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The giant-killing $5 mic preamp is FOR SALE!

Yes, you can take this once-only opportunity to buy a mic preamp that cost $5 to build and in tests out-performed a mighty $1500 preamp. There's only one chance, and this is it!!


Following the recent microphone preamplifier tests in Audio Masterclass, a number of people contacted me to see if I would sell the giant-killing $5 mic pre.

Firstly, I have to say that there is no rocket science going on here. The preamp is built to a cut-down version of the manufacturer's circuit, published for all to see in their data sheet, and described here.

So you could easily make one yourself.

But if you really must own the original, then it is the original you must have. And who knows, it might become a collectors' item in time!

And of course, you'll be able to make great recordings with it. (And perhaps even test it some more...)

So here is the item, for auction on eBay (US) or eBay (UK). It is available anywhere in the world at standard postage rates (with signed-for delivery). The sale doesn't include the batteries - why would anyone want half-used batteries when they can buy their own locally and save postage.

There's a low starting price and no reserve.

So, in the famous words of many an eBay seller...

"Happy Bidding!"

The auction closes Sunday, Feb 5, 2006.

By David Mellor Monday January 30, 2006
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