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Standalone Version of T-RackS 24 for OS X Now Available

IK Multimedia announced that their T-RackS 24 analog-modeled mastering software for MacOS X is now shipping...


June 30, 2004

IK Multimedia announced that their T-RackS 24 analog-modeled mastering software for MacOS X is now shipping.

T-RackS 24 is dedicated entirely to audio mastering with physical models of tube circuitry. It offers a complete workstation made of 4 discrete processors:

  • Six band parametric EQ
  • Classic stereo tube compressor/leveler
  • Multiband master stereo Limiter
  • Output stage with soft-clipping

With its 4 separate processors, warmth, and ease-of-use, anyone can polish and put that finishing touch on their tracks with T-RackS. It can vastly enhance mix frequencies, broaden the stereo image as well as boost or precisely level the dynamic range. All of this, while adding the warmth and space of the tube-devices it emulates.

T-RackS 24 for MacOS X is also the first IK Multimedia product to feature a new Authorization Wizard, an easy step-by-step guide to authorizing.

Price and Availability

T-RackS 24 for Mac OS X is now available at $/€ 299 MSRP.

Users that bought T-RackS 24 after 1st December 2003 can download it for free from the user area on www.t-racks.com. Users that have purchased it previously can upgrade for a price of $79/ 89 online.

For more information, visit their web site at www.ikmultimedia.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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