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Hi everybody, this song is part of an album which will be out soon....


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Hi everybody, this song is part of an album which will be out soon.

We recorded the drums in a studio into an Amek mixer and then to the computer through Rme devices and Mitek converter.

We recorded the other instruments at home and went back to the studio to mix it on the Amek board with several outboard stuffs ( drawmer 1960, dbx 160, Spl Vitalizer, Orban eq and compressors, Tube tech compressors ...) and different plug-ins.It's been masterised in England at Platinium mastering.

We had mix isuues with the tom sound because there were a lot of Cymbals spill into the tom's mikes. I think we should have recorded cymbals separately for beter results. The snare drum was also hard to focus on because of spill and a bunch of other instruments ( specially guitars).

Vocals were recorded with a Shure sm7 into a Summit audio preamp ( after different test we found this combination suited the best with my voice).

The Mitek converter was also used to record vocals, it brings clarity and brightness compare to the Rme converter which are perfect for other tasks (drums and guitars for example).

We also re-amped the vocal tracks to add a bit of drive and crispiness.

Anyway the main difficulties came from the fact that I had to do nearly everything myself into this project (writing, playing , singing, recording,end mixing). It was hard to stay focus on important things and to keep fresh ears and ideas when I had to put things together in the mix.

Thanks a lot for your attention, I'll be glad with any ( positive or negative) comment.


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By Gabriel Dozin Monday January 3, 2011
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