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"Oh God Have Mercy On Me" by Johnny Razor

I use a MXL 9000 condensor mic on vocals and lead guitar. Shure SM 57 for other instruments and direct box on the bass....


I use a MXL 9000 condensor mic on vocals and lead guitar. Shure SM 57 for other instruments and direct box on the bass.

I track with a Yamaha 16/6FX mixer with a tube compressor in the Aux and an Aphex oral exciter for vocals and the bass Aural Exciter for bass tracks. The mixer goes into 2 Alesis Dat 8tracks slaved together. I also use a DBX 160 Compressor /Limiter on the mix. I do all the tracks and put down the bass, drums, keys and or backing guitar first. Then the vocals are recorded. I try to stay away from effects on the tracking and will add any effects when mixing down. Then the lead guitar is added as I get a better feel and excitement when I have the vocals to push me. I mix with the Yamaha 16-6 FX thru a Behringer Pro XL Dynamics processor mainly to limit and use the de-esser into a Teac 2 track 1/4" reel to reel. I like the warmth that the Tape adds to the sound, lately I use CuBase from the teac to prepare for mastering. My guitars are Fender Strat, Gibson SG, Peavey HP, Epiphone 335, and acoustic Ovation Ballader. My bass is a Yamaha. Keyboards are Yamaha Clavinove and Casio Synth. I mix on Auratone Cube speakers and a Sherwood power amp.

I read alot and Jack Douglas is a favorite right now for production inspiration. I try to achieve a raw, rough, live sound without alot of effects and signal processing.

Further information is available at www.johnreisert.com

By Johnny Razor Thursday November 30, 2006
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