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Brutally raw and uncompromisingly pure: The ultimate hardcore analog experience (Turntable tips)

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Sal Morreale:  She’s frightening!

Simon Gills:  Pesayta, not pessetta, por favor..
I'm right because I'm from the South. Lol.
Sorry, couldn't resist.
Love your output.
One thing. Your lovely end fotos are rather spoiled by that modern black plug...

Simon Gills replies to Simon Gills: @Audio Masterclass
Hi there. A nice(?) Ivory coloured good condition period plug (there is probably an acronym for that) instead. Maybe you could do an upload against a revival of those too!
Thank you for what and how you are doing what you do so well.

Audio Masterclass replies to Simon Gills: I'd guess the power supply is generic and not the original. Nagra would have made it beautiful. DM

Paul Crowder:  I can never tell if you’re trying to be informative or condescending.

Audio Masterclass replies to Paul Crowder: I might be informative, ironic, sarcastic, slightly entertaining even, but never ever would I want to be condescending. DM

Melanie Zette:  I want a Studer studio r to r

Audio Masterclass replies to Melanie Zette: Don't we all? You could have had one for cheap a few years ago, but it would need maintenance. Now you'll only get one for extremely expensive. And it will still need maintenance. DM

Rich Sherman:  Thanks so much, you are giving us lost knowledge on the subject of Analog Tape recording.

Audio Masterclass replies to Rich Sherman: The knowledge mostly isn't lost, but if you don't already know it then it's hard to find. DM

Cosmic Debris:  1:06 I suppose Uher will think otherwise... :D

Audio Masterclass replies to Cosmic Debris: @Cosmic Debris I did have access to a Uher back in the day. I took an instant dislike to it, basically because it wasn't a Nagra. But it had its uses - easy to operate, did the job, sound not too bad, a lot less expensive. I doubt if I'll be making a Uher video, but never say never. DM

Cosmic Debris replies to Cosmic Debris: @Audio Masterclass well, I was only messing around, I remember the Uher fanboys back in the day, they wouldn't entertain anything else. That was the game back then I'm sure you recall.

Audio Masterclass replies to Cosmic Debris: I could Google 'Uher appreciation society' but why take the risk? DM

David Perkins:  5:37 - What's with all the 'white space' above the VOLTAGE LINE INPUT?

Bobby:  Nagra Vs Studer? You can't go wrong with either imo.

Erik Molnar:  Sounds like you're from Macclesfield and looks like your Paul's twin brother but was born 15 years earlier. Cheers from Flour Bluff on the Texas Gulf Coast

Erik Molnar replies to Erik Molnar: @Audio Masterclass  No you weren't! Haha. Maybe 1957, your breaking my balls m8 lol. I meant you are 15 years his junior

Audio Masterclass replies to Erik Molnar: That's right, I was born in 1927. DM

Lasse Huhtala:  I gave my Nagra away to a friend of mine who's an analogue freak. I do most of my stuff in box anyway.

doublebass5y:  What about Studer.

j en:  Excellent! I'm looking for one now in Canada. Is the Meltron E the same machine?

Audio Masterclass replies to j en: It looks too similar not to be the same with a different badge. Just my guess though. DM

Deeper Exegesis:  I have a 2008 Cadillac DTS with factory tweets and two 10-inch JL woofs in that big spacious carpeted trunk powered by a Rockford Fosgate punch 500 amp...
I'm truly sorry my friend, but you and all your equipment has lost to me. I am the undisputed king of perfect audio experience.

Audio Masterclass replies to Deeper Exegesis: Call me weird but I quite like the sound of a car going by with its system pumping out beats. Costs me nothing. DM

Nikolaki A:  No r in castle.

Ajay Bizoara:  Weird idea, what about using two of them for two separate channels and playing together in stereo channel 😅

tactileslut replies to Ajay Bizoara: Slowly drifting (drifting, drifting) in the wind.

Sparky 18:  I own 2 Nagra E's. They look just as well used as yours. They are in need of some TLC. Maybe this video is inspiring to get started. Parts I have in abundance including the original "in the field" parts supplied with te recorder.

