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@G8YTZ:  Why don’t you try the free “GOYO” plug-in to remove background, noise and room characteristics?

@peters7949:  My preference is still for A. E is very close but has a little more LF resonance & a bit more nasal to me. But there is very little in it. Again listening on BBC LS3/5A monitors.

@lastcall9998:  Goyo app (you can google it) removes the room you are in. They say it's stellar.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @lastcall9998: It is interesting and better for this particular problem than iZotope RX, though all reverbs are different and what works with one software may not work so well in another. There's no better solution than acoustic treatment though. It just costs more. DM

@lastcall9998 replies to @lastcall9998: @@AudioMasterclass Thanks for taking the time to reply. I suggested it because it's free, and probably a good solution to your future videos. Cheers mate.

@sportscarnut:  A is better but prefer B from the previous video.

@Flarptube:  All these contortions with the audio is much like my struggle with the center channel on my 5.1 home theater. Tuning out resonance to make dialogue intelligible is like the ordeal of Sisyphus and I give up and retreat to my stereo system. All the setups seem to suffer from a closed space resonance with B being the least troublesome for my ears. My opinion is that external microphones are the only solution. You could deliver the text extemporaneously speech to text and have one of your lovely assistants do the talking, but I fear the novelty will wear off quickly. Keep trying; there are more letters left from F through Zed.

@ronschauer839:  Perhaps I am not "attuned", but I cannot hear any meaningful differences between them (if there are any at all). So I would just go with which ever is the simplest to put into effect.

@biffo1960:  Hi love your channel i also watch Cheshire audio videos his. Latest one is about a fuse you put in your power plug have you done this and what are your thoughts thanks

@AudioMasterclass replies to @biffo1960: OK I've watched a minute of that and I'd rather spend my time more usefully watching cat videos. If I struggled to the end maybe he concludes that a fuse makes no difference. I'd say that even if it does, there are things that make 1,000,000x or more difference, starting with speakers or room acoustics. But if anyone can, or feels they can, hear a difference in fuses I'd say good luck to them. Also I'd say that a fuse is there for electrical safety and that's more important than any kind of audiophile experience. I might expand on this in a future video. DM

@TT-pi8ww:  A was best for my setup (big old Hifi Speakers)

@ac81017:  A sounds more open, E sounds more contained if thats the right word?? I'm no studio expert, just an Audiophile willing to convert to the darkside.😂

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ac81017: 'Contained' is a good enough word. It's often hard to express sound textures in words. As for the dark side, for audio professionals that would be hi-fi. DM

@nitromcclean:  I can't hear any difference between A and E, so I really don't know what you have done.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @nitromcclean: The difference is only very slight, and probably I can only hear it because I know what I did. A null result is still useful though. I now know that what I did is far too much trouble for the tiny, if any, benefit it brings. DM

@nitromcclean replies to @nitromcclean: II totally understand the point of trying something and not noticing a difference. But now I'm very curious what you did. I can't wait for the next video.😀@@AudioMasterclass

@scottwolf8633:  I watch cause you're humorous and have very interesting content. Hell, yesterday I listened to a youtube bootleg of Deep Purple in Boston MA from 1973 and enjoyed the performance, immensely. One of the better bootlegs I've listened to.

@rabb1tjones921:  I can't tell between them.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @rabb1tjones921: I can hardly hear any difference. A null result is still useful though as I now know not to do this again. DM

@shipsahoy1793:  Dave, I love you brother, but why are you obsessing over this nonsense?
Either way is fine, regardless of what anybody else who’s watching your videos tells you; it doesn’t matter, your audio is perfectly intelligible, and that’s all that matters; you’re not playing an orchestra; it’s ONLY speech !!
Anybody that thinks you’re audio is bad must either really love AM or FM broadcast audio, or really hated them lol
Your audio makes broadcast audio sound like Bhoomi Karp.
Iow, broadcast audio has quite exaggerated mid bass. I’m not understanding why your audio has to be the same as if you were standing in the room here with me.

@peters7949 replies to @shipsahoy1793: On one off or short clips I would agree with you, but after a while of listening on quality speakers I find the better the audio quality the less tiring on the ear it is, even small issues detract after some time.

@davidhalliday7776:  B is still by far the best I hate to use the word but it is 'warmer' and I can listen to it easily for a long time. A,C,mem and E are passable but please please please don't go with D that one would make me watch some other channel it is really grating to me.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @davidhalliday7776: Don't worry. This is my last encounter with D. DM

@ianl.9271:  Sounds like a very slight reduction of the room reverb. Between A and E, I would go with E, otherwise, I would still prefer B or C. Did you use a gate on E?

I just got a Zoom Am7 M-S microphone not too long ago, so it's interesting this topic came up for you as well. I have not tested it extensively yet but I don't think it can do much if you attach it to the phone directly. However, if attached with a lightning to a USB-C cable and a suitable adapter and put it closer to you, it would probably help quite a bit because you can run the gain lower and pick up less of the room.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ianl.9271: I suppose I should have demonstrated a gate to show how bad it can be. Take a word - "crocodile" - the gate would close after "dile" but the reverberation from "croc" would already have continued ungated through "odile". Gates can work well in multitrack for silencing, say, a noisy guitar amp but they don't work so well for reverb. DM

@zloboslav_:  This time I cannot hear much difference at all between these 2 variants.
The previous time I preferred B, but now listening to only these 2, I think they sound adequate, but I didn't enjoy the sound.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @zloboslav_: I agree there isn't much difference but a null result is still useful. I would have expected an easily audible difference but that isn't what happened and I'm thankful I'm spared the struggle of ever having to set it up again. DM

@CaptainJack2048:  I like E maybe a pinch better. The sibilants seem a bit softer while not being eliminated entirely (which would sound odd). I want to say it was compressed just a little bit with a slight post-gain to make it even out, but that only makes sense if it's an option on the iPhone and thus meeting the easy-to-do criterion. I'm an android man myself (well, I'm not an android, my phone is. As far as anyone knows.)

@AudioMasterclass replies to @CaptainJack2048: There isn't any compression but there is limiting so that the audio is of a comparable level to other YouTube videos. I don't like having to do that but without it people would complain my videos are too quiet. DM

@nikolaki:  44.1k subscribers.

An apt number.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @nikolaki: Yes I was hoping to snapshot it but it happened in the middle of the night. But 48 isn't too far away so I'll get a second chance. DM

@jimdavis5230:  I am looking forward to you making a video about sound absorbers. I have built and installed many over the years, both wide band and membrane types and achieved amazing results. People say that you can't use large speakers in a small room. Well with enough absorbers of the right type and design, you can. Only snag is that extensive acoustic room treatment is expensive but worth it. Room correction software is not the way to go and never will be. However, I do realise that many people are living with a petticoat government that would not allow the lounge walls to be covered with sound absorbers. I live alone so I have a dedicated listening room where I do whatever I wish.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @jimdavis5230: Membrane absorbers don't get the attention they deserve and I shall try to restore balance in my video, when I make it. DM

@Matthew-by5bt:  I still prefer c, was it the green carpet or maybe a green balaclava

@foodwatermusic:  They all just sound horny. Like talking through a horn made of bone, ya know?

@thexfile.:  It still sounds like you're in the closet.

@grumpy9478:  E is best yet... but I'm listening on a hi-grade stereo in my quiet den.

@anahatamelodeon:  I can't hear any significant difference!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @anahatamelodeon: That’s fine, we can still learn something from a null result. DM

You can comment on this video at YouTube

Tuesday August 22, 2023

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