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What would you like to achieve in your home recording studio?

Simple... You want to make better recordings. You want to have the technical and production knowledge and skills to let your music shine. You want to produce, mix and master to the standard you hear in commercial releases. You want to invest in yourself rather than yet more equipment and software when, if you're being honest with yourself, you haven't really mastered the equipment and software that you already have.

Audio Masterclass has a background in audio education and training going back to 1986. We've been online since 2001. We have helped literally thousands of students make better recordings in their own home recording studios.

Why wait? Take your next important step towards the knowledge, skills and experience you will need to succeed.

P.S. Just to make sure... Enrollment with Audio Masterclass includes ALL of the courses featured, with full access and twelve assessment credits leading to an Audio Masterclass certificate on successful completion.

30-day full-refund guarantee

We want you to be certain that your journey with Audio Masterclass is 100% suitable for your needs. Our guarantee is cast-iron, backed by the strict rules of our payment processor PayPal. We have a no-questions-asked-policy so if you find that Audio Masterclass isn't right for you just let us know and we will process your refund within one business day.


In six months' time you'll be saying that this was the best investment you ever made to speed your progress towards a fully professional standard of work.