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When working in a new theatre, always find out where the tielines go

Any theatre would have tielines from the stage to the sound control booth. But from one side of the booth's window to the other?


The pictures will tell the story. It's a twin, unscreened stranded pair cable, of no use to audio. It starts here...

A strange tieline

Continues here...

A strange tieline

And ends here, just on the other side of the window...

A strange tieline

What its purpose is remains a mystery, but it surely must be useful for something. Any ideas?

P.S. Did you want a close-up?

A strange tieline

Curious. Rather more worrying is something else you might have have noticed in one of the photos...

A dangerous mains cable

It's a 230-volt mains cable with the live and neutral bare, and the earth cut back. I don't know about you but I'm getting out of here...!

By David Mellor Sunday April 28, 2013
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