“An Introduction To Equalization”
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If you're struggling with equalization and you would like to learn professional EQ techniques, read on...

Learn how to set up and operate your EQ plug-ins like a pro

Audio Masterclass has more than twenty years of experience in helping people like you learn how to make better recordings in your own home recording studio. An Introduction to Equalization shows you clearly how to set up your hardware or plug-in EQ and how to operate all of the controls.


  • Frequency and Level
  • Level and decibels
  • Frequency Response
  • What is equalization for?
  • What are we making 'equal' to what?
  • Filters Passive EQ and tone controls
  • Mixing Console EQ
  • EQ IN button
  • Graphic EQ
  • Using Equalization
  • Corrective Equalization
  • Creative Equalization
  • Cut can be better than boost
  • Equalizing the mix
  • Equalization for live sound
  • Extreme EQ
  • Bonus Technique - Turn a low-pass filter into a high-pass filter

Learn how to avoid tweaking the controls at random, getting random results. Focus in on exactly what you need to do to get a great sound.

The information in this guide will help you with vocals, instruments and mix-bus EQ.

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An Introduction to Equalization
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