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Sesson agent's view - Debbie Haxton

Description of the role of the session agent (fixer) in record production.


Debbie Haxton runs the Session Connection session agency who handle many of the top musicians in the UK.

Choosing the right people

"Quite often there will be eight or nine people who can do the gig, and one of them will be the absolute right one.

"We take pride in what we put together. We want producers to be very very happy with the people we send. 99% of the time it works out well."


"For a lead vocal we ask for an advance and then points.

"A lead vocal is going to make or break the track, and if it does make it then the vocalist should be getting royalties, somewhere between two to five percent for a first single.

"If there is a band who wants a guitarist and they can't pay very much, I'll put them in touch with one of the younger people on the books and say if you want to go ahead just do it.

"Sometimes there's no point in getting involved except to get the younger people started. We can put people in touch with each other and sort of try and create families."

By David Mellor Wednesday February 16, 2005
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