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Brief review of the requirements of a microphone suitable for news reporting.


For news reporting, a robust microphone - perhaps a short shotgun - can be used with a general-purpose foam windshield for both the reporter and interviewee.

Such a microphone is easily 'pointable' (the reporter isn’t a sound engineer) and brings home good results without any trouble.

The sound quality of a news report may not be all that could be imagined, but a little bit of harshness or degradation sometimes, oddly, makes the report more 'authentic’.

Probably the most useful charactistic of a microphone suitable for news reporting is that it doesn't easily get caught out. Many microphones are sensitive to wind, breath noise, popping etc. If they sound great otherwise, then these are problems that can be overcome in other applications.

But for news, the priority is to capture speech as and when it is spoken. Usually there is no second chance.

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By David Mellor Monday April 21, 2003
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