience I had with life played chellaque vinyl on a rather moderate speaker and turntable configuration. Maybe the original audio band tapes are also exciting.

At the end you can only feel or experience the difference but you can't hear it exspecially when the original lame input is perfectly transformed and retransformed: lame in lame out, dump in dump out, poor in poor out. It is only beeing enhanced with massive pseudo acustic make overs. Wow!

@paulmcdonough9595:  As ever Audio phil is spot on with his observations. :0)

@marxman00:  The Warmth of bluetooth is so much nicer than that of modern valve equipment .

@AudioMasterclass replies to @marxman00: Shh… You’ll start something..

@jaredkilgore7194 replies to @marxman00: Those that have attempted to mitigate the suffering and tragedy of the human experience have been mitigated themselves for much less divulging information...

@jjakes5589:  I try and avoid bluetooth for audio apart from my Sony headphones, Its low quality lossy. MP3 is bad enough without putting it through bluetooth. Its mostly for the younger crowd with their sound bars and portable speakers that are used to hearing low quality and don't know any better.

@ivanpedrero1455:  "... so the equipment is better than me." LOL!! 😆🤣😂🤣😆😂
Best regards from Chile.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ivanpedrero1455: I said that in (half) jest but it is a good place to be, knowing that you’re the weakest link and all you need to do to make better recordings is to improve your skills.

@ivanpedrero1455 replies to @ivanpedrero1455: @@AudioMasterclass
Apparently I only got the jest part.... 😉
Love your videos.
Best regards from Chile.

@msingh1932:  I wouldn't use that device unless I was made to at the point of a gun. I like the Master's tangential humor. And Audio Phil needs Betty to set his perspective straight. Where are the ladies!!

@oo131193oo:  You could use a bluetooth receiver for a car stereo system where you only have 3,5mm line/aux input.

@disklamer:  These things are great if you have to otherwise pull cables around the entire room. I also use one as an aux input on my soundsystem, so I can connect whatever I want to it wirelessly. Plugged into an AC adapter so it never needs charging.

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  Bluetooth sucks. It's nice for my small bose speaker in the bathroom listening to podcasts. I will NEVER place these high frequency transmitter receivers into my ear holes . If I hold a device transmitting or receiving bluetooth - I can literally feel it in that arm - it feels like that tingling before your arm falls asleep. Not for me thanks - aside from a too short of cable on a set of headphones (yes that sucks)... NOT like my beautiful Audio Technica AIR open back headphones LUXURY .. I have no need for compressed and streamed packet driven audio. Oh and critical listening of Bluetooth audio is a horror show.

@earthoid:  I'm not currently using bluetooth for anything. Even my new gaming mouse is corded. Still, Apple insists on turning it on on my iPhone SE2, then I turn it off because I'm not using it, but soon it magically turns itself on again. So in a way I suppose I am using it under duress.

@maidsandmuses:  Another battery to remember to keep charged. No, no use for it myself.
As of 12-Oct-2023 I can't find it listed on their website by the way.

@MarcelNL:  Well in my case it could be useful: my amplifier is under the television and I often sit behind the computer at the room.
My current headphone happens to be capable of wireless use but some day I want an Audeze LCD-X again.
In such a case a bluetooth connection could theoretically be a good option, but I prefer to have as little conversions in the audio stream as possible. (The receiver isn't bluetooth and also would need a transmitter.)
I prefer to use cables to a headphone amp instead for such magnificent headphones.

@user-ot9um7ie6z:  I think he covered the uses fairly well for this device. I like these videos. Anyway, I have a similar device, except mine can also be used as a transmitter. The Bluetooth transmit feature is more useful most of the time... But, I do have a good use for the receiver: I connected it to a mini "luggable" desktop system that pre-dates bluetooth. It sounds good enough. Audio Phil would have some bad things to say about that, but sometimes I don't need super sound quality and a high fuss factor. I don't remember if I tried using mine with good wired headphones, maybe I did when I first got it. Using such a receiver with wired headphones while traveling sounds like a good use as well. (Pun intended!)

