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To become a hit, your song needs a BETTER TITLE!

Have you written a great song? Thought of a clever title for it? Then think again - you may need to change the title for it to become a hit.


Here is clear proof that a great song needs a great title.

How would you consider this for a title...?

Many of Horror

Is that ever going to become a hit?


But it's a great song. So all it needs to become a hit is a better title, or at least a more mass-market friendly title.

How about...

When We Collide

Yes, that's much better.

And the proof that a great song needs a great title to become a hit...

Many of Horror is a song by Scottish band Biffy Clyro. It languishes in relative obscurity as an album track on their fourth album Only Revolutions.

But have the song covered by some guy from nowhere called Matt Cardle, retitle it When We Collide and suddenly it zooms all the way to the top of the UK singles chart - at Christmas, which is the most highly coveted No. 1 spot of the year!

Some people think there might be another reason for the song's recent success.

But we think it's the change of title!

What do you think...?

P.S. Here are the songs...

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By David Mellor Monday January 10, 2011
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