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Wouldn't you like to have a studio like this?

Yes it's a dream to have a recording studio. A proper recording studio that is, not a pile of gear in a bedroom. How would you like to have a studio like this...?


There are three types of studio. Studios where everything is neat and tidy, the mics in drawers or cupboards, the cables coiled. Commercial studios have to be like this between bookings. The studio is like an empty stage, totally flexible for any type of music.

Then there is the home studio, where one person accumulates equipment and strives to set it up like the commercial studios they have seen in magazines or on the web. Everything is neat and tidy, but the trouble is that the owner likes to keep it that way and doesn't want to mess it up by making music.

Then there is a studio like this... A real studio...!

It's definitely a studio in use, not a show-piece. And look at those mics on the right - they look like Neumanns, although with so many Chinese copies its hard to tell these days. The configuration is a coincident crossed pair - well, as close to coincident as you can get with these bulky mics. And that is in addition to the conventional pair of spaced overheads.

Another pic...

Not short of guitars are they? I'm not so sure about that cab with a tweeter though! I have a feeling that this was set up for the photo. I can't believe the mic positioning here.

One more...

OK, it's not the biggest and most impressive mixer in the world, it is a 32-channel Soundcraft LX7. But you can get professional results with a mixing console like this - if you can't, then you're not a professional!

And notice the separate recording area - this marks a dividing line between a studio that isn't quite a studio, and a studio that is definitely a studio, if you see what I mean. And it's a vibrant place where there's stuff going on.

So exactly where in the USA or UK is this studio, obviously a working studio earning its keep?

It's in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, owned by Mihai Pop.

I've been to Eastern Europe and I can tell you there's a lot of energy in there waiting to burst out. And when it does there will be some serious competition for the established world centers of music production

But look at those pics again... wouldn't you just love to get in that studio and make some music? I would!

If you want to get in touch with Mihai, I'll forward any messages.

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By David Mellor Saturday October 22, 2005
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