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Website review: Toilet-Seat-Guide.com

There are few things in life as boring as toilet seats... Hey! Why do toilet seats have to be boring???


There are few things in life as boring as toilet seats...

Hey! Why do toilet seats have to be boring???

How many toilet seats do you have in your home - at least two I'll bet, maybe even four or five? And every member of the family uses them several times each day. So for something we use so much, why do we pay so little attention?

This website is dedicated to sensible, useful advice on toilet seats. Maybe you want to refit your entire home with a new set of toilet seats, or maybe there is just one in need of replacement.

Maybe there's something new in toilet seats that you haven't heard of before? It's worth playing around with a few ideas, otherwise you'll end up with the same old boring toilet seat you had before.

And don't forget toilet tips - for grown ups, not children. Many toilet seat users need a few tips on how to get the best from them. And your toilet seat will love you for a little bit of care and attention (for that, read "maintenance") every now and then.

OK, let's go... There's more here about toilet seats than you ever knew existed!

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By David Mellor Tuesday February 1, 2005
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