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Manufacturers - submit your press releases to Record-Producer.com

Manufacturers can now submit their press releases using an automated system that guarantees publication on a specified date...


I often get enquiries from manufacturers about how they can get their press release included in Audio Masterclass. Up until now, we used an antiquated system where releases were e-mailed in and the content edited, cut and pasted onto the site.

But now, in response to demand from the press release department not to have to do this menial task anymore, we have a brand new automated upload system.

So you can enter your information and photograph and upload it yourself. Our automated system will publish it next day, or on an embargo date of your choosing.

Who can submit? Anyone with a product or service related to music, recording and general sound engineering. I had to delete one from a manufacturer of diesel engine parts, but generally we're pretty flexible.

We don't intend to do much editing of press releases, so make sure you submit what you want to see published.

The advantage of this system is that your release is guaranteed to get published. It doesn't go into an 'in tray' and compete with dozens of other releases for attention.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your release today, see it on the site tomorrow!

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006
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