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Michael Kelly Guitars Introduces The Hybrid Guitar

Michael Kelly Guitars announces the release of the Michael Kelly Hybrid Guitar. The Hybrid is a unique guitar capable of ripping electric tones as well as sweet acoustic sounds...


Michael Kelly Guitars announces the release of the Michael Kelly Hybrid Guitar. The Hybrid is a unique guitar capable of ripping electric tones as well as sweet acoustic sounds.

The Hybrid is an excellent stage and studio instrument because it instantly switches from a full acoustic guitar tone to a ripping electric tone plus, the Hybrid can BLEND both tones together for almost infinite tonal combinations creating the sound of a two axe attack!

Ease of OperationOne tiny little three-way switch makes the Hybrid the easiest acoustic / electric combination guitar to use. When the switch is forward only the electric guitar pickup is in use, in the center you get a simultaneous customizable blend of electric and acoustic tone, pushing it back to the rear position delivers the Hybrids acoustic tone.

The Hybrid gives you a simple and elegant volume control here for the electric pickup and another knob for the piezo acoustic pickup that also acts as a blend knob when you are using both sound sources. The Michael Kelly Hybrid is a carefully crafted, high quality instrument. It features a gorgeous Triple A flame maple top, set-neck construction for great tone, and a neck and body constructed of solid mahogany, the latter of which is specially chambered to enhance the acoustic performance.

The Hybrid also features reliable Grover tuners and a rosewood fingerboard. The acoustic style bridge is equipped with a Fishman pickup that is active thanks to a special pre-amp design engineered by Fishman for the Hybrid. With the Hybrid you really can replace your acoustic guitar.

To assure a great electric tone, a red-hot Rockfield SWC humbucker pickup is used to deliver the gnarly goods. This is the same pickup in Michael Kelly's top selling Valor Custom guitar. The SWC is built from the same vintage style American made wire and magnets as highly sought after classic pickups. Rockfield Pickups slightly over wound it to make it a little hotter and really fat sounding. So you can pull off scorching leads, thick rhythms or clean classic tones!

Two Amp CapabilitiesIf you are performing live with the Hybrid or using it in the studio you will love the dual amp capabilities. When using the Y cable that is included, the Hybrid will send out a signal from the acoustic pickup to one amp and the electric signal to another. Of course nothing can reproduce an acoustic signal like a full range acoustic amp so this can really enhance your performance. You can also run directly into two channels on a mixing board for live or studio applications that will allow you to tailor the sound to maximize each type of tone. Dont have two amps or a mixing board? Dont worry. When you use a standard guitar cable on the Hybrid you get a single signal that you can plug into any amp.


By our press release coordinator Monday August 21, 2006
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