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Would like your recordings to sound like pro recordings? Yes?

Three tips that work better than anything else if you want to succeed in music.


Then why don't you use the same equipment as the pros use?

OK, some pro equipment is just too expensive. But often pros are using equipment straight out of the home recording magazines. With a little bit of overtime at work, and a little bit of saving, you could be using it too.

But home studio enthusiasts often waste a lot of money and time falling prey to the glossy ads. "Buy StupidLoops software and it will do all the work for you". It won't. It's just a toy for kiddies to play with.

This is what you really need to make a great recording:

  • A great song
  • A great singer
  • An ear for a great sound

When you have got all of these essentials on board, scan the recording mags for interviews with artists or bands whose work you admire. Then get hold of (buy or hire) *EXACTLY* the same equipment as they are using. OK, you'll have to give the SSL mixing console a miss, but many a hit record has been made on a console that *YOU* could afford.

Pros don't want to mess around with equipment or software that is hard to use - they choose gear that has a great sound and is easy to operate. That way they can concentrate on the really important things...

  • The song
  • The singer
  • The sound
By David Mellor Tuesday October 10, 2006
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