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"les doriphores sont de retour" by Laids Crétins des Alpes

'Laids Crétins des Alpes' are Frenchs and it means 'The Ugly Morrons from the Alps' ...!!! It's a 'moronic made-punk songs', humoristics lyrics in south-french, with fresh rock music !


"Laids Crétins des Alpes" are Frenchs and it means "The Ugly Morrons from the Alps ... " !!!

It's a "moronic made-punk songs", humoristics lyrics in south-french, with fresh rock music !

"Keskonvafair'" is the 2nd opus from the band .It is a 14 titles Album recorded at Studio EVS (ORAISON-France)

Recorded in digital on Akai DR4 and mixed on analogue desk tascam M2524 for 4 of them and in digital with Cubase SX 3 & Lexicon & Firepods Interfaces for the 10 lasts...

Mixed at Studio Phenix (Revest st Martin-France)

Instruments used : Guitars gibson, drums tama & yamaha, bass "custom" and yamaha, mandolin, percs,

Microphones used : Brauner, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG,

plugins used : steinberg, ...

mastered at studio nerves ( Salon de provence-France) with pro-tools, API outboard, & waves & digidesign plugins...

the recording process take up to 2 years from the original compos to the final mastering ... ( we also tour a lot and not always be in studio )...

The originals songs written by Serge Santi & Jean michel urban, Music By Serge Santi.

The "cretins des Alpes" are :

Dr Droopi (serge Santi) : Guitar & Lead Vocals

Jmu The Yéti ( Jean-michel urban) : Bass and vocals

Chienkibéze 4 ( AKA "Dog which fuck 4" Stephane Avellaneda ): Drums

Gillou "Le Zazou" (Gilles Vesin): Percs


Uncle Ben & Rita Zaza ( Scenics Clowns)

Also credited on this album :

PsychoChicken ( Stephan Schikel ): Choirs and shouts

Alhan des Bois : techno Samples

The Urban Sisters ( Anastasia & Lorelei Urban) : Choirs

Aymen from the Yemen : Arabic Impros & Jokes ...

Autoproducted by "Laids cretins ...) mixed by JMU the Yéti & Fabrice "the Entropic" in 2007/2008...

Further information is available at www.laidscretinsdesalpes.org

By Laids Cretins des Alpes Thursday November 30, 2006
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