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It seems that the professional and home studio markets are divergingonce again.

When home studios started in the 1980s, it was everyone's ambition tohave a studio that was as close as possible to being a pro studio. Thatmeant a large-scale mixing console and proper multitrack recorder.

OK, so the budgets were not as high and corners had to be cut, but theintention was there, and that is significant.

Now, the market abounds with soft synths, plug-ins, gadgets, weirdsoftwares and devices of all kinds. Amateur recording mags are full ofthem.

But oddly, the professional studio still stands on the foundation ofmixing console, multitrack and (these days) Pro Tools.

What this shows is that amateurs think that buying a new gadget willbring them success, professionals know that great songs, well recordedbring success.

"Great songs, well recorded, bring SUCCESS!"

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By David Mellor Monday December 26, 2005
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