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"Samba do breako" by Alien Groove

All instruments were alive recording in studio....


All instruments were alive recording in studio. The SW was a Protools 24 Mix and the bass was tracking with DI and mic Sennheiser e602.

It was running with a Hartke Amp. Also the Guitar was with DI and mic Shure SM57 plus a Fender Deville.

Drums (special feature named Odery) was recording with 8 micĀ“s... 1 Beyer Opus 65 and 83,2 Shure sm57, 2 Sennheiser md421, 1 Sennheiser e602. The Preamp was 1 M-Audio Octane, the dbx 286 and Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro.

The sound was mixed in the Yamaha console O2R v2.2 and all mix-process comes out from Protools plug-ins EQ, reverbs, etc.

The band has 3 players. Mastering was made in a housemaster.

By Alien Groove Thursday November 30, 2006
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