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Scarbee Bass Libraries Now for Kontakt

Based on the J-Slap and J-Fingered Giga libraries, Scarbee now has a multi-format Kontakt/HALion J-Slap'n Fingered release with new programming.


J-Slap'n Fingered Sample Library Now in Kontakt Format

March 16, 2004

Scarbee has announced a new Kontakt 1.5.2 / Halion version of the J-Slap'n Fingered library, based on the samples from the Giga format libraries Scarbee J-Slap and Scarbee J-Fingered, but features a heavily improved programming - created from scratch.

The Scarbee J-Slap'n Fingered has the classic funky 77' Jazz Bass sound. The handmade Celinder J Update 4 has been recorded without the use of compression, tubes or advanced EQ to ensure you maximum flexibility in the sound production. 2039 samples are dedicated to each of the 3 pick-up settings: Bridge, Both and Neck, giving you the total of 6117 samples - about 2 GB sound.

Different sounds include hammer-ons, pull-offs, grace-notes, staccato-releases and slides, with any sustained note combination reproducible in every context - fingered, thumbed and plucked.

The E-G String can now be selected by Mod-wheel and you can switch between Slap and Fingered Style with Foot controller (Kontakt 1.5.2/Halion 2). Release samples are automated and can be altered/bypassed with key-triggers. More articulations are now available in each "dimension" for easier and logical programming.

Scarbee J-Slap'n Fingered is shipping now in a multi format version containing native Halion and Kontakt 1.5.2 versions on 4 CDs or 1 DVD for $199. Registered JSF Halion users can download Kontakt version for free.

For more information, visit their web site at www.scarbee.com.

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By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004
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