Lyn & Ted Rockley:  Nothing sounds better than a NAGRA........ except a DAT.
So I understand it was originally a Polish company, or Mr Nagra was Polish (though Nagra is a name often found in India). Steve McQueen (the Hollywood actor) came across an early tape recorder by the company when filming on location in Poland. Impressed with its quality, portability and robustness he took one back to the LA studios, where it quickly became the de-facto kit for live sound recording for film.
Now whether this was before or because of pilot tone and the Nagra's ability to record synchronised sound or whether that came later as the demands for using it for film work I'd be interested to find out.
Its interesting that it ends up in Lausanne, where its pedigree of ultra precision design could be compared to a Swiss Watch. And its interesting that Stellavox, though adopting a similar aesthetic and making machines of comparable quality, never really made inroads into Nagra's main customer base, film and tv.
I always thought the E was a bit of a step backward compared to the III and IV in all their variants. An attempt to make a 'cutdown' cheaper and easier to run version of the industry workhorses. Its interesting to see Nagra's trademark precision styling in modern context. Compare its internal circuit board with that of a laptop to see how far things have progressed.

monsterrun:  Just use 2 and then play your tapes like 2 monobloc dac's lol.

Iridescent:  I haven't watched the video yet, but howabout going to a concert.

Paul Mc C:  Nakamichi Dragon anybody.... :) I feel a backlash a coming / great presentation highly informative - greetings from Ireland

David Sanborn:  That AI femme-bot blathering on about the Nagra is straight up disturbing.

Gordon Welcher:  You are rather ugly and have an annoying accent.
Please employ the girl in the tshirt for your future videos.

Jerry Thornton:  Interesting use of AI for the company-provided information. It's almost real but not quite.

Not Insane:  It sounds like fun, and I considered equivalent of using a film camera to take pictures. And my friend has some vintage Leica cameras for exactly that.

Not Insane:  I finished my 16 by 30 audiophile room a few months ago and I just realized I painted the walls the same color as yours. I love that look.

Scott Lowell:  Nagra makes cool looking gear, I've always referred to it as "laboratory chic". Nagra components looks like nice lab test equipment.

Off The Beaten Tracks:  Love the girl. That kind of thing would be perfect for my channel but everyone Avatar provider I've looked at are ridiculously espensive. Which one do you have? (I won't poach her from you.)

basspig:  Any so-called audio file that believes that tape and vinyl are more accurate or sound better closer to the original performance then the best digital methods offer is an audio fool.

Bill Wall:  interesting and entertaining look at this piece of equipment. i hope your tongue-in-cheek review gets some ebay sellers a few more sweet sweet audiophool bucks.

Bill Wall replies to Bill Wall: @Audio Masterclass oh i have no doubt they're great for what they are. i assumed it was tongue in cheek because you hammered on the headaches of owning and using one as much as its positive qualities (which aren't really relevant in the current year). i'm all for retro technology as a hobby, though. guess i misunderstood.

Audio Masterclass replies to Bill Wall: It's kind of not tongue in cheek. Nagra recorders were great in their day and if someone wants to own a piece of history then why not? I have a 78 'picnic gramophone' that comes out every so often for a bit of fun. I'd compare it with that. Whether anyone would want to own a Nagra, even a IVS, for serious listening, I can't really imagine. DM

Rock And Roll:  I bet the Female/Male-tag for naming input/output of connectors will offend the LGBTH people today.

Audio Masterclass replies to Rock And Roll: Shush. No-one has noticed yet. DM

North Cabin Ent:  I find your channel fascinating. And I'm wondering your opinion on tascam portastudio, model 488... cheers!

Bart Van Leeuwen:  Hmm? I can buy banana plugs at the nearest 'hifi store'.. (and I'm in continental Europe, in the EU even)

Jonathan Knight:  18ips is best if you are trying to sell your modified Studer C37 with its 50 Hz AC synchronous capstan motor to a customer that lives in a country which uses 60 Hz mains. Tim could spin a yarn.

Peter Tate:  It's a work of art just on that table.😮

Dandroid5000 replies to Peter Tate: Absolute design classics.......I've got the Nagra III and IV S, and they're the sturdiest bits of kit I'll ever own.

