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"The Right Time" by ElderB Productions

This song started out as 1-2-1-0 which is my planned retirement date. As it came together, I changed the title to


This song started out as 1-2-1-0 which is my planned retirement date. As it came together, I changed the title to "The Right Time" because I wanted the say that the right time could be anything purposeful that you would like to achieve. Although I am no vocalist, I felt I could do enough to show where I was going. All recording was done with a Tascam 2488 MK II. I was the proud owner of the first Tascam portasound, and I must say that they pretty much included everything on these recorders. I used a Boss 660 drum machine for the cymbals, drum fills and shakers.

The kick drum and rim shot tracks were done in FL studio and recorded directly into the 2488, although sometimes using this route requires running through an EQ and compression. I use a DBX 216 and 266 for this. All of the instrument samples were taken from a Motif Rack, Fantom XR rack, Korg Micro X (analog keys) and a Roland mc 808 groovebox. Lead guitar was done with a 1977 Les Paul Custom played using a behringer effects amp and miked with a SM-57. Vocals were recorded using an AKG Perception 200 routed through a Presonus Tube Pre through a Presonus Comp 16 and finally through a Presonus EQ3B. Final mixdown was completed around -10 DB with final mastering in WaveLab Studio 6 using a Voxengo Elephant Mastering Limiter. It is a great challenge to try and get professional level recordings in a home studio, but listening to many of the artist on this site as well as reviewing the information on sites like Record-Producer really encourages me to go for it. It does, however require one to be a faithful student of the science involved in harnessing and controlling sound and the entire dynamic range of the musical spectrum.

I have a long way to go, but as I put in more time and work, I can see progress.

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By Elder B Thursday November 30, 2006
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