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New Classik Studio Reverb Plug-In from IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia used the Musikmesse show to preview the CSR-1: Classik Studio Reverb, a suite of reverbs modeled after classic high end studio reverb hardware masterpieces...


IK Multimedia used the Musikmesse show to preview the CSR-1: Classik Studio Reverb, a suite of reverbs modeled after classic high end studio reverb hardware masterpieces.

While impulse reverbs have gained a lot of popularity because of their particular emulation of environment reverberation, they typically lack the particular musical sound and editing possibilities that famous studio digital reverbs have always offered. As an alternative or additional virtual studio tool, high quality algorithm-based reverbs like CSR-1 are designed to get the maximum musicality and a sound that top engineers have made hit records with for years. CSR-1 offers a suite of reverbs that are modeled to the sound of popular classic reverbs with the advantage of full editing control to perfectly fit any musical need. An high quality, musical reverb processor with flexibility previously available only in high-end, signature hardware reverb processors.

CSR-1 includes a suite of four different reverbs algorithms:

  • Classik Hall / Room
  • Classik Ambience
  • Classik Plate
  • Classik Inverse

CSR-1 offers 2 operating modes for each of the four algorithms: Easy and Advanced. In Easy mode the user will be able to quickly edit the most important parameters in a very efficient way. In Advanced mode the user will have full access to more than 50 reverb parameters, including completely assignable Matrix Modulations and Macros.

The Matrix Modulation allows for any of the reverb parameters to be controlled by two internal LFO's and two internal Envelope generators. This offers the ability to create complex and articulated reverb effects that can go way beyond what is normally expected from a conventional reverb processor. All Matrix Modulations are completely user definable. Macros allow for simultaneous control (with a single slider) over many reverbs' parameters, with different depth and polarity for very smooth morphing between different reverberant spaces. Any parameter is automatable via DAW's automation.

Price and Availability

CSR-1 will be available by the 3rd quarter 2005 and will have an MSRP of $/Euro 399 and will support all the most popular plug-in platforms in both WindowsXP and MacOS X including VST, RTAS, AU and DX. A TDM version for ProTools systems will be available by the 4th quarter 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at www.ikmultimedia.com

By our press release coordinator Tuesday April 19, 2005
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