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RON HOAG PRESENTS, 'MIDI-Max', GUITAR-INTERFACE COMPATIBLE GUITAR, with 'Optical Pickups.' Has both mono and divided output which, allows one to play along with the midi sounds.

Hoag Midi-Max, makes and easy Connection to a midi interface 13 pin connector and then send the midi signals to your favorite sound module.

Midi- Max output is both divided and mono, so you can play along with the midi sounds. hoag optical pickup's faster response and more audio range, gives the guitar interface a better chance to get it right.

latching onto the fundamental frequency, of the string, has been a challenge for the midi guitar interfaces. Now, Midi-Max makes it easier and has less of a chance for glitches. Hoag's design philosophy 'keep it simple' has allowed for less latency then other pickups. The use of fewer parts and no added active devices, is the plus factor here. The higher output is the main contributing factor. Midi-Max pickups have not been amplified to get this output. it comes directly off the pickup and can reach as high as the applied voltage source, a plus in a high noise enviroment.

For more information, go to www.opticalguitars.com

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By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006
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