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More thoughts on recording bass guitar

Further to my comments on recording bass guitar, here is a comment from Roland Pepin. Although I mentioned using a DI box yesterday, Roland's idea is to use a preamp...


Further to my comments on recording bass guitar yesterday, here is a comment from Roland Pepin. Although I mentioned using a DI box yesterday, Roland's idea is to use a preamp. He has some other interesting ideas and, as he concludes, experimentation is always the key to getting a successful sound.

Hello David,

I read the letter describing the problem this fellow was having getting a good bass track recorded, and throughout the entire correspondence no one mentioned running a line from the bass guitar, through a preamp, directly into the mixing console - I always thought that this was kind of standard procedure.

If he wants to get the guitar amplifier sound, he could run the bass guitar into the amplifier, mic up the cabinet, and take the ext. output from the amplifier and run it into another track (providing the amplifier has an ext. output). Then he could mix the mic'd track and the amp output track to taste.

Also, he needs to get the Bass cabinet off of the ground 3 or 4 feet, and experiment with placing another mic farther away from and lower than the cabinet. Bass signals tend to travel on a downward arc, so if he gives the signal some room to emerge and expand he might notice a marked improvement.

I know that the technique that I just described might possibly require more inputs than he has, but using any one of the alternate techniques may help to solve the problem.

Also, he'll have to level set and keep an eye on any direct line bass track very carefully - we all know what a clipping bass track can do to a mix.

Experimentation is the key. Hope I've helped!

Roland Pepin

By David Mellor Sunday February 11, 2007
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