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Want to know which is the best microphone?

We would like to tell you, but we can't.

Pro engineers and producers know that there is no one best microphone - the best microphone is the one that sounds best for the particular vocalist or instrument being recorded. And with vocalists, the best microphone on one day might not be the best microphone on another.

The solution to this problem is to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of what different microphones, and different types of microphones, sound like on a variety of vocalists and instruments.

If you're rich and have a cabinet full of microphones, you can find out for yourself. It will take some time however to get all the vocalists and instrumentalists that you will need to come into your studio and make test recordings.

Or you can listen to microphone comparison tests and enhance your existing knowledge and experience.

We have a great set of tests here for you to listen to. Each test compares two microphones on the same vocal or instrument. Instruments range from acoustic guitar, through drums, cymbals, electric guitar and bass, piano and more. And of course there are male and female vocals.

The microphones tested range from the ultra-affordable Behringer C-3 (less than $70) to the mighty Neumann TLM 49 (around $1700). Hear dynamics, condensers and ribbon mics - see which you prefer.

This is an amazing resource and we recommend it highly.

And it's FREE!

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P.S. If you pass up on this opportunity, then where are you going to get this vital experience that you need if you want to make pro-quality recordings?

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