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Six inputs from an Mbox? Still impossible?

The question still rages over whether it is possible to get six inputs from a supposedly two-input Digidesign Mbox interface...



The chap that suggested you can record from 6 inputs at once on an M Box is clearly not very aware. SPDIF and analogue are either/or; you choose in settings whether you are recording analogue or digital. The insert points are purely analogue and not related to the I/O of the unit - they are post-input and Pre AD stage. Finally, he seems to have developed a unique way of recording by using the 2 inputs to record 2 separate tracks on a stereo track and then split them - when you might as well just record 2 mono tracks. Hmm.

At the end of the day ProTools only sees 2 inputs when you use an M Box. Therefore you can only record 2 inputs at once.

I’d be interested to hear some of this guy’s recordings though ....

Rob Holsman
Technical Sales, Jigsaw Systems Ltd

By Rob Holsman Wednesday June 1, 2005
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