@redgopnik2227:  This is the kind of thing I use to add Bluetooth to my ancient car that I refuse to upgrade

@digitizeNY:  Haha, Audio Phil...reminds me of David Price 🤣

@techcafe0:  Any recommendations for a good quality Class AB amplifier with integrated DAC and Bluetooth? I bought the popular Fosi V3 Class D amp, which is meh ok, but I much prefer the warmer tonality of a Class A or Class AB amplifier.

@MarcelNL replies to @techcafe0: If AD also is good (class A pre-am and D power amp integrated), the Heaven11 Billie should be sensational!

@bobbydavro1820:  What did those green pens do that you painted around the edge of the CD?

@marxman00 replies to @bobbydavro1820: They were called Hifibators..I think...

@thexfile.:  Bluetooth is good for MP3 but that's about it.

@digitizeNY replies to @thexfile.: Maybe several years ago. Never heard of aptX Lossless?

@thexfile. replies to @thexfile.: ​@@digitizeNY They all operate on limed frequencies. They are not full band.

@digitizeNY replies to @thexfile.: @@thexfile. That sounds more like opinion than fact. Do you have any proof of this? Lossless is ...lossless. Besides, I have no doubt that your hearing is far more limited than the specs of the codec! Assuming you're an adult, you'll be lucky to hear anything beyond 16KHz or so.

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777 replies to @thexfile.: @@digitizeNY the 16Hz thing may be your issue . You indeed - can choose high frequency wireless data being streamed into your skull. And getting closer to 'lossless' means a more dangerous circumstance for the body . It's interesting you're promoting Lossless aptX yet there are virtually no products on the market - what products do you have that are using this 'lossless' tech - list them here in the comments and give links for them , since you're doing free promotion for tech that doesn't appear to be on the shelves for consumers. Please go ahead and list these products you have so much experience with.

@taidee:  This is useful for using devices such as tablets while being free to move around, without always having to remove IEMs from your ears.

@paulphilippart7395:  I would use that device to ward off audiophiles and clear HiFi stores.

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777 replies to @paulphilippart7395: if you have the time to do such silly things - where are HIFI stores?

@paulphilippart7395 replies to @paulphilippart7395: @@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777 I don't have time, but this was an amusing scenario that entered my head, there is a Hifi store/shop whatever, on my high street.🐱

@stu-po:  If you use Bluetooth, then you need to worry about using a Bluetooth codec that supports CD-quality audio, such as aptX HD or LDAC 🎃

@AudioMasterclass replies to @stu-po: Don’t worry. I’ll be worrying about this in a future video.

@marxman00:  HiFi Phil is missing the essential "Audio Gas" that conducts the sound waves from his speakers and connects them to his ears without the troublesome air impedance associated with distance .
I exclusivly use headphones ( as does most of the planet now) . I found some small BT receivers that can attach to any headphones via a compact cable I made . A glued magnet on the receiver and a glued washer on all my" nice" headphones gives the option to lose the floating cable problem

@maidsandmuses replies to @marxman00: Best not tell HiFi Phil that slight variation in the atmospheric pressure affects the speed of sound. After power regenerators maybe the next must-have audiophile gadget will be the 1.000000 atmosphere controlled listening room... 😁

@beeble2003 replies to @marxman00: "I exclusivly use headphones ( as does most of the planet now)"
Anyone who has been on a train or bus will doubt your assertion about what most of the planet uses.

@LoLightfire:  Waist of time this video....

@marxman00 replies to @LoLightfire: How big is the "waist" of time? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxL ?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @LoLightfire: In my case, bigger than it used to be.

@digitizeNY replies to @LoLightfire: ​@@AudioMasterclassthat joke went right over his head, I'm afraid!

@MarcelNL replies to @LoLightfire: Haha exactly what I thought! @@digitizeNY

@usaturnuranus replies to @LoLightfire: Waist of Time - the inevitable outcome of excessive interactions with the Belts of Ale.

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Thursday January 4, 2024

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