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"Left Behind You" by Johnny Razor

I use 2 8 track Alesis ADAT digital audio recorders slaved together. Drums are via an Alesis drum machine for first 2 tracks....


I use 2 8 track Alesis ADAT digital audio recorders slaved together. Drums are via an Alesis drum machine for first 2 tracks.

First track is basic drums and panned center. Second track of drums are fills and cymbals and panned either left or right. Guitar or piano/keyboards are third track and panned opposite of fill drum track. Fourth track is second guitar and panned opposite third track. Fifth track is bass. Remaining tracks are lead guitars, keyboard, vocals, percussion. I use mic pre-amps on all mics, compress the hell out of it with a soft knee set tube set pre-amp compressor on each mic and all channels run through a dbx compressor.

Bass and vocals are run through an Aphex Aural Exciter. Bass with bass settings direct to mixer. I use MXL tube mics and an AudioTechnica for mic the Vox AC30 amp. Effects on board a Yamaha 16/6 board and Sony effects processor.

I mix to Cubase and again compress and dynamic effects with Cubase.

I record in my studio in my home in a 20 by 24 foot room with acoustic treatment. I master mix with cube speakers that are 30 years old.

The guitars I use are an Ovation acoustic that is mic with MXL tube 9000. The electrics are a Gibson SG and a Fender Strat through a Vox AC30. Yamaha Bass direct into board.

Johnny Razor has 2 CD's on CD Baby.com and available on iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody. The third CD is mixed and ready to ship now.

Johnny Razor is a retro Midwest rock songwriter, artist, and performer from South Central Indiana. New projects will be done on the 16 track ADAT and mastered to 1/2 2 track Teac reel to reel then to CD.

Further information is available at www.johnreisert.com

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By Johnny Razor Thursday November 30, 2006
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