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A selection of recent questions received at RP HQ. If you asked a question recently, you might see it here. Answers welcome.

Here is a selection of questions received recently by Audio Masterclass. Often, questions spark off ideas for articles. Sometimes however, perhaps Audio Masterclass visitors might have the best answers.

Feel free to answer any question - be as opinionated as you like!

  1. Akai MPC3000 or MPC4000?
  2. Have you any advice on buying guitar and bass amplifiers for studio recording?
  3. I am looking to buy the Behringer MX9000 console. I have read reviews for it in other sites. I was wondering what was your opinion on it.in other sites,the console got nothing lower than a score of 8 out of 10. thank you for your opinion.
  4. What is a Valve Mixing Console?
  5. I am looking at using Studio Manager with an 01v96 version2 and just looking for info on if it runs real time or do I have to upload each time...I have not yet attached my laptop to the 01v96.
  6. I have a Sony TCRX77ES cassette deck. there is a spinning squeal sound that come and goes even if the tape is not engaged and running. motor needs lube?
  7. How do I turn on sound?
  8. How do you compress guiters?
  9. How do you record clear sound outside when its noisy and windy?
  10. I'm interested in trying to record my own music for the first time, how should I go about it?
  11. What Effects do I need to be able to sound like the band Killswitch Engage?
  12.  I have an 01V96r which has 8channel ADAT (lightpipe) on board. What do you recommend to record those 8 tracks? (The 01v is also a DAW)
  13. I want to become a famous singer how can get a producer to hear me and sign me up please I need and want to no
  14. I would like to see a producer so everybody can here my voice to the whole entire world and sell millions and I can really sing.
  15. I have a Mitsubishi X80 tape that I need to transfer for mastering. Does anyone have proper equipment for this job?
  16. When it comes to live recording through a mixing board and any sound processors to any kind of recorder, what is the best techniques to use for getting the best correct mix?

Answers, I am sure, will be greatly appreciated.

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By David Mellor Monday April 10, 2006
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