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Online Recording studio - Professional session work at affordable rates.

Custom backing tracks online. Professsional guitar tracks, drum tracks, bass tracks, keyboard tracks at affordable rates.


For any songwriter or producer working in their home studio or professional setup needing a drum track, guitar part, bass or keyboard track laid down to a song, but doesn't have the time or the cash to take their project to a studio and hire a studio musician, Studio-aid.com can assist you with professional, fast and affordable session work, all done online. This is real studio session work. Not loops or midi parts. You get real acoustic drums, guitars, bass, and keys played to your song. Complete backing tracks are also available. Just upload your mp3 or wma scratch track or give us your song idea and we'll turn it into a professional production. Final tracks are made available via download in digital audio format. Sample mixes are provide prior to payment. Check out; http://www.studio-aid.com Studio-aid.com is an established business and has been doing online session work since 2003.

For more information, go to www.studio-aid.com

By our press release coordinator Wednesday November 15, 2006
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