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Leon Newton - A Winning Songwriter On The Rise To Prominence

Pro songwriter Leon Newton of Jackson, Mississippi was a top finalist in the 2007 SongOfTheYear.com songwriting competition in the country category with his great -- touching song titled 'Love Story'.

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Pro songwriter Leon Newton of Jackson, Mississippi was a top finalist in the 2007 SongOfTheYear.com songwriting competition in the country category with his great -- touching song titled 'Love Story'. Mr. Newton is a gifted, talented, prolific and award winning songwriter who is on the rise to music industry prominence. He is a writer for music publishers and A&R personnel to take notice of and give a valid listen to his work. His songs are currently available for publishing and recording.

Leon was also a competition winner twice in 2006 with his songs, 'Global Warming' and 'Cintia'. Regarding the topic of global warming Mr. Newton says; 'I wrote the song 'Global Warming' because this is a serious matter not to be taken lightly. As songwriters and music artists, we have a responsibility to help raise public awareness of such issues, and to help keep the world and our environment safe. Music is an art form that can touch us and cause us to act like no other'. His song, 'Global Warming' has been downloaded from all over the world.

Mr. Newton is originally from Cleveland, OH, now residing in Jackson, MS. He has been writing, producing and honing his craft for over 10 years, and his positive progression as a writer is validated by his recent competition entry awards and winnings. His songs range from country, folk, blues, rock, rap and Christian genres. However, Leon enjoys writing country songs best.

Leon says; 'I write in various genres of music, but I enjoy writing country music the most, because the songs tell stories about real people and real life situations. A person can learn a lot from country songs. My current pursuit is to land a songwriting contract with a music publisher, and to have my songs recorded by major artists. My life's goal is to write great songs that people can relate to and love to listen and dance to'. His most recent composition is a country song titled 'Country On My Mind' (about a girl named Country).

Leon has also written a catchy song titled 'Race Car Junky' for the fans and drivers of NASCAR. Leon is actively working to establish 'Race Car Junky' as a theme song with the NASCAR Association, to be played and sold at their racing events.

All indicators dictate that Leon Newton has what it takes to be a successful hit songwriter. A writer who desires producers, publishers, record company executives and artists to take the time to explore. Leon's songs can be heard and are available for download on, itunes, Rhapsody, and for a good listen, logon to www.indie911.com/leon-newton. Leon wishes to present his songwriting to the world.

Fans, music publishers, producers and record companies may contact Leon Newton by e-mail at leonnewt@aol.com.

For more information, go to www.indie911.com/leon-newton

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By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006
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