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Vox Introduces Cooltron Effects Pedals

New at the Winter NAMM show is the COOLTRON series of effect pedals, three new stompboxes that use a 12AU7 (ECC82) preamp tube to deliver tube tone in a battery-powered pedal...

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January 22, 2005

New at the Winter NAMM show is the COOLTRON series of effect pedals, three new stompboxes that use a 12AU7 (ECC82) preamp tube to deliver tube tone in a battery-powered pedal.

Three pedals constitute the VOX COOLTRON series:

Bulldog Distortion - Featuring switchable dual channels -- each with dedicated Gain and Volume controls -- and tube tone, the VOX Bulldog Distortion pedal adds extra bite for a serious performance boost. Gain 1 delivers vintage distortion while Gain 2 offers a more modern, aggressive sound with slightly scooped mids. The Gain 2 Voice control allows independent tailoring of the second channel's tonal intensity. Adjustable Bass control and Treble control is also provided, as well as true bypass circuitry that allows for uncolored signal flow.

Brit Boost - The Treble Boost setting of this pedal pumps up the treble and upper middle frequencies, comparable to a vintage Treble Booster pedal. In the Full Range Boost position, the pedal enhances all frequencies by adding low mids and bottom end to the Treble Boost sound, making it capable of pushing a slightly overdriven amp into heavy overdrive. Additional features include Gain, Tone, and Volume controls plus a true bypass switch.

Big Ben Overdrive - This pedal responds to playing dynamics and delivers extra power when players need the sound to cut through. Gain, Tone and Volume controls are included, and as with all COOLTRON pedals, the Big Ben's true bypass allowsfor an untouched signal flow.

Each COOLTRON pedal utilizes four AA batteries (providing 20 hours of operation) and measures 6.63" (W) x 6.12" (H) x 2.52" (D). Bulldog Distortion weighs 2.36 lbs., Brit Boost is 2.31 lbs., and Big Ben Overdrive weighs 2.25 lbs. An optional 9V AC adapter is available.

The VOX COOLTRON series of pedals will be available in Spring 2005, with street pricing as follows: Bulldog Distortion -- $250; Brit Boost -- $250; Big Ben Overdrive -- $225.

For more information, visit their web site at www.voxamps.co.uk

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By our press release coordinator Friday February 4, 2005
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