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Sports commentary

A post by David Mellor
Thursday April 24, 2003
Description of microphone techniques used for sports commentary.
Sports commentary

Sports commentary is a very particular requirement. This often takes place in a noisy environment so the microphone must be adapted to cope with this. The result is a mic that has a heavily compromised sound quality, but this has come to be accepted as the sound of sports commentary so it is now a requirement. The Coles 4104 is an example of a 1950s design that is still widely used. It is a noise-cancelling microphone that almost completely suppresses background noise, and the positioning bar on the top of the mic ensures that the commentator always holds it in the correct position (as, indeed it is always held - sports commentators often like to move around in their commentary box as they work).

A post by David Mellor
Thursday April 24, 2003 ARCHIVE
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