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Producer/writer vacancy

Thursday November 30, 2006
Dream opportunity for composer/producer in Primrose Hill.
Producer/writer vacancy

Having been involved with management and development of various singers/songwriters and bands, The Yukon Music is looking to further develop a publishing and production arm. I am just about to move in to a recording and office suite in Primrose Hill and intend to work with artists and songwriters and composers, some of whom are established. The Yukon Music also supplies sound tracks to film, TV, adverts and represents independent music catalogues for synchronization work. I am looking for a talented young producer/engineer/songwriter to join me in the new year to produce and sometimes co write music of the highest quality, originality and commercial potential.

email details to music@theyukonmusic.com

For more information, go to web.mac.com/andrewmaurice

Thursday November 30, 2006 ARCHIVE
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