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News on analog tape manufacture from ATR Magnetics

Soon you will be able to buy a new line of analog tape from manufacturer ATR Magnetics. Read progress report...


ATR Master Tape - our advanced, high-output formulation - was completed several months ago and the result surpasses even the very high standards we set for it.

Unfortunately, due to electrical limitations with our initial location, our original release date has been pushed back. Our shipping date is now early September. We wish it were sooner too - but please know that we are doing everything possible to expedite the process and ensure the absolute quality of our tape.

ATR Master Tape will be sold online at http://atrtape.com and through pro-audio stores worldwide. If you have a favorite shop where you would like to buy our tape, please ask them to contact us, or send us an email at techinfo@atrtape.com and we'll give them a call.

ATR news and progress updates will be posted to our website, so please check often.

Thank you again for supporting ATR, and the future of analog recording.

Michael Spitz and Carl Rusk
ATR Magnetics
York, Pennsylvania

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By Mike Spitz Tuesday May 3, 2005
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