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Sooner or later in your live sound engineering career you will be exposed to the sight of naked breasts on stage. To look, or not to look, that is the question...

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Fully half of the population couldn't care less about looking at naked breasts, well maybe only to check them out for comparison with their own.

But the other half of the population has, for reasons known only to evolutionary science, an intense fascination with them.

That's all well and good and has contributed to getting the human race to where it is today.

But a question arises when breasts are nakedly displayed in the working environment.

Picture the situation - you are a sound engineer working in a theater. The production involves an attractive woman exposing her breasts. Every instinct in you is telling you you want to look, but you are working on the show - she isn't displaying them for your benefit, but as a means of enhancing the artistic merit of the production (err...).

So clearly it is wrong to look. One has to respect a woman's right to expose her breasts only to people she chooses to expose them to. And you are not among them. You just happen to be there, messing with some microphone.

But you can't not look. Not to look would mean holding back an irresistible force of nature. Look what happened to King Canute trying to hold back the tide.

But there is a middle ground. And that middle ground is to look once, and leave it at that. One good solid look of around ten seconds, and that is definitely your lot. You'll only see those breasts again out of the corner of your eye.

But as you progress in your live sound career, and from time to time more naked breasts will appear on stage where you are working, and you'll get to the point where you have seen enough, and you'll hardly even notice they are there.

Now that is sad, isn't it?

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By David Mellor Monday November 14, 2005
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