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TC-Helicon Debuts VoiceLive Voice Processor

Thursday January 01, 2004
TC-Helicon announce VoiceLive, the latest addition to the TC-Helicon family of voice processing products...
TC-Helicon Debuts VoiceLive Voice Processor

March 31, 2004

At Musikmesse, TC-Helicon announced VoiceLive, the latest addition to the TC-Helicon family of voice processing products. VoiceLive is a floor processor aimed at musicians who want complete control of their vocal sound on stage, including EQ, compression, pitch correction, natural harmony and vocal effects. VoiceLive will be available in May 2004 at Euro 840 retail ex. VAT/GBP 579.

VoiceLive contains all the tools necessary for creating complete vocals; all accessible during live performances. The EQ, compression, delay and reverb algorithms come from TC Electronic. VoiceLive also contains the harmony, correction and doubling algorithms from TC-Helicon's studio rack mount vocal processor, VoiceWorks. Live control of all internal processing is simplified through eight footswitches, various switch-modes and an optional expression pedal.

VoiceLive's input and output architecture is designed with a range of stage setups in mind. Solo artists benefit from an instrument input for effects and mixing straight to their PA. Live sound engineers will appreciate the hard-wired mic thru output for Front of House control and redundancy. VoiceLive is also equipped with a mic preamp, 48V phantom power and a voice optimized soft Limiter (VOS).

The bottom plate of the VoiceLive is constructed using a powder-coated steel-plate with anti-skid rubber matting. The buttons and data knobs are recessed and reinforced with double aluminium construction, and rear mounted die-cast steel handles protect your cables and make it easy to carry.

Thursday January 01, 2004 ARCHIVE
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