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New Compact PA System Added to Yorkville's eXcursion Line

Yorkville Sound expands the éXcursion line with the addition of an active 950-watt three-way complete PA system solution for live sound or mobile DJ applications...

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Yorkville Sound expands the éXcursion line with the addition of an active 950-watt three-way complete PA system solution for live sound or mobile DJ applications.

The élite éXcursion 1000 system is an active stereo PA centered around one 15-inch subwoofer and two 8-inch / 1-inch satellite loudspeakers. The core of the élite éXcursion 1000 is the efficient active subwoofer that also houses the electronics for the entire system.

Five separate power amplifiers are integrated into the electronics of the active subwoofer. A single 650-watt power module drives the 15-inch subwoofer, while two 125-watt amplifiers drive the 8-inch mid frequency drivers in the compact satellite speakers, and two additional 25-watt amplifiers drive the satellite's 1-inch horns.

An integrated electronic crossover network ensures an acoustically perfect transition between the subwoofer and the bi-amplified mid and high components of the satellite speakers. Opto-limiter circuitry in the crossover network provides an unobtrusive and 'musical sounding' compression that not only protects the speaker components, but also ensures balanced and clear reproduction from the satellite cabinets.

XLR and 1/4-inch TRS balanced inputs ensure the élite éXcursion 1000 can be connected to any mixer source. Great care was taken during the initial circuit design to ensure good common mode rejection (50 / 60-cycle hum rejection) at the input so this PA system is as free from extraneous noise as possible while in use. Separate gain controls for subwoofer and for the right and left satellite cabinets are easily accessible from the back panel. Warning lights show the user when the system is limiting or clipping at the input.

The éXcursion 1000 nests into one convenient package for transportation and storage. A detachable caster dolly is included with the system ensuring easy and safe transport. The caster kit from the élite éXcursion 1000 does not remain attached to the subwoofer when the system is in use, eliminating caster buzz and rattle during live performances. All of the cabinets in the élite éXcursion1000 are made with plywood, not MDF or composites.

For more information, visit their web site at www.yorkville.com

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By our press release coordinator Thursday June 9, 2005
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