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Two New Models from Chafin Custom Guitars

Chafin Custom Guitars has introduced two new models to its line-up, both offering double cutaways...


August 27, 2004

Chafin Custom Guitars has introduced two new models to its line-up, both offering double cutaways.

First up is the "Targa," which is based on Chafin's Ember model, but with a double cut body style. The Targa comes with a 5A quilt or flame top, mahogany or Spanish cedar back and neck, ebony or Brazilian rosewood fingerboards, high output Bartolini pickups, Tone Pros locking wrap around bridge, 1-11/16" Graph Tech nut and Grover locking mini tuners. Scale lengths of 24-5/8", 25", and 25-1/2" are available along with medium high or jumbo Dunlop frets. The volume and tone pots are coil tapping for greater tonal variations.

The other model introduced is the "St. Croix," a mini, double cutaway, hollowbody guitar that has a top that is carved on the inside as well as top - like an arch top guitar. The St. Croix also has a true dovetail neck joint, which helps give it a great tone according to the company. "The difference is the 4" block down the center of the guitar, it makes it more of a jazz/rock style guitar. I have been building the mini hollowbody guitar for years and had this version in the back of my mind for a quite a while" said Chafin. The St. Croix has a 5 piece maple/walnut neck, 5A Quilt or flame maple top, maple body, ebony or Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, Bartolini jazz/rock pickups, Tone Pros Locking bridges, 1-11/16 Graph Tech nut and Grover locking mini tuners. The scale length is 24-5/8" and comes with Dunlop medium high or jumbo frets.

All of Chafin's set neck models, Targa, St. Croix and Ember, come with the Matchmaker option. "The Matchmaker option is when I take the same wood from the top and use it for the binding on the neck and I use it for the headstock plate, so all the maple on the guitar matches. It's real nice touch." said Chafin. All guitars are handmade by Chafin. List prices start at $2800.00 with case included. Custom options available.

For more information, visit their web site at www.chafincustom.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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