4Nanook:  We're all entitled to our opinion, as far as tape recorders go, I much prefer Tandberg which can produce good highs even at 1-7/8th IPS tape speeds. Crossfield bias eliminates the self-erasure of highs due to the bias signal that occurs on normal tape recorders.

xvdifug:  Obviously a NAGRA centric video, Yet no mention of Stellavox?

Peter S:  Re passing the audio from your DAW through the Nagra E ‘warm up’ ten sound.
I was technical manager of a major pop studio in the 1980s, when mixing to PCM1610, PCMF1 or DAT, often the stereo mix would be passed through an A80RC 1/2” running at 30ips on route to the digital mastering machine,

Peter S replies to Peter S: @Jonathan Vogel soft limiting

Jonathan Vogel replies to Peter S: what was the reason for doing that ? Just heard a possible reason

Peter S:  I’m from south east Kent, but I’m with you on pronunciation of bus, bath & castle.
Admittedly I grew up in a coal mining village.

OTL Cellartapes:  hmm - no need to employ a human to advertise this - we can just save money whilst also conditioning the public to fear and distrust our company by using a bot from uncanny valley to address them./,.,.

BAD BEHAVIOR:  Yes, indeed, they are the best.

Focuspix video & audio services:  Interesting point.. thankyou..

Red Horse Reincarnated:  In the 80's, when my brother and I were first learning to play guitar, we would sit around the living room jamming with friends. My dad gave us a reel-to-reel deck. An Akai. I still have it but it doesn't work. I have about ten tapes of us jamming. I would love to convert them to digital but I would have to get the deck repaired or buy a working one. I'm not sure it's worth it. We weren't very good. Too bad nobody makes cheap new ones.

FL660:  Ohh your sense of humour !!!!!! Love it, and love you 👍👍👍😘😘😘

FL660:  ‘Just a taste of the fun you’re going to have’. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘

FL660:  Banana sockets !!!!! Brilliant !!!! God, I feel old 😀😀😀😫😫😫

FL660:  Love the way you just ‘look’ at this ‘chat bot’ mate 😆. Brilliant Channel. Love it 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Ar De:  I love this channel for the information, but also for mocking the analog audiophile nonsense.

Giancarlo Benzina:  hahaha, funny anti-tape warfare... LOL. Now I see all the smart guys go out with Nagra digital recorders and recording with sensible mikes live nature, next to the Autobahn. hahahaha.

Artur de Sousa Rocha:  If you want the really correct pronunciation of Nagra, ask a Pole. BTW, it means "It will record".

Andr3Wild3:  Good H12: Kind thanks for yours, yet looks I will greatly limit with certain auditory the thoughts I would like to share, as it's simply--useless. I would say True Audiophile Heaven/Paradise will happen when AI/ML will get at the certain level and get the same "expressing instruments", if all IT/tech/digital/simile/etc will not be canceled/prohibited before it. With kindest regards, Andre.***

Trust One replies to Andr3Wild3: huh?

vdochev:  This time I agree with you 100%. Especially the things you said about digital - spot on!

NagraAudio:  Thank you for your video !!

Davy Bloggs:  CLICK BAIT!!! Where ARE the turntable tips, as mentioned in the title???

Audio Masterclass replies to Davy Bloggs: This is a series of videos. A series needs a title. 'Turntable Tips' is the title. Here are some tips for you, from a different series - DM

PIMI AnimaVDO:  Cool and fun video :)
For my taste (even if in a different "sport" altogether) i like the engineering and design of a stereo unit like the Technics RS-1500 to RS-1800 models. Good tape control is just so important for good sound (and also, dang those Technics units just looked soooo spiffy & nice!)
Cheers! :)

TimLee Lim:  Here to contribute to your YouTube stats. I distinctly remember hearing “… 7 and a half i.p.s…” but can’t recall any of the other quoted specifications of the machine. 😂

D Jaquith:  Probably my last comment just for the nostalgia trip if nothing more. I have a Tandberg TD20SE and for a home audio enthusiast, that's what I would call myself, they're a pain in the ass. Instead I did use my Nakamichi Dragon quite a bit. They're stored out in the garage and my wife wants to throw them all in the trash...

