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Yorkville Introduces XS800H Bass Head and XC808 Cabinet

The new XS800H 800-Watt bass amplifier and XC808 800-Watt bass cabinet have been added to Yorkville's XS Series line of tube preamp driven bass amplifiers...

June 21, 2004

The new XS800H 800-Watt bass amplifier and XC808 800-Watt bass cabinet have been added to Yorkville's XS Series line of tube preamp driven bass amplifiers.

The XS800H has a switchable tube/solid state (FET) input with a separate parallel tube overdrive circuit, and a 'wet / dry' balance control that allows the player to set the blend of overdriven signal to clean bass tone. In short you can add as much grunge or as little 'tube warmth' to the overall bass sound as a player requires, while maintaining a full 'clean tone' for definition and clarity.

To handle the deep low end of the XS800H Yorkville created the XC808. The XC808 is a 8x8-inch 800-Watt extension bass cabinet that comes standard with built-in heavy duty casters and a tilt-back handle for ease of transportation.

XS800H Features:
• Switchable tube/solid state (FET) input and tube overdrive (12AX7A preamp tube)
• Footswitchable Tube Overdrive and Effects Loop
• Wet/Dry blend on Tube Overdrive
• Wet/Dry blend on the effects loop return
• Five band EQ featuring a semi-parametric sweepable mid
• "Variable Contour" scoop function
• Bass Resonance control adjusts the damping factor for either a 'loose' or 'tight' low end bass response
• 12 LED highly visible signal meter allows for monitoring of output levels from across the stage
• Pre/Post EQ selectable XLR balanced Tube DI output
• Speakon and 1/4" extension cabinet outputs
• Front panel mute switch for silent tuning with 1/4" tuner out jack
• Switchable Limiter at the output stage
• 600 @8 ohms / 800 @4 ohms / 600 @2 ohms
• Dimensions: 13" x 19" x 5"
• Weight: 25lbs. / 11.4 kg

XC808 Features:
• Power Rating: 800 Watts
• Impedance: 4 Ohms
• Low Frequncy Drivers: 8 100 Watt 8-inch speakers
• High Frequency Drivers: 1 inch Horn / 70 watts
• Frequency Response: 50 to 15000 Hz (+/-3dB)
• Dimensions: 17" x 23" x 36"
• Weight (lbs / kg) 113 / 51.3

For more information, visit their web site at www.yorkville.com

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By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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