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SpinAudio Brings RoomVerb to TC PowerCore Platform

Thursday January 01, 2004
SpinAudio has announced the release of RoomVerb, their acoustic modeling reverb plug-in, for PowerCore...
SpinAudio Brings RoomVerb to TC PowerCore Platform

December 13, 2004

SpinAudio has announced the release of RoomVerb, their acoustic modeling reverb plug-in, for PowerCore.

RoomVerb is based on a Virtual Room Acoustic modeling technique designed to simulate various acoustic spaces from small bath rooms to large halls using a single set of parameters. Such an approach provides a unified way of controlling reverb and removes the limits inherited in traditional reverb design schemes based on either pre-defined algorithms or pre-calculated room response patterns.

The product is available in VST (PC/Mac OS X) and AudioUnit(Mac OS X) formats.

The main features of RoomVerb for PowerCore are:

  • Separately controlled room dimensions can vary from 1 to 50 meters
  • Plate reverb mode support
  • Stereo width control for simulation of irregular room shapes
  • Separate control of Early and Late reflections
  • Reverb Tail Modulation Comprehensive tone control system that includes separate 2-band parametric equalizers for Early and Late reflections
  • Two-band frequency-dependant decay filters
  • Special DSP reverb algorithms not found in native versions that provide better stereo imaging
  • 100 ready-to-use factory presets
  • Database based preset management system with categorical and keyword search
  • 1 per DSP in 48 kHz

System Requirements:

  • TC PowerCore, Software version 1.7.6 or higher
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, MAC OS X 10.2.8 or higher
  • Host: VST and/or AudioUnit compatible

The downloadable version of RoomVerb for PowerCore is now available for purchase in SpinAudio On-line Shop. The boxed version is expected to be available through SpinAudio distributors in January 2005. Free demo versions are available for download.

The product MSRP is 199 EUR, however for the period of December 2004 it is available for special Xmas price of 199 USD.

In addition, for the month of December, SpinAudio is offering Xmas pricing on other products as follows:

  • RoomVerb M2 2.1 PC/MAC - 99 USD
  • Virtual Mixing Console - 79 USD
  • Essential Plug-ins Bundle - 59 USD
  • 3D Plug-ins Bundle - 59 USD

The prices are effective through December 31, 2004

For more information, visit their web site at

Thursday January 01, 2004 ARCHIVE
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