D Jaquith replies to D Jaquith: @CHRIS LJ .. You're probably not having your son-in-law living with you for the past 9 years doing nothing and paying nothing. Meanwhile your daughter doesn't work, buying her $60K vehicles and taking care of two grandchildren. It's been quite unsatisfying to say the least.

D Jaquith replies to D Jaquith: @CHRIS LJ .. I'm fine. 34 years down the toilet but now I'm looking at audio stuff again so there's that. Both my wife and mother-in-law 3 divorces each .. sometimes you can't escape your fate. My parents and grandparents 0 divorces...

D Jaquith replies to D Jaquith: @CHRIS LJ .. Kinda what I'm in the process doing right now...

Fluterra:  I’m more of Nagra Turntable guy!
Nagra R2R are great, but there is so limited reel content and tape wear out after about 50 plays.

Audio Masterclass replies to Fluterra: The price of a Nagra turntable would pay for my Spotify subscription for the next 1600+ years. I suspect however that the Nagra will still be going strong. DM

EgoShredder:  I'm fairly certain your technical consultant prefers the 10.5 inches, and something older with VAGRA. I mean NAGRA! Damn spell checker. 😉

Nord72 replies to EgoShredder: You mean Viagra...

Raúl:  My Philips N4407 reel to reel tape recorder also has Din connectors and they do sound pretty good

Christopher Ward:  Really cool. Weird AI woman explaining was a disturbing interlude…

Justin Fisher:  I'd actually forgotten DIN connectors existed.

OTL Cellartapes replies to Justin Fisher: @EgoShredder yep - they're also used for the channel inputs on my A&R amplifier (A60) (which is an absolute monster - easily capable fully saturating the air around my flat with sound and sending obnoxious morons outside scurrying back into their cars to turn their stereos down,..,,.,

Mark Williams replies to Justin Fisher: @Dom Brown I was just about to mention Naim. I've owned Naim equipment for almost 40 years now. With the obligatory Linn LP12 of course 😏

EgoShredder replies to Justin Fisher: @Audio Masterclass Is it a cheap China made USB MIDI interface? Those are notoriously bad for handling System Exlusive bulk dumps or for tight dense heavy sequence data. It's why I stick to Roland UM880 to handle my studio MIDI duties (can chain up to four rack units on one PC with one driver). They are stupid money on Ebay the last few years, and I had a chance to add a second unit in 2008 but the seller mentioned it belonged to her dead husband, and my conscience would not allow me to take it from him. It was only £80 too! Arrrghh! 🤣 They are around £300 sometimes more these days second hand.

Dom Brown replies to Justin Fisher: Not if you use Naim...

Audio Masterclass replies to Justin Fisher: @EgoShredder I do actually have two DINs. They plug into the MIDI IN and OUT of my DX7. On the other end of the cable - USB. DM

zgra74:  I have no idea what you're talking about, but I appreciate the presentation and video quality

Threemicsrecords:  Nagra is so good that no company thought to make plugin base on it yet.

Dandroid5000 replies to Threemicsrecords: @OTL Cellartapes If you push the pres you get plenty of flavour.....the older models are germanium, nice and coloured.

OTL Cellartapes replies to Threemicsrecords: wouldn't it fail to alter the signal in any noticeable way? replies to Threemicsrecords: Wasn't used for music recordings typically....

Kevin Mcgrath:  Thou art deliciously contumelious, you digital scapegrace you.

OTL Cellartapes replies to Kevin Mcgrath: loosefish.,.,?

Kevin Mcgrath replies to Kevin Mcgrath: lol, you agree !!!! thats one who has a grasp of english...🤗

Paul:  Uncle Grumpy is that your digital girlfriend? A bit on the young side. replies to Paul: Unlike the analog girlfriends, digital ones don't nag...

Chaotic System:  What's the tune in the end called? It sounds awesome...

Chaotic System replies to Chaotic System: @Audio Masterclass I'd call it Premature. Because it certainly belongs on the list of things that end too soon.

Audio Masterclass replies to Chaotic System: It's just one of my doodles. I don't have a title for it yet, so I'm open to suggestions. DM

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Thursday April 20, 2023

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