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Vintage Soviet Synths Subject of SoundEngine's Latest Sample CD

SoundEngine.com has announced a new sample CD ROM full of hard-to-find vintage Soviet Synthesizer samples: "Soviet Synths"...


October 12, 2004

SoundEngine.com has announced a new sample CD ROM full of hard-to-find vintage Soviet Synthesizer samples: "Soviet Synths".

More than 600MB of analog synthesizer samples are included - bass lines, pads, razor leads, classic waveforms, space FX, sounds of noises and machines, percussion, original real time phrases and more. Thanks to unique architecture and powerful resonant filters, Soviet-made synthesizers have inimitable color in their sound.

This CD disk contains raw .WAV files (no EQ, FX, compression etc.) in 24 bit/48 kHz format. Every patch folder contains 15 to 20 detailed mono samples per keymap. The note length averages 1 to 6 seconds (the longer length is for pads). Some sets contain repeated notes, but with various filter cutoff parameters. Long individual samples with realtime opened and closed filters, LFO, cross-modulation and others types of sounds are also available.

The disk contains the sounds of such famous Soviet synthesizers as the Aelita, Polivoks, Altair-231, Faemi-1M, Alisa-1387, Maestro, Ritm-2 and others. Thesounds of some drum machines, such as Lell PSR, Rockton, Elsita, are also included.

"Soviet Synths" is available now at SoundEngine.com and has an MSRP of $31.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.soundengine.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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