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Microphone accessories

Microphone clips, suspensions, windshields and pop shields.

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First in the catalogue of microphone accessories is the mic support.

These can range from table stands, short floor stands, normal boom stands, tall stands up to 4 meters for orchestral recording, fishpoles as used by video and film sound recordists, and long booms with cable operated mic positioning used in television studios.

Attaching the mic to the stand is a mount that can range from a basic plastic clip, to an elastic suspension or cradle that will isolate the microphone from floor noise.

The other major accessory is the windshield or pop-shield.

A windshield may be made out of foam and slipped over the mic capsule, or it may look like a miniature airship covered with wind-energy dissipating material. This type of windshield is often known as a 'Rycote', for one of the major manufacturers.

For blizzard conditions windshield covers are available that look as though they are made out of yeti fur.

The pop-shield, on the other hand, is a fine mesh material stretched over a metal or plastic hoop, used to filter out the blast of air cause by a voice artist's or singer's 'P' and 'B' sounds.

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By David Mellor Monday April 7, 2003
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